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1960 Wagon Four Door Dayton, VA eBay

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UPDATE: Back on eBay (thanks Jerry)

(last listed on ebay in Jan 2015) “This is a custom, one-off Willy’s Jeep. It was made for Henry Kaiser, when he retired to Hawaii and became involved in tourism and land development. He had the custom pink long-wheelbase Willys wagon built for exploring the island. Kaiser’s wife loved pink and all of his construction equipment was painted pink, so that seems to be where the pink color for the Jeep came from. This can all be seen on the following web page, along with a photo (which is the black and white photo provided in the photos of the vehicle) of the Jeep in Hawaii : http://cj3b.info/Siblings/SurreyHawaii.html

We also have documentation from the Kaiser Jeep Corporation stating that this Jeep is an authentic one of a kind Jeep. Please only serious inquiries only and please do not try to convince us that we are wrong about it being a one of a kind, this is most definitely not a railroad Jeep. We know what we have and are willing to answer questions of those with serious inquiries about this vehicle.”

1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va1 1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va2

1960-wagon-4door-dayton-va 1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va3 1960-wagon-fourdoor-limo-va4


The seller claims to have documentation to prove that this is the only four door limo-like wagon made. to Willys Country this wagon was once used as a limo for an airport. Whether there was only one built or remains an undocumented issue at this point. Is the wagon above the same one that’s in the photo below? Hard to say for sure.


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1950 Popular Mechanic Post on an Amusement Park

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In the same January 1950 Popular Mechanic’s issue about the Santa Fe trail, Gayland spotted an article about jeeps (pages 104 and 105). Note that the jeep in the first pic looks to have a CJ-2A body, as the bow holders are there.

View the article here (you will have to search for the article within the magazine).

1950-01-popular-mechanics-amusement-fire-jeep-other3 1950-01-popular-mechanics-amusement-fire-jeep-other2


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1947 CJ-2A JeepRod Moses Lake, WA $5000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $5000.

(03/21/2017) It’s street legal.


1947-cj2a-extended-moseslake-wa4 1947-cj2a-extended-moseslake-wa5 1947-cj2a-extended-moseslake-wa6 1947-cj2a-extended-moseslake-wa7

“The body is a 1947 Willys CJ2A, stretched 21 1/2” and channeled over the frame. The Frame (and title) started off as a 1934 Ford roadster, witch has been “Z’d” with 2×6. Adjustable coil over rear suspension, 4 link. 8.8 mustang rear end with open 2.72:1 diff, new axles and total new brakes. Front end is Super Bell drop I-Beam w/disk brakes, Vega box steering. Motor is new 383 stroker SBC, big cam, flat tops 10:1, 2 bolt, aluminum heads, high rise, 4bbl, HEI. Trans is TH400 stock stall, stock shift. New gauges including spedo/odo, nice stereo.”
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Extended Truck Body Project Salem, OR **SOLD**

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Neat project. Seller will likely lose some money on the sale. Thanks to Marty for finding it.

“1950 Jeep Willys Extended Cab Pickup Project
frame ready to go
$6300 invested in body work already
Price Includes:
frame, extended cab, bed, tailgate, 2 fenders, grill, hood, bumpers, doors, console and more

Project was begun by father who recently died from cancer. He had a dream and a vision for this automobile that no one else in the family has the energy or know-how to complete. Price is negotiable.”

1950-extended-cab-project-salem-or3 1950-extended-cab-project-salem-or2 1950-extended-cab-project-salem-or

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1953 M-38A1 Hamilton, MT $5500


UPDATE: Relisted. Last listed in 2014. There’s another example of the extended rear. See this post from 2014.

(04/06/2012) “1953 extended bed Willys. 4×4, original engine, new tires, added: removable rear seat, roll bar, attached front tow-bar. Asking price: $5,500.00”

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Year? CJ-5 Temple, TX $800


Ex hunting or tour jeep? Could make an amusing rebuild.

“Been sitting in shed for years…it’s all there. No title. Motor does turn over”


year-cj5-extended-temple-tx1 year-cj5-extended-temple-tx2 year-cj5-extended-temple-tx3

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1948 Popular Homecraft’s Wander Wagon Junior

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In 1948 Popular Homecraft Magazine did a two article series on the construction of a home built Jeep Station Wagon. They named it Wander Wagon Junior. This past weekend Rolfe spotted the February issue of the magazine at a garage sale (for only a quarter!) and then shared scans of the article. We still lack the March-April version of Homecraft, but I’ll buy it should it land on eBay. Thanks to Rolfe for this article!

1948-02-popular-homecraft-station-wagon-jeep-project1 1948-02-popular-homecraft-station-wagon-jeep-project2 1948-02-popular-homecraft-station-wagon-jeep-project3

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1945 GPW Fort Mohave, CA $3000


This has the extended rear. Maybe a motor pool modification? Some of the pics show it without the body and some show it with the body.

