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1958 FC-170 Camper Moscow, ID $15,000

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(10/17/2023) TJ shared this custom camper FC-170. The inside looks in pretty good shape.


or https://pullman.craigslist.org/cto/d/moscow-1958-willys-jeep-fc-170/7677156253.html

“1958 Willy’s Jeep FC 170 1958 custom made aluminum camper 1968 302 out of a Mustang, runs Borg Warner 90 3 speed, rebuilt Spicer Dana 20 transfer case- spicer yokes Dana 53 rear end Dana 44 front end Replaced brakes-, power brakes Body is in good shape given it’s age Camper was custom made in Seattle in 1958 Princess 3 burner stove/ propane works Krefft refrig dual feed works on shore power not sure about propane Custom cabinets, new cushions 12 volt and 120 volt lights The Jeep runs and drives but best to transfer on a trailer which I can drive on for you”

1958-fc170-moscow-id1 1958-fc170-moscow-id2 1958-fc170-moscow-id3 1958-fc170-moscow-id4

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Custom Jeep Brooksville, FL $1000


Here’s an odd one.


“So, this has been in my family for quite a while. Believe my great grandpa ‘created’ this back in the 80’s and would mainly use it as a hunting vehicle. To my understanding mostly all the exterior is fiberglass, cab space is mainly sheet metal, engine and chassis are from an old jeep (willys jeep or jeep CJ) sometime in the 1940’s-60’s. Price is OBO, if you think you have any info on the chassis and engine based on the pictures let me know, I would like to learn more about it myself. Have the cylinder head and other parts but are in kind of rough shape as you could assume”
odd-jeep-brookville-fl3 odd-jeep-brookville-fl4 odd-jeep-brookville-fl5 odd-jeep-brookville-fl6


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1978 CJ-5 Spokane, WA $5900


This CJ-5 was modified to dig post holes.


“This is a highly modified Jeep designed to dig post holes. It’s a 78 CJ5, in running order and comes with a 6″, 9″, and 12″ auger. I think it can dig as deep as 6′. The best part about this design for digging holes, is the passenger seat faces backwards and has all the controls for driving.”

1978-cj5-spokane-wa5 1978-cj5-spokane-wa6 1978-cj5-spokane-wa7 1978-cj5-spokane-wa8 1978-cj5-spokane-wa9

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1950? CJ-3A Rathdrum, ID $2800


I feel like we’ve seen a jeep with a similar top that is or was for sale.


“CJ3a project vehicle. It is very complete and fairly straight. Minimal rust. Has pto winch on it. Not running, NO TITLE!”

1950-cj3a-rathdrum-id93 1950-cj3a-rathdrum-id94 1950-cj3a-rathdrum-id5 1950-cj3a-rathdrum-id6 1950-cj3a-rathdrum-id7 1950-cj3a-rathdrum-id8 1950-cj3a-rathdrum-id9

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1968 “CJ-5” Palmyra, NY $1000

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UPDATE: The price is now $1000 (previously no price).

(08/16/2023) If you are looking for something a little different…


“Open to trades, don’t need to get rid of it just seeing what’s out there. Runs and drives”

1968-cj5-palmyra-ny1 1968-cj5-palmyra-ny2 1968-cj5-palmyra-ny3

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1946 CJ-2A Nashville, TN $4000

• CATEGORIES: Sedan-jeep • TAGS: , .

UPDATE:  Price dropped to $4000.

(08/19/2023) Tom shared this CJ-2A with some type of sedan or truck top. If the grille is original, this is likely a 1947 or later model.


“Willys Jeep. New brakes, master cylinder and entire brakes. Wheels blasted and painted and new tires and tubes. New seats with original frames. This Jeep has a PTO but needs the shaft. Runs and drives good but motor could use a rebuild. New gas tank and lines the body is rough but could be used depending on what you plan to do with the Jeep. Battery does NOT come wit it. Great to restore or just continue to use as is. The cab was added from an old truck many years ago and it works pretty good. This is your chance to own a classic Willys.”

1946-cj2a-nashville-tenn5 1946-cj2a-nashville-tenn6 1946-cj2a-nashville-tenn 1946-cj2a-nashville-tenn8 1946-cj2a-nashville-tenn9

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Year? CJ-2A? Amarillo, Tx $4500


This body has seen some modifications.


