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1960 M-38A1 Dutch Nekaf Bethlehem, PA eBay

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Bill shared this very rare Dutch Nekaf for sale on eBay. I’ve only documented about six of these in the US.

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“Clear Pennsylvania title. Has been stored in a barn: perfect for restoration. Corrosion exists at the side panels , below the spare tire, some at rear floor behind the tank. An experienced restorer inspected the vehicle and stated the body is nice and solid and all existing corrosion is basic and easily reparable.

Everywhere else: the hood, (an original shovel is mounted beneath), fenders, windshield, grill, interior front floor, rear deck, wheel wells and dash (some corrosion lower left) are in good condition.

This is a Dutch Army NEKAF with that nation’s” Koninklijke Landmacht” modifications intact: The Dutch Army radiator, auxiliary power outlets inside and out, the ‘guarded’ side mounted marker lights, blackout lights and speedo in Kilometers. This M38A1 uses a waterproof 24 volt system. That has not been modified. Two new 12 volt in-series batteries, their original cables, “T” ignition post, floor-push pedal ignition, voltage regulator, starter, generator, internally housed points, cond, cap, wires and sealed plugs are all in working order: some new.

The vehicle starts, runs and drives. The brakes, clutch, transfer case, HI/low trans, linkage cables, emergency brake, steering gear, suspension (needs shocks), and low- mile military tires are all are in good working order. Throttle, choke, crankcase vent handles and cables operate as designed. An aftermarket fuel pump, f/p regulator and hoses were added however the original fuel pump, hard lines, fittings, mounts and cables were left in their original positions: disarmed. A new fuel tank was purchased but not hooked up.

MOTOR: This 134 cu in Hurricane 4 cylinder engine compression tested at 70,65,70,70. Not Good. These should be around 130. The plugs are black (but not wet), it runs too rich and throttles poorly. I have run it through all three forward gears in both high and low and reverse as well. (The Borg Warner T-90 operates well). The diagnostic on the motor halted this individual’s restoration project. An engine tear-down and rebuild is required: something not covered by my “MOS”, but perfect for a genuine military vehicle restorer.

I have videos of this vehicle running. …….Also included on this NEKAF is an Army M-222 signal generator, whip antenna, antenna mount, and an unrelated handset. The original working canvas top (good. Dirty but no rips or wear spots. All snaps and fasteners function. The window is in excellent condition), folding frame, support bars with all straps intact installs perfectly. A jerry can, mount, rear mounted spare are included. Tires are period military and like new. The seats front and rear are original. Spares include new fuel lines for the original fuel system and new red primered tank, an additional 24 volt generator, fording hose, 1 gallon of correct paint, 2 new drive belts, new under-fuel tank felts, grease tubes, wheel cylinders, extra side mirror and arm, wheel chocks, hydraulic jack etc.”

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Farmcraft Limited Jeeps

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Jan was kind enough to share this rare brochure from Farmcraft, LTD, another seller of refurbished WWII jeeps. I’ve seen the Burleigh in another ad from 1949, but the text (as best as I could read) did not mention Farmcraft. A Hemmings article shared a pic of the Burleigh, and mentioned Farmcraft. I suspect Farmcraft partnered with, bought out or evolved from Burleigh.

farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh1 farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh2 farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh3 farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh4

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Germany’s Salzgitter’s Line of Jeeps

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UPDATE II: Here’s another 1950 Salgittzer brochure from Germany, but it is only four pages. Thanks to Jan for sharing it! This makes three different 1950 brochures.

1950-salgitter-brochure-4page-1 1950-salgitter-brochure-4page-2 1950-salgitter-brochure-4page-3 1950-salgitter-brochure-4page-4


July 12th UPDATE: I received both of the Salzgitter brochures I purchased out of Germany. The 1950 brochure is a version lacks several of the pages shown in the brochure at the very bottom. The 1949 brochure is a tiny (1/4 sheet-size) one-page brochure.

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Meanwhile In Italy

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Valerio sent me some updates from Italy. He was able to get his 1975 CJ-5 vm 2.5L diesel racer into good enough shape to compete in a regional trial championship. He’s only got this one photo, but will share more if he receives more.


Let month Valerio and his friend Fabio trailers home two FCs. One is an FC-150 and the other is a Zanzi. They plan on restoring both vehicles. Those look like some good projects!


fabio-fcs-italy7 fabio-fcs-italy8fabio-fcs-italy6fabio-fcs-italy5

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1968 UAZ 469 Carmel, IN $28,000

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This “like new” UAZ has low miles according to the seller.

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1968-uaz-469-carmel-in6 1968-uaz-469-carmel-in7 1968-uaz-469-carmel-in8 1968-uaz-469-carmel-in9

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1971 Rural Wagon from Brazil Hampden, MA $19,000

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This rare Ford-made Rural Wagon from Brazil was shared by Glenn.