“1945 Ford GPW Has 1960 Studebaker 6 cylinder 170 CID engine
Trans and transfer case Jeep
Ramsey PTO
Frame has all original motor mounts
Flip up headlights
MG Mount
Does not run – tows well”


1945-gpw-fortmohave-ca4 1945-gpw-fortmohave-ca3 1945-gpw-fortmohave-ca2 1945-gpw-fortmohave-ca1 1945-gpw-fortmohave-ca0

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Five Star Jeep w/ Trimmings

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This video of Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Gen. Omar N. Bradley, Gen. George S. Patton, and others, includes a five star jeep with a rear extension and other mods. There’s also some graphic and grim footage as the men explore a former camp. This video was shared on Facebook a few days ago on the G503 page.

At the 18 second mark is a photo of the fronts of several jeeps, underscoring that multiple jeeps had been modified. At the 2:28 mark is a front look at two jeeps. For the next twenty seconds the video shows the jeeps driving away.

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1947 CJ-2Aish Joplin, MO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $5500

(11/24/2015) It has an identity all its own.

“This 1947 Willy sits on a Chevy frame and has a 327 motor with 4 barrel carb. Tires are like new and comes with a full size spare to match. Clean inside and out, and ready for the road.”

1947-cj2a-extended-joplin-mo1 1947-cj2a-extended-joplin-mo2

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1946 Photo of Jeep from Manila

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This photo shows a MB/GPW that’s got a stretched rear. There’s no obvious indication an extension was tacked onto the back of a standard body. It was published in the May 7, 1946, issue of the Spokesman Review.


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Fermel Utility Jeeps from South Africa

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After publishing the post about the Union Mine Jeeps, Marc found a website that features new ones. A South African company called Fermel makes four different utility vehicles. The webpage for each jeep includes a video of each respective jeep.

1. Mini UV Emergency Vehicle: A light utility vehicle with permanent 4 wheel drive and a maximum payload capacity of 1500 kg. Built on a unique Meccano Type chassis
Features Include :
Blue Flashing Light , Siren , Roller bed & locking point for stretcher , Lockable cabinet , Overhead oxygen bottle rock , Drip hooks, Defibrilator carring points , Rubberlined rear , Fabric Lattice tailgate , Foam cushions , Flourescent lights at rear.

2. MIni UV LDV: Categorized as a light utility vehicle, the MINI UV LDV is a 2 seater, 1500 kg payload capacity underground machine. The loadbay is ideally suited for materials transportation. The vehicle features permanent 4 Wheel Drive , a unique meccano type chassis and wet multi disc brakes inboard axles. Load area for carrying general materials.


3. Mini UV LWB: A permanent 4 Wheel Drive , light utility transporter with a payload capability of 1000 kg. A seating capacity of 4-6 passengers. Built on a unique meccano type mining chassis , the MINI UV is a mining vehicle designed for use in harsh operating conditions. The vehicle is equipped with a DEUTZ 4 cylinder air-cooled motor , COMII , EPA II Emission compliance and wet-multi disc. Service and failsafe service inboard axles.



4. Mini UV SWB: A permanent 4 Wheel Drive , light utility transporter with a payload capability of 1000 kg. A seating capacity of 4-6 passengers. Built on a unique meccano type mining chassis , the MINI UV is a mining vehicle designed  for use in harsh operating conditions. The vehicle is equipped with a DEUTZ 4 cylinder air-cooled motor , COMII , EPA II Emission compliance and wet-multi disc. Service and failsafe service inboard axles.


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1950 CJ-3A Calabasas, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1600. It might have been some kind of tour jeep like those used in Ouray, Colorado.

This was available and appears to have been sold back in 2013.

“Selling a 1950 Willys Jeep. Starts, runs and drives but does not stop.. Needs some break work. Great little project that already moves under its own power. Fun toy. First one to give me $1,600 takes it home. Easily tows behind my SUV. Pink slip in hand.”

1950-cj3a-calabasas-ca1 1950-cj3a-calabasas-ca2

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1946 CJ-2A Fort Edward, NY $1350


UPDATE: Pics now provided. Price dropped to $1350. Has an extended rear.



1946-cj2a-fortedward-ny1 1946-cj2a-fortedward-ny2 1946-cj2a-fortedward-ny3

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Extended M-38A1s – the Hamilton Mod?

