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1980? Custom Mini Jeep Lancaster, OH $2250

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This is an unusual jeep. It appears to be made of metal. Given the PRODUCTION ENGINEERING label across the windshield, it’s possible this was created by the Production Engineering Corp, out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, which specializes in sheet metal projects and other custom works. The company was launched in 1957, so it is possible.

“Probably used in a factory”

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5 Comments on “1980? Custom Mini Jeep Lancaster, OH $2250

  1. Mike

    As a child I remember plans to make one of these little kid Jeeps powered by a lawnmower engine, published in Popular Mechanics or one of those publications. We had plenty of old lawnmowers, but my dad, working 3 jobs never had enough time.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I’ve documented a few of those plans, but most of the time they are made of wood. What’s interesting about this one is that to me it appears to be all metal.

    – Dave

  3. muley

    Neet-o! The Kohler is air cooled but there appears to be a small 4 blade fan on the flywheel and a radiator or oil cooler of some sort up front. What gives?

  4. Mike P

    maybe it has some kind of hydrostatic drive system. there is some kind of shift lever on the steering column.

  5. Barney Goodwin

    Mike P. That’s possible. Note also the oil filter assembly and lines on the passenger side at the firewall and a line is routed to an transmission cooler behind the grill.. The other possibility is that there was an apparatus on it at one time requiring hydraulics and required cooling.

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