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Jeeps filled magazines in various ways. Some magazines reported on brand new ‘Blitz Buggy’ and other important develops about the jeep during WWII. Others reported on the changing models during its civilian life. Still others showcased how jeeps were used and the modifications done to them.

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1953 Hemet-de Anza Calvacade

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine

This two page article appeared in the July 1953 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. It’s mostly a photographic spread about the trek over the Anza Trail. Six hundred folks in one hundred and sixty jeeps participated in the trip.

1953-07-hotrod-magazine-hemet-de-anza-calvacade2 1953-07-hotrod-magazine-hemet-de-anza-calvacade3 1953-07-hotrod-magazine-hemet-de-anza-calvacade4 1953-07-hotrod-magazine-hemet-de-anza-calvacade5 1953-07-hotrod-magazine-hemet-de-anza-calvacade6

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CJ-3B Drag Racer and Plow Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, Old Images Jeeping

The September 1961 issue of Hot Rod Magazine included this reader-submitted photo. The owner explained that the jeep did well as a drag racer (in the stock 4cyl class I’m sure) when they weren’t using it as a plow jeep.


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V-8 Jeeps & The Sidewinder Cruise

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, Old Images Jeeping

In September of 1961, Hot Rod Magazine published this article about the Saleea Al Jemel jeep club’s Sidewinder Cruise (first documented jeep club, formed in 1946) in Southern California. The article covers various V8 upgrades installed in flat fender jeeps, with a focus on Brian Chuchua’s Plymouth V8 install.

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1963 Sidewinder Jeep Cruise Photo

• CATEGORIES: Event, Features, Magazine

This photo and caption appeared in the May 1963 issue of Desert Magazine. Note the camping modifications on the CJ-6 in the foreground. Looks like a pretty interesting rig.

1963-05-desert-magazine-sareea-el-jamel-event1 1963-05-desert-magazine-sareea-el-jamel-event2


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Feb. 1957 Willys News Magazine $25

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine • TAGS: .

I accidentally ordered an issue of Willys News I already had. So, I’m putting this one up for sale. It has eight pages of pictures and information. These sell for between $28 – $38 on eBay. 1957-02-willys-news1




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January 1946 Motor Magazine Fixing Army Jeep on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine

The January 1946 issue of Motor Magazine has an article about fixing the Army jeep.

View all the information on eBay

1946-01-motor-magazine-fixing-the-army-jeep 1946-01-motor-magazine-fixing-the-army-jeep2

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1957 Jeep Jamboree on South Padre Island, Texas

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, Old Images

This March 1957 article from Popular Mechanics highlighted the 1957 Jeep Jamboree in Texas. A few days ago a press photo showing the photo of the DJ-3A (just the front of it) landed on eBay for sale. 

1957-03-popular-mechanics-jeep-jamboree-padre-island-text 1957-03-popular-mechanics-jeep-jamboree-padre-island-5 1957-03-popular-mechanics-jeep-jamboree-padre-island-6

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1944 Issue of Canadian Home Journal

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine

The January 1944 issue of the Canadian Home Journal featured a baby and jeep on its cover. This particularly magazine was advertised for sale on Facebook.


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January 1957 Issue of True Adventures

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine

It took a chance on this January 1957 issue of True Adventures and bought it on eBay hoping to find an article that included jeeps. But, I struck out. There was nothing but scantily clad women (not that I was complaining), fantastical stories, and silly advertisements.


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Photos Circa 1956 From Colombia

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine • TAGS: .

These photos appeared in the February 1956 issue of Globe-trotter. I especially like the CJ-5 with the ice cream maker!

1956-02-globetrotter-Colombian-ice-cream-cj5-2 1956-02-globetrotter-Colombian-ice-cream-cj5



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1948 Popular Homecraft’s Wander Wagon Junior

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, Willys Wagons, Wood bodies • TAGS: , .

In 1948 Popular Homecraft Magazine did a two article series on the construction of a home built Jeep Station Wagon. They named it Wander Wagon Junior. This past weekend Rolfe spotted the February issue of the magazine at a garage sale (for only a quarter!) and then shared scans of the article. We still lack the March-April version of Homecraft, but I’ll buy it should it land on eBay. Thanks to Rolfe for this article!

