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Jeeps filled magazines in various ways. Some magazines reported on brand new ‘Blitz Buggy’ and other important develops about the jeep during WWII. Others reported on the changing models during its civilian life. Still others showcased how jeeps were used and the modifications done to them.

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Women Drivers … Are Jeep Rough-Riders

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Just a few updates today …

The August 1954 issue of People Magazine did a two-page article on the women who drove jeeps for Willys Motors. It looks like they are testing a series of M-38A1s in the photos.

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1967 Cover of ‘For Men Only’ Magazine

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UPDATE: This was originally posted in April of 2013. I just found a larger version of the illustration by Mort Künstler.


“Original January, 1967 For Men Only magazine. This 8.5 X 11 in. (approx.) 90+ page magazine is in good condition. It shows a couple transporting a Jeep across a gorge while being shot at. See scan.”


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The 1959 Jeep Calvalcade “Rush to the Rockies” Centennial

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Photo from the Denver Post. Both Life Magazine and the Denver Post covered the event. Note the white wagon above. It appears in a couple of the color photos below.

UPDATE: These Life Magazine photos and some other information was originally posted in 2011. A couple days ago I confirmed that these photos were from a special 1959 Jeep Calvacade, organized as one of many events during the 1859-1959 Rush to the Rockies Centennial Celebration. 

I’d love to get a digital copy of the below brochure if anyone has one.


Some folks attached these flags to their rigs.


I hope to gather more information about the Jeep Cavalcade soon.  In the meantime, I’ve only been able to document that one of these photos appeared in print in the December 28, 1959, issue of Life Magazine (the one below).

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72 JP Magazines Columbia City, OR $20

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Great price if you want some JP magazines.

“I have several years worth of JP Jeep magazine for sale.
They span from July of 2000 thru May of 2009. There are a total of 72 JP Jeep magazines and 4 additional 4×4/off-road type magazines. They come with the cardboard magazine holders.
Asking $20 for the whole collection.”


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1946 Popular Science Steering Article

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This April of 1946 article in Popular science highlighted the steering mechanism used on the four wheel steel “Circus” jeeps.


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1951 Article From Travel Trailer

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Rudy shared this article from the 1951 issue of Travel Trailer Magazine. That’s one big trailer. According to the author, the tongue weight was 1000lbs, but the jeep was only rated for 800lbs. What could possibly go wrong?


travel-trailer-magazine1 travel-trailer-magazine2 travel-trailer-magazine3 travel-trailer-magazine4

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Fred Weis and the Bobcat History

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Yesterday morning, SteveK asked to know more about the Bobcat products. Were they race products or something else? The terminology is so second hand, that I thought everyone knew it by now. I decided to send him a link to an article I thought I had published about Fred Weis and the Bobcat body from the February 1970 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine. It turns out I never published that article!

So, I’d like to publish (perhaps I am republishing it) to better explain the Bobcat body and products. At the post’s bottom I’ve included a number of additional examples and information about the Bobcat. Then, on the next post, I discuss the Bobcat & Parkette fiberglass body histories.


Note the Cascade 4×4 club sticker on the hood.



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1951 DeAnza Trail Jeep Cavalcade

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1951-07-motortrend-jeep-gymkhana-calvacade-pg1-1The May 1951 issue of Motor Trend captured the 3rd Annual DeAnza Trail Jeep Cavalcade. The author titled the article “Jeep Gymkhana”, possibly attempting to reference timed automobile or equestrian contents designed to test driving skill, though to my knowledge the Cavalcade was not a timed event.

1951-07-motortrend-jeep-gymkhana-calvacade-title1951-07-motortrend-jeep-gymkhana-calvacade-text-lores 1951-07-motortrend-jeep-gymkhana-calvacade-pg1-2 1951-07-motortrend-jeep-gymkhana-calvacade-pg1-3



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1963 Magazine Review of the “New” CJ-5

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Desert Magazine reviewed the “new” CJ-5 in 1963. Click on images to enlarge them. Spoiler alert .. the author concluded the jeep is a “man’s car”.

1963-02-desert-magazine-cj5-review0-lores 1963-02-desert-magazine-cj5-review1-lores
1963-02-desert-magazine-cj5-review3-lores 1963-02-desert-magazine-cj5-review4-lores

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1949 De Anza Cavalcade – Life Magazine Tags Along

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UPDATE: This was published back in 2010. This seems appropriate, since the post below this one may feature the dozer blade shown in the photos below.

