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Farmcraft Limited Jeeps

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Jan was kind enough to share this rare brochure from Farmcraft, LTD, another seller of refurbished WWII jeeps. I’ve seen the Burleigh in another ad from 1949, but the text (as best as I could read) did not mention Farmcraft. A Hemmings article shared a pic of the Burleigh, and mentioned Farmcraft. I suspect Farmcraft partnered with, bought out or evolved from Burleigh.

farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh1 farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh2 farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh3 farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh4

farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh5 farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh6 farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh7 farmcraft-uk-british-jeep-burleigh8


2 Comments on “Farmcraft Limited Jeeps

  1. Brian

    I had a farmcraft all weather ford gp , bought it for £3 in about 1964 ish. First time I took my now wife out was to give her a lift through a flooded lane for an evening at a pub.
    clutch want, couldn’t be bothered to fix it so towed it to local scrap yard. Always regretted doing it, but £3.00, hey .

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