1948-02-popular-homecraft-station-wagon-jeep-project1 1948-02-popular-homecraft-station-wagon-jeep-project2 1948-02-popular-homecraft-station-wagon-jeep-project3

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“Gypsy Rose Lee” Airborne Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Airborne Lightweight Jeeps, Features, Magazine

The Gypsy Rose Lee Jeep is a stripped down version of the regular jeep for airborne troops (one of a variety developed). Made of “plastic plywood”, it was almost a 1,000lbs lighter than the standard 2,200lb jeep. You might also know the jeep as the MB-L. This article, of which the Gypsy Rose Lee was a part, was published in the December 1947 issue of Willys Overland Unity Magazine.


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April 1947 Guion Cover Image

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine

UPDATE: The magazine Guion from Uruguay published a one-page article about the jeep, along with the cover page (shown at the bottom). My Spanish isn’t so good, so I have to guess, based on the photos, that the article discusses the problems caused by groups of young women in bikinis roving the beaches of Uruguay. Oh, what terrible problem that would be!?!?


This cover was published as part of the April 1947 issue. Thanks to Christian (via Derek Redmond) for sharing this one.


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Jeep Rodeo in the 1959 Issue of Man’s Magazine

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, Racing


The February 1959 of Man’s Magazine contained photos and short report from the annual Jeep Rodeo in Yakima, Washington. Unfortunately, most of the pics aren’t a whole lot different from the March 1959 issue of Modern Man Magazine, featured in 2013.

Man’s magazine turned out to be a lot less risqué than the cover image and headlines might suggest. There was even an opinion article expressing concern over how American college football was fast becoming too professionalized.




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1947 Craftsman Annual Project Magazine

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, Models, toys

The 1947 Craftsman Annual Project Magazine contains forty-four wide ranging projects for the builder who was to try constructing everyone. Of course, there’s a battery toy jeep project among the items (directions shown below), but also included in the magazine are plans for building from scratch a welder, a battery-less telephone, a Jolly Roger boat, a hand vise, a rocket, a farm tractor (from car parts), and much more.

1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep1 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep2 1947-craftsman-annual-magazine-toy-jeep3

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May 1958 Leathernecks w/CJ-5 on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine • TAGS: .

I believe this is a CJ-5 APU, though it could provide some other service. Either way, it’s something I’ve never run across.

Volume XLI Number 5
May 1958
Very Good Condition.”

View all the information on eBay



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February 1954 Man’s Magazine w/ Mud Race on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine

This issue probably has an article and photos of a Yakima Jeep Rodeo.

“February 1954, Vol. 2, No. 3. Vintage tabloid-size (10 x 13 inches) magazine devoted to news, entertainment, and pin-ups galore. One of a handful of mags of the 1950s seeing publication well into the 1960s, becoming a more straight-forward men’s full-nudes magazine. Cover art uncredited. Also featured: Harry Roskolenko on Australian bushmen, house fave Eve Meyer by Russ Meyer 1p, Frank Rasky on sex, 6-day bike race, dismemberment in NY, Pamplona bulls, sharks of Tahiti, Humbert Satriano on burlesque (Kalantan, Valetta & Lily St. Cyr vignettes), Jeep mud race, Fred Lyon pinup car photos, Clem Owen on Texas Rangers, ads.”

View all the information on eBay


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Fred “Fritz/Snuffy” Rowland’s CJ-2A

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, Old Images

Former Idaho cowboy and restaurant owner Fred “Fritz” or “Snuffy” Rowland (he was known by both nicknames) moved from Idaho to Beatty, Nevada, late in life to try his hand at prospecting. Fritz found uranium and gold, but nothing amounting to a big strike. His story was shared in the July/Aug Westerner Magazine in an article titled “Death Valley Gold Digs.”

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Toys for Boys from Women’s Day Magazine

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, toys

Robin bought this detailed article on how to build a toy jeep for kids. Many thanks to him for scanning and sharing it. Check out the other items he has scanned and shared here.

Go here for all the pages published in Women’s Day Magazine:

Below are a couple of the pages:





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Chicken Ranch Jeep

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, Old Images, Old News Articles • TAGS: .

The April 1955 issue of Willys News included this article and excerpt from the June 1955 issue of American Poultry Journal.