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Yesterday I re-posted the extended M-38A1 in Hamilton, MT, for sale. A reader named J commented that he had a similar one: same year with the same rear extension using rounded rivets. A third reader, back in 2012, mentioned he had one also (I’ve emailed him for more info). So, the call goes out . . . has anyone seen other, similar M-38A1s with a similar extension? Here’s a review of vehicles with mid section extensions (http://www.ewillys.com/tag/stretched/) and rear extensions (http://www.ewillys.com/tag/extended/)

J has examined his M-38A1 (named Porkchop) closely. He notes no place where the frame appears to have been joined. To him it looks more ‘production’ than ‘motor pool’.  He also hasn’t yet found a VIN attached to it. However, like the M-38A1 from Hamilton, it has a hinged grille, suggesting it’s a pretty early model. One difference between the two is that Porkchop has a mid-section extension as well, similar looking to a CJ-6.

Why are we calling it the ‘Hamilton Mod’? J and I had a little confusion between us when we exchanged emails. But, I kind of like the name. So, until we know more, that’s the new name.

Here’s J’s Porkchop (see more pics and info here at J’s website):

1953-m38a1-extended-hamilton-modFor comparison, here’s the jeep for sale in Hamilton, MT. Identical, no. But, still worth exploring. I’ve emailed the seller to learn some more history.

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1947 CJ-2A Truck Missoula, MT **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2800.

(06/05/2013) I’ve never seen another jeep truck quite like it!

“Vehicle has been customized, lengthend and widened by adding Jeep Pick-up running gear and fenders.
has original 4 cylinder engine, and running gear. It is in good running condition. Owners manual included. More photos available”

1947-cj2a-truck-missoula-mt1 1947-cj2a-truck-missoula-mt2

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1945 CJ-2A (possible 2L?) Clovis, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4000.

Note the lengthened body. This could be a CJ-2L.

“45 Willy new tires new fuel pump new water pump new starter Bimini top,winch,back seat,tailgate,parts,ice chest”

1945-cj2a-extended-clovis-ca1 1945-cj2a-extended-clovis-ca2 1945-cj2a-extended-clovis-ca3 1945-cj2a-extended-clovis-ca4

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1948 CJ-2A Westcliffe, CO **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

Here’s an oddball.

“This jeep has a new rebuilt engine, new u-joints, new tires, new carburetor. Ready to go, especially during hunting season, good for ranch work, etc. This price is firm. Serious buyers only.”

1948-cj2a-westcliffe-co2 1948-cj2a-westcliffe-co3 1948-cj2a-westcliffe-co4

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1951 CJ-3A Smithfield, ME **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500

The body is extended; it looks like the frame was extended, too.

“This Willys CJ3A Jeep has a Rebuilt 225 Odd Fire Buick V-6 installed. PO had $$$$$ invested and gave up on the project. Body is extended, fairly solid and usable. Use this as parts, or a builder, your choice. Make NO mistake, This is a PROJECT and I want it GONE. $500 OBO, Might Trade, Try Me. Email for details, More Pix, and an appt. to view.”


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1961? DJ-3A Ambulance Sint Truiden, BE 17,500 Euros

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Marc spotted this unsual DJ-3A. The back has been extended and the dash contains a glovebox, but otherwise there’s lots of DJ-3A elements here. I didn’t know there were DJ-3A ambulances. Anyone ever seen one?

“Fully equipped DJ3A ambulance, well restored over the past years, very good technical condition, new tyres, good condition canvas softtop, etc…”


dj3a-ambulance4 dj3a-ambulance3 dj3a-ambulance2 dj3a-ambulance1

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1950 CJ-3A? Woodland Hills, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: Was $3400.**SOLD**

“1950 willys cj-3a flatfender jeep. Original 4 cyl hurricane motor, t-90 trans. Runs gd. Has extension on rear end and resembles cj-8. Dual gas tanks.”

1950-cj3a-woodlandhills-ca1 1950-cj3a-woodlandhills-ca2 1950-cj3a-woodlandhills-ca3 1950-cj3a-woodlandhills-ca4

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1942 GPW Roseville, MI **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: Was $5000. Status Unknown.

The rear has been lengthened. However, unclear when this mod was completed. There have been other mb/gpws with lengthened rears. However, the bench seat are definitely an eyesore.

“Take a gander at what I have here………..The previous owner did a nice custom job adding 16″ to the overall length with bench seats!!! This one of a kind Ford GPW jeep has a Kaiser Supersonic flat head 4 cyl that runs and drives. This is an awesome trail buggy/ two-tracker ( and summer is right around the corner) or a nice rare find for someone who wants to restore an original one. I have the original title from the first owner when he bought it in 1962.
Serious inquiries, equal trades, and reasonable offers will be pondered, looking for black rifles, Kalashnikovs, Ammo, a nice motorcycle who knows”

1942-gpw-roseville-mi1 1942-gpw-roseville-mi2

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1950 CJ-3A Heber City, Ut eBay


UPDATE:  This is now on eBay. It was listed at $3500 on Craigslist.