“Runs amazing one of a kind here in America made in Brazil Ford Rural ”

1971-rural-wagon-ford-hampden-ma6 1971-rural-wagon-ford-hampden-ma7 1971-rural-wagon-ford-hampden-ma8 1971-rural-wagon-ford-hampden-ma9

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Jeep Duriez Ads

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UPDATE: The latest issue of the Europe-based 4X4 Story Magazine has images of a rare surviving Duriez jeep (see ads for the various Duriez models here). 

There is also a video of the jeep here (in French):

Here are some additional pics:


duriez-jeep-village Duriez-2



Originally posted Dec 14, 2014:  Marc found these vintage Duriez Ads from France. Duriez used the jeep platform (and other vehicles) to create more transportation options.



3. View all the information on eBay



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Driving a CJ-6 to Parsan, Pakistan

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Bill shared this fascinating video of a CJ-6 owner in Pakistan attempting to find a part to fix his jeep so he can ferry goods and passengers along a dangerous rode towards a land-locked village in the mountains of Pakistan.

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Metamet: British Jeep Rebuilders

UPDATE II: There’s another 1954 Metamet 12-page brochure for sale on eBay (see bottom of post for pics)

View all the information on eBay


UPDATE Posted July 04, 2019: This post has been updated to reflect some more information and images. It was originally posted in March of 2013.


Metamet was a British company that refurbished WWII jeeps and civilian jeeps, creating a slew of different models. According to the G503 Forum, “Metamet was run by an expat Pole, and latterly his son. It was a wonderful Aladdin’s caves of wartime Jeeps and Jeep bits and pieces located in a series of old mews stables in Daleham Mews. These places were commonly garage workshops in post-horse London, but nowdays are worth untold fortunes as residences.”

At one point in the early 1950s there were twelve different models of jeeps offered by Metamet, only one of which was the standard production model jeep. The rest were all customizations of one type or another. Seven models were 80″ wheel base, while the other five had 100″ wheel bases.  The models include, the Standard, De-luxe, Farmer, Five-in-one, Saloon, Shooting Brake, 10 CWT Truck, Metaplan, Station Wagon, 15 CWT Van, 20 CWT Lorry, and a 2 Ton Loadmaster.


Metamet’s early 1950s models. There were seven 80″ wheel base jeeps and five 100″ wheel base jeeps.


Here’s an example of Metamet’s advertising.

A 1952 Ad posted to Flicker by Johnathan confirms there were twelve models also:


Finally, here’s a 1954 12 page brochure that provides examples of different models that used to be linked to on the jeep farm website:


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1957 Fire-CJ-3B-Wagon out of Poland $10,500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $10,500.

Ivan shared this rare jeep. It is a former fire jeep-wagon. It was likely part of a limited production model either from some Willys-licensee in Europe or a third party. It’s priced at 45,000 Plish Zlotych which equates to about $19,500 USD.

translated from Polish: “unique willys from 1957 1957 WILLYS OVERLAND JEEP CJ 3 willys overland jeep cj 7 seater foldable engine drives original car used for fire station registered for 7 people”

1957-cj3b-wagon-poland2 1957-cj3b-wagon-poland3 1957-cj3b-wagon-poland4 1957-cj3b-wagon-poland5

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In 1957-58 4 Italians Drove to Toledo the Long Way

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UPDATE: This was first posted in August of 2016.

This September 13, 1958, article from the Toledo Blade told the story of four italians who drove what appears to be a WWII jeep a distance of 80,000 miles from Italy to Toledo. The men, all newspapermen, planned to drive another 15,000 miles back to Italy. What a trip! I wonder if their counterparts in 2013 knew of their countrymen’s adventure?

1958-09-13-toledo-blade-italians-world-adventure1 1958-09-13-toledo-blade-italians-world-adventure2

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1978 EBRO Bravo L Lincolnton, NC $16,500

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Rennie spotted this rare jeep. Based on a CJ-3B-Page brochure, this is most likely an EBRO Bravo Model “L”. It seems the jeep below has had some modifications.

“This is a 1978 cj6 made in Spain by visa with a Sofia 74 hp Diesel engine they bought the rights to build from American motors built like a cj3b runs and drives great new tires and engine rebuilt and lots of work done probably the only one in USA interesting trades considered”

1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc03 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc05 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc06 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc07 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc08 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc09 1978-viasa-cj6-lincolnton-nc10

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The J3M VAMs out of Mexico

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The J3M VAM was manufactured by VAM in Mexico for the army. It looks like a combination of a CJ and a Gladiator Truck. Learn more here –> Below are some example pics of the vehicle.
1975-j10-cj5-mexican-roswell-ga5 1975-j10-cj5-mexican-roswell-ga6 1975-j10-cj5-mexican-roswell-ga7 1975-j10-cj5-mexican-roswell-ga9

Here’s another example of this vehicle found on Pinterest:


Here’s another example from the BigMackTrucks site:


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Extended Jeeps in India (?)