“1940’s jeep willys has winch and snow plow runs needs clutch linkage adjusted needs tires divorced transfer case no title idk the mileage”

year-cj2a-amarillo-tx6 year-cj2a-amarillo-tx7 year-cj2a-amarillo-tx8 year-cj2a-amarillo-tx9

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1951 3-Door Wagon Little Rock, AR $7500

• CATEGORIES: Features, Willys Wagons • TAGS: .

UPDATE: Price dropped to $7500.

(07/01/2023) While it has three doors, according to the seller it does not appear to be a hyrail or Fairmont build. So, the history of it isn’t clear.


“Very rare 1951 Willys wagon with the third door passenger side. It’s not a railroad. Or Fairmont built There are no holes in the floor for the towers.  so if you know anybody or any company who needs a Sema build that was my plans”

1951-wagon-fairmount-hyrail-littlerock-ar7 1951-wagon-fairmount-hyrail-littlerock-ar8


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1954? Truck and Camper Durango, CO $5000

• CATEGORIES: Camping, Features, Unusual, Willys Trucks • TAGS: .

Mike shared this unusual camper. The shape of it reminds me of the late 1940s Book mobiles (or see below post). The box on this truck appears a little taller than the book mobile boxes, so this truck and the book mobiles may be unrelated.

The truck is listed as a 1954, but the grille suggests it is earlier. It’s unclear whether the camper on back is original to the truck (special order for example) or whether someone added the camper later. That said, the interior faux wood and carpet screams 60s or 70s to me. The “Jeep” radio would have also been added at a later date. Note the Warn hubs are IH branded hubs.

The jeep sports a “Rednor & Raine” Jeep sticker from Trenton, NJ, which as of 1965, was a jeep only dealer.  This also has a Princeton Theological Seminary parking permit, which is still an active institution.


1954-truck-camper-durango-co4 1954-truck-camper-durango-co5 1954-truck-camper-durango-co6 1954-truck-camper-durango-co7 1954-truck-camper-durango-co8

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Year? Model? Tillamook, OR $5000

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ-3A, Unusual • TAGS: , , .

TJ spotted this cool old flattie equipped with a tow rigging. I wish there were a few more pics of this creation.


“1942 agra jeep tow truck, PTO winch system. It’s been sitting long time doesn’t run fully welded cab with doors tow hitch.  I have the tow bar for the back for the tow truck part. No I will not trade.”

7year-model-tillamook-or year-model-tillamook-or8 year-model-tillamook-or9

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1946 VEC CJ-2A Whiteville, TN **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Sedan-jeep • TAGS: , .

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $775.

“Willys CJ2A 1946 Column shift REMOVED PTO AND SHAFT. $775.00
Bought from a hunting club in TN. The owner said the jeep has been at the club since middle 70s. Started replacing engine and front engine plate didn’t match and they stopped. Will need a total restoration. The original T-90 column shift tranny still in jeep but was converted to a stick. Has all data plates …use as a donor or restore.located near Whiteville, Tn.”





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Year? MB Berlin, WI $5000


This one looks like a beloved jeep. This is listed as a 1946, but it’s a modified MB with a custom top and suicide doors.


“Anyone have some land and trails to run on and hunt. 1946 Willy’s Jeep. Runs good. It needs some brake work. The wheel/ brake cylinders are sticky. It does have rust and some holes in places but the vehicle is 77 years old. lol, It’s dependable. It is what you will make of it. We love this old Jeep and had a lot of fun in it but just don’t have the storage anymore. The transmission is a three-speed with twin sticks for four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive, high and low range.. We have a separate engine block and parts on a crate for another motor that was given to us by a friend years ago but we never used it or had a need for it. Make an offer. 5000 obo. Will sell the Jeep and engine together or separately.”

year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi93 year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi94 year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi5 year-mb-customtop-berlin-wi96

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1946 CJ-2A Skaneateles, NY $1800


Steve spotted this stripped down jeep.


“Famous one eyed Willys for sale!
Starts right up, goes great, hydraulic plow lift works.”

