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1980? Custom Mini Jeep Lancaster, OH $2250

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This is an unusual jeep. It appears to be made of metal. Given the PRODUCTION ENGINEERING label across the windshield, it’s possible this was created by the Production Engineering Corp, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, which specializes in sheet metal projects and other custom works. The company was launched in 1957, so it is possible.

“Probably used in a factory”

custom-mini-jeep-lancaster-oh6 custom-mini-jeep-lancaster-oh7 custom-mini-jeep-lancaster-oh8 custom-mini-jeep-lancaster-oh9

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Half-Size Jeep Monroe, WA $2500

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

UPDATE:  Price dropped to $2500.

“This is a hand built 1952 half size Willys jeep. It was constructed for my old neighbor by her father when she was a little kid. It has a wooden frame with the tires are original and the seats are the original canvas. It has a 18 hp Wisconsin air cooled motor out of an old washing machine. I reassembled it with the intention of it being a stationary display. It has functioning LED headlights and tail light that function from a 110 volt standard outlet.

This would be ideal in a restaurant, office, or museum. We decided to restore it as if it were to be for display and not for drive ability. Everything is still as it was when it was running and driving. While my neighbor was tiny when she drove it with the intent to drive around in parades next to her dad in the full-size Jeep. I would be reluctant to make it operational due to its antique nature. When she was younger she and all the neighbor kids what get together every Sunday and ride in it at 5 mph all day long so it has 141 miles on the odometer. it is 66 inches long by 33 inches wide sitting on 15 inch fire stone tires. while I would prefer cash I would consider trading it for”

toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa3 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa4 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa5 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa6 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa7 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa8 toy-model-half-size-jeep-monroe-wa9


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Jeep Lighter From the UK on eBay

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Here’s another jeep lighter from Great Britain. As you can see in the first pic, one of the cats was a BIG help with this post.

View all the information on eBay

110mm x 60mm x 50mm






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1940s Wood Commodities Corp Wooden Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

Roger Martin shared this WWII wood jeep for sale. The lettering is in good shape and the bottom still has the manufacturer’s sticker. But, it’s currently priced at $150.

View all the information on eBay

“1940s Vintage WW2 Willys Jeep WD 63, Wood Commodities Corp W. D. 63 Wooden Toy.
Original WW2 vintage Willys Jeep wooden toy.
By Wood Commodities Corporation.
Marked “W. D. 63″.
Produced during a time when metal was being converted to the war effort.
Measures approximately 10″ long.
This vintage toy is in very good condition with minor wear.
No significant flaws. Just normal edge wear.”






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Jeep Model Kits

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

John spotted some vintage jeep/willys model kits at the Old Model Kits website. They seem cheaper than you’ll find on eBay.


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Wood Rocking Jeep Apple Valley, CA $425

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This is unique.

toy-jeep-av-ca5 toy-jeep-av-ca6 toy-jeep-av-ca7 toy-jeep-av-ca8 toy-jeep-av-ca9

“1942-1945 military CJ-2A style rocking jeep custom made by High Desert wood workers association. One of six made. We gave one to our sponsor Lowes of Apple valley, and the rest went to call for life for kids for Christmas gifts as well as 24 doll carriages we made. We would like to sell this one asking price is 425 or a reasonable offer. It does rock and is painted with Sherwin Williams paint and all hand made by the members of our wood club. Please message us or text at [hidden information]. Would make a great collector item and or a gift. Located in Apple Valley, CA may consider trades.”

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CJ-2A Al-Toy Elletsville, IN $85

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

UPDATE: Price has dropped to $85.

Thanks to Tom for spotting this. Asking price is $150, but it lacks a steering wheel and is a little rough. This is the tow-seat version. It has a casting number of 8.