I believe these images are from the 1st annual De Anza Cavalcade, which occurred in 1949.  You can read a little about these events from the Hemet Jeep Club’s Website. Here’s an brief synopsis from Harry Buschert’s memorial:

In 1948 (Harry) Buschert joined the first Hemet Jeep Cavalcade and jumped in a jeep with Harvey Gibel at the Hemet Farmer’s Fairgrounds. The first Cavalcade, sponsored by the Anza- Borrego Trails Association and the Hemet Valley Chamber of Commerce, began as a way to show the public the need to pave the road between Hemet and Borero Springs. Over 400 Jeeps and 800 passengers came out for the first event. They took two days to travel down Coyote Canyon. Buschert would participate and assist in running the events for years to come. The event ran continuously until 1973. By 1973 the movement pave the road had become obsolete, the high prices of gasoline made the event too costly, and the perceived impact of the event affecting public perception all led to the its ending. The event took a fifteen year hiatus and began again in 1988, Buschert took part in the anniversary run.

The Life Magazine Photographer was Peter Stackpole, whom the New York Times described as a chronicler of California Trends.  Peter was part of the first group of photographers hired by Life Magazine.

You can view all the photographs of this two day ‘Jeep Ride’ in 1949 here. I have included small versions of a few of my favorite images.  Click on the images to see blown up views.

1) Here we are at the beginning:

Note the Department of Agriculture painted on the side.  That looks like a nice wool jacket, too:

Here the ‘wagon’ train is on the move.  Note the little boy peeking out the window:

You can see the line of Jeeps stretches for a ways:

Here the jeeps stop for a rest; I probably lightened this up a little too much, but I wanted to be able to see the details of the jeeps better.  Note that one of the jeeps near the bottom of the pic has an extended back — a woman is sitting in back of it:

One of the stranger arrangements was this CJ-2A that sported 3 or four passengers plus luggage, plus a plow! I have 3 images of that below:

And finally, when’s the last time you saw a Ford GP out Jeeping?

Again, you can see MANY more pics of this 1949 Hemet Jeep Club Calvacade at the Life Magazine Image Archives.

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Alaska Or Rust Article in Dispatcher Magazine

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The Fall 2017 issue of Dispatcher Magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday. Kevin and Bill put together a great article on the Alaska Trip.



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Watson Hub Article

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Alaska Paul discovered this Watson Hub article in the 1958 issue of Science and Mechanics magazine. This suggests that the Watson hub was developed in 1956 or 1957, making the company a very early hub manufacturer.

The mechanism looks similar to the early Dualmatic hubs. In fact, the first Dualmatic hub patent filing was in 1956, for a single lever model. Whether that inspired the dual lever model by the California-based H. S. Watson company remains unclear. I have no evidence to suggest Watson ever patented its hub nor how long they sold their hub.


2 Examples of Watson hubs:

watson-hubs-1 watson-hubs-2 watson-hubs-3

Another example from a truck listed for sale on Craigslist out of Redding, California:


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Clark County, Nevada, Sheriff’s Office Jeep Posse

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A little something to read from five years ago …

Originally published October 31, 2012: I stumbled across some Flickr Images of the Clark County, Nevada, Sheriff’s Office Jeep Posse. I searched for a website for the group, but could only find a Sheriff site.

Here are a few images from Flickr. 


In February, 1952, Popular Science published a short article about this Jeep Posse.  Note the Slat Grille MB.

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1955 Trip from Fairbanks to Argentina

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(Today’s only post)

Last night I scanned an article from the February 1955 issue of Kaiser Willys News and prepared it for this morning. But then I made the mistake of doing a google search on Pedro Rocasalvo, the twenty-six-year-old from Argentina mentioned in the article. Down the rabbit hole I went ….

It turns out that the article below barely skimmed the surface of the adventure.  First of all, Pedro Rocasalvo was not traveling solo. He was traveling with his brother, Carlos. They started around 1946 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on bikes. It took them 27 months to reach Los Angeles (and here). From there, they continued to Fairbanks on their bikes, making it in July of 1948.