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1962 National Geographic Trip in Canyonlands

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine, Old Images Jeeping

For five days in July of 1961, then-Interior Secretary Stewart Udall, Canyonland-legend Kent Frost, and a posse of government folks toured the Caynyonlands area by jeep, boat and helicopter. The huge tour was Udall’s idea, which probably explains why National Geographic was invited on the trip. Udall’s efforts paid off with Utah Democratic Senator Frank Moss proposing Canyonlands National Park (learn more here). The bill was signed on September 12, 1964. What an amazing trip that must have been.

The National Geographic published the story in the May 1962 issue under the title, Cities of Stone in Utah’s Canyonland. The magazine only published one jeep photo, but they did include a map with tiny jeeps showing the route taken.

View all the May 1962 National Geographics on ebay

1962-05-national-geographic-1 1962-05-national-geographic-2

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Sidewalk Jeep Design from Popular Mechanics (Jeep for Sale)

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features, Magazine, Models, toys, Wood bodies • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Harry Warholak’s father built a Sidewalk Jeep from the plans in Popular Mechanics when he was a kid in Detroit. Ten years ago he restored it. It spent a year at the Chrysler Museum. Now he’s interested in selling it. You can contact him at 586-996-4103 if interested. He’s located in Georgia.

sidewalk-model-jeep1 sidewalk-model-jeep2 sidewalk-model-jeep3 sidewalk-model-jeep4

PREVIOUS POST (February 2013): This kids jeep design was published in the January, 1948, issue of Popular Mechanics and available for free at Google. It is powered by an electronic motor.  It looks as difficult to build than a standard jeep!  The notes added to this particular issue are interesting, too.  The top note appears to reference a 1949 Christmas Handbook that might also include these drawings.

View issues of Popular Mechanics, January 1948, for sale on eBay


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Directions for Muller Custom Top

• CATEGORIES: Artists/Drawings, Features, How To, Magazine • TAGS: , , .

UPDATE: Hard to believe it has been almost three years since I published this post!

I discovered these directions for the Muller Custom Top in the August 8, 1965, issue of Four Wheeler Magazine that we’ve seen on nicely modified Fresno area Jeeps.  I’m considering building one of these for Biscuit and selling my Kayline.

Page 40 (last page of article) below:1965-08-fourwheeler-muller-top-pg40

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Uranium ‘Gold’ Rush

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine • TAGS: , .

Credit for posting this rare magazine cover with a CJ-2A on it goes to:

The hunt for Uranium during the late 1940s and into the 1950s in the American West was a big deal. It’s also the last great mineral rush with-in the continental United States. Uranium’s grand paradox, as author Tom Zoellner puts it, is that “[t]he stability of our world rests on a substance that is unstable at the core.”

So large was the hunt for Uranium, the May 23, 1955, issue of Life Magazine noted that more man-hours had been spent hunting for Uranium between 1952 and 1955 than were spent seeking all other metals in history, at least according to the Atomic Energy Commission. Having spent considerable time thumbing through decades of mine related information prior to the 1900s, I find this claim dubious, but maybe someone can explain how this could be?

Still, the uranium boom captivated the imagination of the public. Uranium Fever was written and sung by Eliot Britt in 1955 and included jeep references. This great site shows how the search affected popular magazines of the time. In the Life Magazine article referenced above (pg 26), the author included a list of ultimate gear for prospecting. At the very top of the list was a brand-new four-wheel jeep for only $1,685, along with equipment and a map of the best places to hunt:

1955-05-23-uranium-hunt4 1955-05-23-uranium-hunt3 1955-05-23-uranium-hunt2 1955-05-23-uranium-hunt1

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Jeeps Article from 1953 Cars Magazine

• CATEGORIES: Features, International, Magazine

These old car magazines are such fun to explore. The August 1953 issue of Cars Magazine had an article about jeeps. The magazine also contained a strange story from Idaho about the Brink and a Half Club, which seems to involve dunking your vehicle into the Clearwater River. While the article claims US95 hugs the Clearwater River for 150 miles, according to wikipedia the Clearwater is only 75 miles long. I think the author may have confused the Clearwater with the Salmon River.

Finally, I’ve also included an odds-n-ends page which includes a Ford automobile testimonial by noted criminal John Dillinger and the earliest example of a double-ender vehicle I’ve ever seen.


This is the full two-page jeep article blended together. The text can be read in the image below.


Page 1 of the article.


Interestingly, no mention of any asian companies jeep efforts mentioned.


No mention of Vic Hickey made in reference to the top photo. This article from Car Craft does a much better job of covering Hickey.