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This International Flatfender Facebook post from India(?) shows two extended jeeps. Both looks like interesting builds.

extended-jeeps-india1 extended-jeeps-india2 extended-jeeps-india3 extended-jeeps-india4

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1959 Custom Wagon Biala Podlaska, Poland $23,000

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Mike spotted this interesting rebuild of a 1959 wagon. It’s located in Eastern Poland. The work looks great. Note the pic of the frame area and how clean that looks.

Rebuilt Station Wagon 1959. Original frame, Go Devil engine, T90 gearbox, 4×4 reducer. Rear body made of new sheets. All spare parts new or refurbished. After the renovation, he traveled 4km / 2.5 miles/. I have photo documentation of the renovation.
More information via e-mail: kamaje @ (remove spaces around the @).
Shipping to the USA to be arranged.







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1964 Australian Jeep Ad on ebay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, International

I thought the doors on the CJ-6 were interesting in this August 12, 1964, jeep ad. I’ve not seen those doors anywhere else, so maybe they were artistic license?

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VW Brasilian JEG Berlin, Germany Auction


TJ shared this rare offload VW-based Brazil vehicle with 4WD that’s up for auction. It’s located in Brazil, but shipping is available to Europe. There are ton of pics of the Jeg that’s up for auction along with pics of related brochures. (or read this Samba ad)

VW-JEG0008 VW-JEG0009 VW-JEG0015
“In the 70s, VW Brasil tried to join the Brazilian army with the VW VEMP. Two prototypes were created (one 4X4 and one 4X2), the car was created entirely in straight and simple lines for easier maintenance.

The engine would be 1600 already used by cars of other VW models. After the project was rejected for political reasons (cars with a rear engine would no longer be accepted by the army) the two prototypes ended up being used internally by the factory.

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1956 French-Canadian Ad From Kaiser-Willys of Canada on eBay

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Maury spotted this jeep-family ad from Kaiser-Willys of Canada.

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“1956 Canadian Kaiser Willys print ad Jeep Universal, Wagon, & Pickup. Original magazine advertisement measures 7 X 9.5 inches (approx.).”


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First Canadian Made Jeep Rolls Off The Line in 1959

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UPDATE: Here’s an example of a Windsor, Canada, data plate, one of the CJ-5s that was imported from Canada to keep up with sales demand in the US.



On August 21, 1959, the first Canadian-built jeep, a CJ-5, rolled out of the assembly plant in Windsor, Canada. Below are two articles and one advertisement that celebrates the acheivement.

This first article appeared August 22, 1959, in the Windsor Star and shows the actual first CJ-5.
1959-08-22-the-windsor-star-canada-made-jeeps-loresThis second article appeared September 19, 1959, in the National Post our to Torono, Ontario, Canada, and shows the actual Windsor Plant.


This third item is an advertisement that appeared in the August 25, 1959, issue of The Province, a Vancouver newspaper.


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1960? Jeep Family Brochure in French

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As discussed on this page, which shares the English version of this brochure, given the “hockey stick” style of the 2WD wagon and the one-piece wagon and truck windshields sometimes shown, this could have been a 1960 brochure. And, it may have been European focused given the French and Enlightenment versions.

Here is the French version fo the brochure:

1960-french-jeep-family-brochure01-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure02-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure03-lores 1960-french-jeep-family-brochure04-lores

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March 1957 French-Canadian Ad for the FC-150 + Sign

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UPDATE: Todd shared a sign that matches the Jeep sign which appears in the lower part of the ad at the bottom of this post. I’ve not seen one quite like this, so I imagine it was only available in Canada?

The sign was double sided, but he separated the halves so he could hang them on the wall. Here are some pics:


1950s-tek-jeep-dealer-sign-quebec-canada1 1950s-tek-jeep-dealer-sign-quebec-canada3

This is the back of the sign. It was made by Tek, a company still in business in Canada.



This March 1957 ad in an unknown magazine highlighted the FC-150 distributers.



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1948 Photo From Sweden

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Old Images

The good looking MB in this photo has a nice top. What kind of structure is that? A Cabin?

The Swedish translates to English as: “Staff trip to Storvallen 1948. From left: Uno Branden, Britta, Ingrid Hellström, Einar Montén and Astrid Walster.”


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1965 Photo of CJ-2A From Sweden

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Old Images

As best as I can translate, the Swedes in this CJ-2A are celebrating National (or World) Children’s Day. Maybe the signs provide more information.

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1967 Jeep Sportster Ad on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Advertising & Brochures, Features, International

It’s a one page ad from a magazine, but it contains a couple photos of the rare Australian Jeep Sportster (more about them and the Combat here).

View all the information on eBay

“This is an original A4 size advertisement for the 1968 Kaiser Willys Jeep Sportster. Advertisement is in good condition for it’s age. Advert measures 28 x 20cm or 11 x 8in. All advertisements are mailed in clear plastic slip with cardboard backing for protection. Please email me if you have any questions. Will post overseas.”


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August 1957 FC-170 French-Canadian Ad

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This 1957 French-Canadian ad for the Forward Control Jeep was published in August. The magazine is unknown.