1946-cj2a-skaneateles-ny6 1946-cj2a-skaneateles-ny7 1946-cj2a-skaneateles-ny8 1946-cj2a-skaneateles-ny9

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1947 CJ-2A Felch, MI $1600


The standard gas tank has been replaced with a tank behind the seats and filler embedded into the middle-rear of the custom hardtop.


“Old willys jeep engine is not seized up would be a great jeep for parts or project may consider parting out asking 1600 obo
No title”






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1960? Wagon Great Falls, MT $2000

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons • TAGS: .

Andy spotted this oddity. I am guessing it is a modified wagon. Hard to see just how much work has been done to it.


“Does this interest someone it needs to be moved its ready to roll I have no titles for either but the city is saying i cant have anything Parked here til i get gravel put down an cant afford to do that right now ]: someone take this off my hands plz”

1960-vehicle-gf-mt1 1960-vehicle-gf-mt9

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Modified Wagon Lorida, FL $1000

• CATEGORIES: Willys Wagons • TAGS: , .

I”m guessing this was for hunting. No description provided.


wagon-hunting-fl8 wagon-hunting-fl9

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UFO JeepRod in Roswell, NM

• CATEGORIES: Features, Jeep Rods • TAGS: .

During a roadtrip with family, Mike spotted this unusual jeeprod with a UFO topper on it, cruising in Roswell, New Mexico. The plates indicate the rig is from Texas.

roswell-nm-jeeprod8-lores roswell-nm-jeeprod9-lores

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1947 CJ-2A Fayetteville, TN $5500


I thought I’d previously listed this one? It’s got a custom tub.


“Custom built tub new parts include tires tubes radiator complete brake system alternator wiring high torque starter carburetor tuneup front leaf springs runs and like a cj-2a”

1947-cj2a-fayetteville-tn5 1947-cj2a-fayetteville-tn6 1947-cj2a-fayetteville-tn7 1947-cj2a-fayetteville-tn8 1947-cj2a-fayetteville-tn9

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1946 CJ-2A Tennessee $750


This is an interesting column shift 2A with a vehicle cab (from a truck?) and service boxes.







“New Price 1946 CJ2A column shift.Originally! REMOVED PTO AND SHAFT. Added a cane shift but has T-90 side shift tranny. Needs complete restoration or for parts. F/S $750.00 Located East of Memphis.
This was removed from a deer camp in NW Tenn. The owner said it has been at the camp since late 70s. They started to change out motors and realized front mounting plate was different and gave up on it.”

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1981? DJ-5/Truck JeepRod Clyde, NC $9800

• CATEGORIES: DJ-5 & DJ-6, Unusual • TAGS: .

This sure is an unusual build. I doubt there will ever be another ….


1981-dj5-jeeprod-nc46 1981-dj5-jeeprod-nc47 1981-dj5-jeeprod-nc48 1981-dj5-jeeprod-nc4

“All Clemson fans take notice!!! This is a custom built truck. This truck was used years ago with the football team as well as others. This truck has been in many parades and tailgate events. I discovered this truck a couple years ago and had to have it. This truck is built from 5 different vehicles. The list is as follows: Titled as 1981 Jeep J-10 truck 4×4 chassis, 1946 Ford car front, 1970’s Mail Jeep cab, 1955 International bed that has hydraulic lift, 1951 Ford truck grill. She has an in-line 4.0 Jeep 6 cylinder engine. Power brakes and steering. Runs quit like a Singer sewing machine. Travels straight as an arrow at 70 mph. One of a kind and wins shows everywhere she’s entered. Be prepared for many questions if you’re the lucky person to be the next owner. Build cost was estimated at over $20k and I believe it. Great fab work done! Message me only if interested in buying please! Title in hand”

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1948? Custom Jeep-Truck Ellington, CT $12,500


This unusual build has a Toyota drivetrain (and chassis?) with a CJ-5 body.


