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1948 CJ-2A Dover, PA $700

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Last Ride

Seems to have an extra wide PTO bar.

“1948 willys jeep cj2a. It is rough, but fixable and pretty much all there. I have a pa title but not in my name and the vin plate is on the body. Need it gone, reasonable offers accepted. I have a hood for it.”

1948-cj2a-dover-pa1 1948-cj2a-dover-pa2 1948-cj2a-dover-pa3

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1953 CJ-3B Nokomis, FL $800

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, Last Ride

Not sure there is any value?

“Willys jeep cj3b
Does not have motor or transmission/transfer case.
Has running gear and the body
Looking to get it sold”


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Year? CJ-3B Rhode Island $400

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, Last Ride

The parking lights and headlight bezels may be salvageable … not sure about the rest.

“Rusty treasure straight from the field.
1940’s Jeep Willys.
Your chance to own a piece of history.”

year-cj3b-ri21 year-cj3b-ri2

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CJ-2A & CJ-3A Canton, ME $1000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ-3A, Last Ride

Not sure how much value is here.

“I have 2 willys jeeps ones a cj3a other a cj2a the cj3a is parts the cj2a is parts or restore frames mint on both cj3a has small block chevy in it and cj2a has no motor or trans but tubs good shape asking 1000 obo for both need gone the tires and rims dont go with the cj2a just on so can move around”



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1951 CJ-3A Taccoa, GA $1700


The Sears branded Dualmatic hubs might be the most valuable part of the jeep.

“1951 Willys CJ3a. The jeep is complete excluding the seats and the engine. Comes with a rollbar matching wheels all body components and a complete drive line consisting of transmission transfer case driveshaft front and rear axles.”

1951-cj3a-tacooa-ga1 1951-cj3a-tacooa-ga2 1951-cj3a-tacooa-ga3

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Year? CJ-2A Axtell, TX $800

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Last Ride

Looks like it has been in the barn a long time. It is listed as a 1955.

“Old Willy Jeep Motor is a 4 cylinder flat head
4 wheel drive
Barn Find
no title
$800 OBO or Trade”

year-cj2a-axtell-tx1 year-cj2a-axtell-tx2 year-cj2a-axtell-tx3 year-cj2a-axtell-tx4

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Year? Truck Highmore, SD **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Last Ride, Willys Trucks


It has a PTO and an engine. There is some possibility of some parts value here.

“Willys Jeep pickup. Has motor, transmission, transfer case, axles, and PTO on back. Has a useable tailgate.”

truck-highmore-sd0 truck-highmore-sd1

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1948 CJ-2A Des Moines, IA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Last Ride • TAGS: .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000


“48 Willy’s CJ 2 asking $2000obo for whole jeep ez negotiations possibly trade. Text or call above number for details”


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1948 CJ-2A Higdon, AL $1009

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Last Ride

Not much value here.

“For Sale 1948 Willys/Jeep CJ-2A
Has a v6 engine in it, otherwise it seems to be an original antique. Needs work or good for parts, (will give a bill of sale, but do not have a title) come look and make offer. It has been sitting for many years. Also will consider trades on 3 point hitch tractor equipment, box blade, bush hog, finish mower, . . . Or generators 5kw or larger, gas welders, small cars.”

1948-cj2a-higdon-al0 1948-cj2a-higdon-al1 1948-cj2a-higdon-al2

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CJ-2A from Facebook

• CATEGORIES: Features, Last Ride

The photo of this poor CJ-2A appeared on Facebook earlier this week. I don’t have any info on it.


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Year? CJ-2A Lacey’s Spring, AL **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Last Ride

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000


year-flattie-huntsville-al0 year-flattie-huntsville-al1 year-flattie-huntsville-al2

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Funny Jeep Ad

• CATEGORIES: Features, Last Ride

Thanks to Bill from Lime Street Carriage for forwarding this hilarious ad.


Herpa derp, everyone! I have a 1945 Willys for sale! Ran perfect when parked. May need brakes from sitting, but should fire right up! The transmission that’s in it works flawlessly! I have a cousin, who has a cousin-in-law, who says it shouldn’t take more than $500 to make it showroom condition! Never met him, but I trust him! Don’t mind the rust on the frame, it’s only on the surface! No problems!
Don’t ask me how many miles are on it, I included a picture of the odometer! Interior is a little rough, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

Overall, I’d give this Jeep a 9/10! Can’t beat that! I need your phone number, date of birth and social security numbers before I can give you a price, but seems reasonable to me!

Tired of these ads? Me, too. If your car is a POS, don’t sell it as a diamond in the rough. Sell it as an affordable POS. You’re not fooling anyone… but would you really want to? Every time you screw someone over, you’re making the world a little worse for your offspring, for your nieces/nephews and for the world in general.


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Rock Garden Jeep in Texas Hill Country

• CATEGORIES: Features, Last Ride

I ran across this unusual rock and cactus garden. Note that it is a lefty CJ-2A. There seems to be some usable parts left on this old flattie.

Portable-Rock-Garden-tiera-del-sol2 Portable-Rock-Garden-tiera-del-sol

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1948 CJ-2A Enumclaw, WA $500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Last Ride

UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/18/2015) That poor jeep.

“Willys Jeep with stock 4 cylinder OHV engine. 1948”


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Year? M-38 Lake City, FL $650

• CATEGORIES: Last Ride, M-38

I doubt there is any value here.