As best as I understand, they were given a hero’s welcome and a jeep by the mayor of Fairbanks. Once they began their trip south, they picked up a dancer, Celita Dextre, who spoke Spanish and English. By September 1948, they’d reached Bismarck, North Dakota.

Along their journey, the three took color film and several hundred slides. Pedro was supposed to be working on a book, too, but I can’t find any evidence it was published (most likely was published in Argentina).

Maybe Hugo Vidal can help out with this research …. there will be updates to this story!

1955-02-kaiser-willys-news-fairbanks-argentina-trip1 1955-02-kaiser-willys-news-fairbanks-argentina-trip2 1955-02-kaiser-willys-news-fairbanks-argentina-trip3 1955-02-kaiser-willys-news-fairbanks-argentina-trip4

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1960 Review of the CJ-6

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From “Wheels Magazine” (via eBay) comes this 1960 review of an Australian CJ-6.

1960-03-wheelsmag-cj6-test1 1960-03-wheelsmag-cj6-test2 1960-03-wheelsmag-cj6-test3 1960-03-wheelsmag-cj6-test4

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Heinz History Center Blog: Jeep as a Lady

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Check out this article from the Heinz History Center. It’s even pretty accurate (I have my quibbles, but you can’t explain everything in a short blog article). Thanks to Mike for pointing me toward the article.

Here’s a neat magazine cover that I hadn’t seen previously:


This one you may have seen. It was going around Facebook:


These two pages from a 1946 magazine ad are likely for sale, since it appears the image came from here:



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1960 Article Test of CJ-6 on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Magazine

A March 1966 article from Wheels Magazine reviewed the 1966 CJ-6 for Australian readers. This is being sold out of Britain. Their are four pages, but only two were scanned.

“Original Australian market black & white sales brochure being a factory issued reprint of a road test from Wheels magazine illustrating & describing the Willys Jeep CJ-6 Station Wagon.
No publication number.
Dated March 1960 and covers 1960 models.
4 page folder, well illustrated, English text.
20x28cm approx.
Very good condition, date stamp to rear cover.”

View all the information on eBay



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1948 Article About Modified Jeep

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The February 1948 issue of Mechanic Illustrated included this blurb about a sedanized jeep.


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Custom Built Woody on Jeep Chassis

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The February 1948 issue of Popular Science included a small blurb about this custom wood jeep out of Seattle built on a WW2 chassis.


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Dec. 1945 Outdoor Life Magazine Story on the Jeep

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UPDATE: Originally Posted July 26, 2014.

The December 1945 Issue of Outdoor Life Magazine contained an article titled “A Jeep Will Get You There”. It is filled with photos of a VEC CJ-2A used for a fishing trip. The photos aren’t the best, but still an interesting article. Outdoor Life also featured the story on the front cover.


1945-12-outdoor-life-article1 1945-12-outdoor-life-article2 1945-12-outdoor-life-article3 1945-12-outdoor-life-article4 1945-12-outdoor-life-article5 1945-12-outdoor-life-article6 1945-12-outdoor-life-article7 1945-12-outdoor-life-article8

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1947 Popular Mechanics Photo of Front Axle Thaw

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The machine shown below was used to thaw front axles, among other things I’m sure. It was published in the January 1947 issue of Popular Mechanics.


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1947 Popular Mechanics Article on Submarine Jeeps

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Using the fording kit, a jeep could operate for more than 15 minutes while under a foot or more of water. It was published in the January 1947 issue of Popular Mechanics.


This December 1943 article from Popular Mechanics highlighted an early attempt at a water proof jeep. In this case it was accompanied by a waterproof trailer.



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1944 Popular Mechanics Article on Target Jeeps

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This April 1944 article from Popular Mechanics explains how target jeeps work. The photo shows a slat grille MB sacrificed for the greater good.


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Exploring the Santa Fe Trail in 1950 by Jeep

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The January 1950 issue of Popular Mechanics featured a story about airline pilot Heath Proctor and his trip by CJ-2A along the Old Santa Fe Trail. I’ve included a few pics below. I’m not sure what’s on the front bumper? Are those push bumpers?

Here’s a link to the entire story online: (Page 88).

1950-01-popular-mechanics-santa-fe-trail2 1950-01-popular-mechanics-santa-fe-trail3

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1945 Photo of Experimental Farm Jeep

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This photo and caption were published in the February 1945 issue of Popular Mechanics.