“1948 Willys 4×4 Pickup Truck for sale. This truck was described as a “cute and interesting dinosaur.” Here’s the real story. Its Vermont registration shows it as a 1948 Willys CJ 2 door. Its 4×4 drive train is all Toyota. The removable cab is fiberglass, the pickup body is rust-free steel. It drives well and ready for off-road fun or local travel. Offered at $12,500”

1948-toyota-jeep-truck-ellington-ct5 1948-toyota-jeep-truck-ellington-ct6 1948-toyota-jeep-truck-ellington-ct7 1948-toyota-jeep-truck-ellington-ct8 1948-toyota-jeep-truck-ellington-ct9

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Oddly Modified GPA

• CATEGORIES: Features, GPA (SEEP) • TAGS: .

Ron Fitzpatrick recently revealed two parts GPAs he apparently has acquired, which I imagine he will transform into one? Anyway, I wanted to highlight the green one, as it is one of the oddest modified GPAs I’ve ever seen. The pics are from this post: https://www.facebook.com/ron.fitzpatrick.g503/posts/pfbid0oJdt1qQ8yYYtgsJ1QkETtynEJpbEWQUJvPtd8ncrXvFeZNB3S8czBzdXie8Qqr1Gl


ron-fitzpatrick-ford-gpa13 ron-fitzpatrick-ford-gpa12

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1960 FC-150 Brush Truck Farmington Hills, MI $19,500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Fire/Police/Industry Vehicles • TAGS: .

Thus is an unusual FC.


“1960 Jeep FC-150 Brush Fire Truck was created by the Noble Township Volunteer Fire Department in Ohio in the late 70s. We bought the Jeep not running. We had a local shop (Wrenchers) clean the fuel system, install a gas tank, and service the brakes (6 years ago). The engine and drivetrain is overall stock/original and does leak a little bit of oil. The Jeep was lifted, with blocks, to deal with the larger tires and the off-road terrain it was modified to run on. We adapted an additional electronic fan to help with cooling during slow parade routes. All head/turn/running lights work, and the emergency lights and siren also work. Each of the 3 benches in the back has 3 seat belts, or two booster seats. This is the Only FC-150 I have ever seen with this type of cab/bed modification, and it is a blast to drive in parades and around town. Top speed is around 44 mph. Large dent on front driver corner shown in the last photo. No body/frame rot. Normal surface rust underneath”

1960-fc-fire-brush-truck-farmingtonhills-mi4 1960-fc-fire-brush-truck-farmingtonhills-mi5 1960-fc-fire-brush-truck-farmingtonhills-mi6 1960-fc-fire-brush-truck-farmingtonhills-mi7

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Year? Custom Widened Flatfender Slinger, WI $4000

• CATEGORIES: Features, Unusual • TAGS: , .

Here’s an unusual rig. Note the three windshield wipers.


year-cj3b-widened-slinger-wi6 year-cj3b-widened-slinger-wi7 year-cj3b-widened-slinger-wi8 year-cj3b-widened-slinger-wi9

“EXTREME MONSTER>>>>ONE OF A KIND…. CUSTOM JEEP This Heavy Duty glass jeep was professionally cut in half and stretched 12” to fit on to a modified J10- ½ Ton Frame. IT IS NOW A MONSTER JEEP!!! WIDE like a HUMMER and lifted. All of the hard work is done BUT now I have to make room for a different interest in my garage. I have ALL of the custom made parts to complete the rest of the build already created. So with a little finishing up this BAD BOY is ready to take on anything. STREET LEGAL rock climber. All vehicle DOT inspections have been done. ( In a DOT inspection center ) I have a CLEAN Wisconsin title with no hidden BS about the build.>>>> Transfer Ready to Your Name It has the best of everything….
4 speed Dana
Petronic Ignition
New Radiator
New Carb
nice paint, good interior.
Additional custom made stainless steel and aluminum parts to complete build. Jeep will need some TLC before it is ready to roll…Has been street and highway test driven only. You can OWN THE ONLY ONE AROUND. VERY WIDE JEEP”

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1944 GPW Spanish Fork, UT $2900


This GPW has been converted (sort of) into a high hood.


“1944 Ford GPW JEEP Runs. Needs some work. Comes as is. Serious inquiries only. Was converted to a high hood Jeep in the mid 60’s in order to put a bigger engine in. Has a straight six 196 rambler engine in it”

1944-gpw-sf-ut6 1944-gpw-sf-ut7 1944-gpw-sf-ut8 1944-gpw-sf-ut9