“Very rare antique 1946 metal toy Willys CJ 2A Jeep. All wheels move freely when rolled and have no cracks, color is light tan, hood opens, windshield folds down, IS missing the steering wheel. Have found the exact same one on a antique toy website for $275 (pics 7-10). My asking price is very fair, so please no lowball offers. Reasonable offers considered.”

cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in4 cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in3 cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in2 cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in

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M-274 Mule Model @ UAW Local 12 Office

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

These two photos of the M-274 Mule were posted to the Toledo Region History and Memorabilia Facebook Page by Nelson Shaffer, who found the photo at the UAW Local 12 Office in Toledo. I’m not sure why this has a placard for the 1/4 and 1 ton trailers on it?

mule-m274-model1 mule-m274-model2

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Custom Pull Jeepish Toy Troy, OH $400

• CATEGORIES: Models, toys

Roger Martin spotted this custom pull toy, though the build was also planning to add a cooler to it. Maybe someone else has a vision for it?

“Custom made pull wagon. Holds two kids. Hood opens. Was planning to install a cooler in it. $400 obo No trades”

stock-jeep-pull-oddball-oh6 stock-jeep-pull-oddball-oh7 stock-jeep-pull-oddball-oh8 stock-jeep-pull-oddball-oh9

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Ceramic Willys Wagon Model on eBay $17.99

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

I’ve never seen one of these. Is it a vintage item or was it produced more recently?

View all the information on eBay
willys-wagon-ceramic-model6 willys-wagon-ceramic-model7 willys-wagon-ceramic-model8 willys-wagon-ceramic-model9


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German Made WWII Jeep Model

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This model just sold on eBay for $108.51. At six inches long, it’s a good side. I was going to bid on this, and even set my alarm, but got too busy rendering 15lbs of pork fat into lard (we just had our pig butchered), so when my alarm went off to go to eBay, I turned it off, got distracted and forgot. Sigh. This is a cool one.

german-made-model-jeep4 german-made-model-jeep5 german-made-model-jeep6 german-made-model-jeep7 german-made-model-jeep8 german-made-model-jeep9

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Jeep Station Sedan Model

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This rare Jeep Station Sedan model came from eBay. This seems to be a pretty rare item (I’ve never seen another one). Given the Station Sedan was produced in 1948, I imagine the model is from that year as well.


As a reminder, here’s the color scheme for the Jeep Station Sedan:


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Diecast CJ-2A Fire Jeep – Bomberos Model Yakima, WA $25


Martin shared this Die cast model for only $25. These go for $30 and above after shipping and tax from eBay. Note the pic below is not the actual item.

“For sale is a 1:43 scale diecast 1946 Willys CJ2A Fire Jeep. The model is labeled Bomberos (Spanish for Firemen), as it is based on service vehicles used in Argentina. Neat model. It is new, still in the original package, having never been opened. The picture is a stock photo, but is exactly like what I have.”


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Interesting Wood Jeep from 1999

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Here’s the model I mentioned a few days ago. The date still looks to indicate that it was built in 1999. The builder’s name looks more like “Arbets” to me, but I can’t tell for sure.

The workmanship is great. It assembles easily and precisely. It’s a cool jeep. I’ve included the Ogelsby for comparison. Here it is disassembled.


Name and date on bottom of chassis:


Body on chassis:


Seats on chassis:


Front clip on chassis:


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Redycut Post War Sport Jeep Sedan Model eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This is a rare, unusual “sport jeep” model. It’s priced at $40 with free shipping.

View all the information on eBay

redycut-sport-jeep-postwar-model1 redycut-sport-jeep-postwar-model2 redycut-sport-jeep-postwar-model3

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November 1944 Photo of Fake Jeep in Australia

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, Old Images

Here’s. neat photo of a “dummy jeep” cobbled together in Australia, posted by Morihisa Ochi to G503.


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Struck Mini-Beep Pittsburgh, PA $2000

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This looks in good shape.

struck-mini-beep-pa6 struck-mini-beep-pa7 struck-mini-beep-pa8 struck-mini-beep-pa9

“Subaru Ex Series Engine
Garage Kept
Amphibious Plywood Structure
Stuck Corp Model Kit
brochure ~

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Wooden Toy Jeep … eBay Find

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models, toys

I couldn’t resist this curious, wooden representation of a jeep. It has some damage, which kind of adds to the oddness. It is about 10″ long, so it’s a good size.

green-wood-jeep4 green-wood-jeep5 green-wood-jeep6 green-wood-jeep7 green-wood-jeep8 green-wood-jeep9

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3D-Printable Willys MB Model $4.79

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

If you have access to a 3D printer, you might try printing this 3D model jeep. The download costs $4.79. I’ve included a video so you can see how this thing is assembled.

