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March 23, 1957, Issue Sat Evening Post

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The March 23, 1957, issue of the Saturday Evening Post featured a jeep on the cover. John Clymer illustrated the cover. He was born not far from me in Ellensburg, Washington, where (to my surprise) the Clymer museum features his art. Guess I’ll have to stop in there and check it out sometime.


This issue also included this ad, which was part of this 1957 series of three-pane-ads.



2 Comments on “March 23, 1957, Issue Sat Evening Post

  1. JohnB

    Rural setting, blond boy, collie…a homage to Lassie?

    I think they used Dodge trucks in that era (which was a bit before my time), but a bet a Jeep appeared sometime.

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