“Willys Military M38 Jeep 1950’s. This is a project and needs total restoration. I was going to make a hot rod out of it. Missing: Engine, transmission, Transfer case, driveshaft’s, radiator, Seats, gauges, and more. Some engine parts are laying in the back. I have and old military Jeep title from PA that came with it but it is not clear. Sold as is. What you see is what you get. I can load it on your trailer for you. ”

year-m38-lakecity-fl1 year-m38-lakecity-fl2

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1943 MB Oakhurst, CA $250



“selling 43 army jeep. yes its been in a basement fire,4 cylinder. i am in oakhurst. 250 best offer.”

1943-mb-fire-oakhurst-ca1 1943-mb-fire-oakhurst-ca2 1943-mb-fire-oakhurst-ca3 1943-mb-fire-oakhurst-ca4

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1954? CJ-3A Stockton, IA $1000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, Last Ride

This poor jeep. The rims look rare, but not sure they are worth much.

“1954 Willys Jeep for Parts. Rear ends are good. Tranny should good…has been sitting for a long time. Frame is good. There is also a windshield and a hood that goes with it that is not pictured. ”

1954-cj3a-stockton-ia1 1954-cj3a-stockton-ia2

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Diving for Jeeps in the South Pacific

• CATEGORIES: Features, Last Ride

UPDATE: I first published this in 2009. I thought it was worth an update, so I’ve added some better photos.

Note: Some of these photos are posted online as being at the Coolidge wreck when they are really from the nearby Million Dollar Point dump. I believe I have the photos under the correct locations, but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

1) Wreck of the SS President Coolidge. Built in 1931 as a luxury liner, the SS President Coolidge was drafted into WWII service and painted gray. While navigating the islands of the Republic of Vanuatu in the Pacific during the war, the Coolidge hit a cluster of recently deployed American mines. The ship listed to the right as more than 5,000 troops were forced to abandon it, leaving behind guns, helmet, jeeps, tanks, rations, medical supplies — all of which sank with the ship in 70-to-240 feet of water about 100 yards from shore.

This jeep is entombed in hold #2 at a depth of 110 feet:



The Yacht Lorelei Blog features these photos from 2012:

diving-coolide-wreck-jeep2 diving-coolide-wreck-jeep3

2) Million Dollar Point is another area in the Republic of Vanuatu where jeeps and other equipment was dumped. Located just off the coast of Espirito Santo Island, the area is full of “jeeps, six-wheel drive trucks, bulldozers, semi-trailers, fork lifts, tractors, bound sheets of corrugated iron, unopened boxes of clothing, and cases of Coca-Cola….” dumped by American troops as a way of disposing of the items. Learn more here. Below are two photos of jeeps:


The Yacht Lorelei Blog shared these two jeep photos from Million Dollar Point:

million-dollar-point-jeep2 million-dollar-point-jeep3



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Year? CJ-3A Stockton, IL **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3A, Last Ride

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

This poor jeep!

“1954 Willys Jeep for parts. Frame is good , rear ends are good, Tranny is good. Has Buick V6 motor in it, which is junk. There is also a hood and windshield that goes with this. No title. Serious inquiries only please.”

year-cj3a-stockton-il1 year-cj3a-stockton-il2 year-cj3a-stockton-il3 year-cj3a-stockton-il4

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1946 Truck Uniontown, PA

• CATEGORIES: Last Ride, Willys Trucks

This poor truck is on its last legs.

“46 jeep willys for parts… good drive line good rear ends body and frame are title.. just looking to sell parts off it.. if u need something hit me up..”


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2 1946 CJ-2As and 1 1948 CJ-2A Brownwood, TX **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Last Ride


“Have 2 1946s and a 1948 CJ-2A for sale together. The green 46 is complete but the motor and trans haven’t been installed yet and has a brand new carb. The blue grille 46 has everything minus motor and trans. The 48 is a body frame and axles. Asking $ 2800. Willing to entertain trades for older model running finds



1946-1948-cj2as-brownwood2 1946-1948-cj2as-brownwood3

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1948 CJ-2A Asheville, NC Make Offer

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Last Ride

Lots of rust. Includes a M-38 Body and parts.

48 willys jeep project with parts tub for trade bring all offers”

1948-cj2a-asheville-sc1 1948-cj2a-asheville-sc2 1948-cj2a-asheville-sc3

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Year? CJ-2A Moffat, TX Make Offer

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Last Ride

Not much value left in this poor thing.

Early Military ’41-’43 Willys Jeep. Make offer. No motor/trans. Good project Jeep. Any reasonable offer accepted.”


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2 CJ-2As Lancaster, SC eBay

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, Last Ride

These poor jeeps have been sitting a while. In the rear cargo area of the jeep with wheels it looks like there might be some type of PTO or draw bar attachment. The jeep without wheels has a rear PTO.

“I have two Willys jeeps for sale . The jeep that has the motor and transmission parts scattered inside is a 1948 the other is a 1946 and has a title. The 48 also has a power takeoff attached ,the engagement lever and drive shaft seemed to be missing. The 46 jeep had the motor rebuilt the same year that I parking it, approximately 12 years ago. The transmission and motor both ran very well . The wiring burned up after putting an eight volt battery in it and just never got around to rewire it. The buyer will be responsible for removal, I will be glad to help.”

View all the information on eBay





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Abandoned Jeep in Argentina

• CATEGORIES: Features, Last Ride

Now here’s a challenging project! Miguel Ward captured this 2011 photo in Bahia Bustamante, Argentina. I checked Google Maps, but couldn’t see it (45° 7′ 32.00″ S  66° 32′ 11.58″ W)

broken-jeep-at bahia-bustamante-argentina