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Custom Model Mini-Jeep Seven Springs, PA $5000

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

UPDATE: You can contact Larry directly at 717 880 4432. Leave a message and he will return your call.

Ross’ friend Larry has this cool, Crosley powered mini-jeep for sale.

“4 cylinder gas engine
Electric winch
3speed transmission with reverse
Fully functional transfer case
Overall length 4’”

IMG_0928 IMG_0929 IMG_0930 IMG_0931 IMG_0932 IMG_0933 IMG_0935

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Struck Mini Beep Jeep Greensburg, IN $2800

• CATEGORIES: Models • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/26/2022) This post contains some detail photos of the Struck Mini Beep mechanicals.

“This is a mini beep Jeep and it in very good condition. The body is wood I’m wanting 2,800$ obo. Has radio, turn signals, lights, and horn’s. It comes with a different engine and belts. As well with the book to make it and all the paper work for it”

mini-beep-greensburg-manual-cover mini-beep-greensburg03 mini-beep-greensburg02 mini-beep-greensburg01 Continue reading

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Roger’s Newest Toy Find

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features, Models

Roger Martin bought this cool, Marine-made jeep.

He wrote, “I bought another Jeep. It was built by marine in August of 1948. He was a machinist on a ship during the war. The wheels are made out of solid brass. The toy is pretty heavy. I bought it from a guy yesterday who bought it in 1970 from the widow of the original owner that built it. The Marine that built it worked for Fisher body in Cincinnati, Ohio.”

1945-08-wwii-art-jeep0 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep1 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep2 1945-08-wwii-art-jeep3

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A few More Pics from the Willys Rally

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features, Models

Roger shared these pics from the Willys Rally





This scale-model toy jeep and trailer is really neat, too:


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MOD-AC Ford GPA/SEEP Model Kit Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, GPA (SEEP), Models

Likely from the 1940s, this seems a good price on an old amphibious model jeep kit. I have one already or I would buy it.

View all the information on eBay

“Welcome welcome for sale we have a VINTAGE U.S. ARMY AMPHIBIAN JEEP WOOD AND PAPER MODEL KIT BY MOD-AC, CA.Also know as the quack! This model has been started and has a few broken pieces so please review the pictures I believe it’s all here and if your going to finish it I am sure you can fix those pieces”

mod-ac-seep-gpa-model0 mod-ac-seep-gpa-model1 mod-ac-seep-gpa-model2 mod-ac-seep-gpa-model3 mod-ac-seep-gpa-model4

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MPC “Bottoms Up” Jeep Model on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

Mike spotted this MPC-brand model that allows for the creation of either a Funny Car or a Service Jeep. It seems pretty pricey at $230. I would have been all over this as a kid, as I built model jeeps, Barret-mobiles, and other 60s rat rods. Note that the directions for this are not original (printed off the internet) and the tires have been altered slightly.

View all the information on eBay

mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep0 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep1 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep2 mpc-bottoms-up-jeep-funny-car-servicee-jeep3

“MPC Bottoms Up Jeep 2 versions. Road service or Funny Car with decals, nice-Rare kit seldom seen on eBay and never reproduced. Looks to be mostly complete. Supersize pictures and judge for yourself. I counted 100 white parts alone! All chrome looks to be there too When I found this rare kit someone had already removed all the wheels from the chrome tree and assembled the stock wheels into the stock tires. Some melting had happened over the years. I Dis-assembled the wheels from the tires and trimmed all the excess from the wheels. Once assembled you can hardly notice.Also there is a small tire burn on the drivers door. There were no directions but I was able to locate them on the internet and print a complete set. They look original. Decals look good with no cracking. Item will be carefully packed and arrive as you see it here.”
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