(05/12/2011)  Originally, this ad noted this jeep included “a unique rear body extension made in southern California and sold by Jeep dealers.”  However, I’ve yet to run across another one of these.

“This is an all original , never abused Potomic Grey 1950 Willys CJ3a. This isn’t a Willys you will find everyday, a true SURVIVOR! It’s a highly documented, rust free NO BONDO virgin body, California Jeep with 53,672 original miles (mostly freeway tow miles). This Jeep lived all its life on a nursery in Southern California up until 2004. The original owner kept a detailed history of the jeep in a 3 ring binder full of pictures from the 50s, 60s and 70s, old registrations, receipts and other documents. This Jeep has its original Black plates from the 60s and is 100% NUMBERS MATCHING including the original engine, transmission, transfercase, and axle. This jeep has never been pulled apart, not anything including the engine or transmission and the amazing thing is that everything still works. All the gauges work and the gauge light. It drives like a new vehicle, the engine has never been apart and still has its original black paint on it. The engine runs perfectly, has a lot of power, scoots the Jeep right down the road and doesn’t smoke or miss period! It sounds so quiet and smooth while idling. The original floor push starter is still there and real blast to operate. The transmission shifts great without any grinding. This is an incredibly rust free Jeep that was painted Potomic Grey from the factory and still retains a lot of original paint, pretty hard to come by these days. The wheels are all original with the factory Harvard Red paint and pinstripe still intact. As mentioned before this is a dry California Jeep and the amazing thing about this Jeep is how original the body is and how unabused it is. It has all original body panels including beautiful original floor, side panels, hood, fenders and tailgate. I can’t emphasize enough on how solid this Jeep is, there are ZERO cracks anywhere on the frame nor the body, quite remarkable!!! I’ve had 3 other Willys over the years and had friends with them as well and all of them had cracks in several areas on the body and frame and this one doesn’t! The bumpers are original with the original factory rivets, and again no cracks up front around the front leaf spring shackle brackets, that plagues most Willys. The under floor underfloor support channel braces are straight, warp free and crack free! The fenders are super straight, as well with the rest of the body being dent free!! The bed is surprisingly straight, darn near dent free, only a few very small dents. The body is virgin with no accidents or repairs of any kind. The under seat tool compartment is solid rust free which is next to impossible to find. The seats have been recovered with correct covers.  If I could emphasize one thing, it would be how original this Jeep really is, it still retains all the original wiring and mohair shrouding between the radiator and grill (see picture). The side steps are original to the Jeep, they were actually an option back when new and are usually missing or all bent up from hitting objects, these are perfect still. The original horn still works! The Jeep obviously has not ever been hacked up or modified at all and still retains the single taillight, never modified or had holes drill for a second. And last, but not least, it comes with a rare bed extension attachment option. This is pretty self explanatory, it provides a longer bed. The extension can be removed very easily if preferred, I suspect in a matter of about 20 minutes or so. Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!”

View all the information on eBay


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1950 CJ-3A Oroville, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

This has a couple interesting features.  The first is the unusual body extender.  The seller says this is a factor original extension (which differs from the Koenig aftermarket extension).  I have not encountered a factory body extension. There is no evidence for one at the CJ-3B Page either.  The small bars in place to act as supports underneath are different than I have see as well, though could have been replaced.

The second is the rare crankshaft driven PTO which along with the mechanicals for a rear PTO.  The body looks pretty solid, per the seller’s description.  There is some work to be done, but this might be worth a look.

“Here’s a real nice, basically rust free jeep. Only rust is surface rust that you can remove by running a rag over it. This jeep seems to be a nice find. Has ordered from factory winch & brackets, PTO unit, PTO lever & winch levers, as seen in picture, on floor passenger side, Also, governer & PTO unit for rear of jeep in good shape. Also comes with a factory rear body extension, very rare. Appears to have nothing missing, as pictures will show. Motor is not froze up and turns freely by hand. Carburator, intake manifold & lifter cover are off the engine, but all the bolts and parts are there. I do not know why these items were removed from jeep, due to death of the man that used to own this jeep. Due to there being two manifolds, I am guessing there might have been a miss due to an air leak or gasket leak, and possibly he bought new manifold to solve the problem, again I don’t know. As seen in the pictures, the hat channel under this jeep, is not all rusted out and body has never been removed. Again, very clean, very nice jeep. Call for more info or pictures.”

1950-cj3a-oroville-ca1 1950-cj3a-oroville-ca2 1950-cj3a-oroville-ca3 1950-cj3a-oroville-ca4 1950-cj3a-oroville-ca5

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Los Angeles Life Guard CJ-2A

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Buz unearthed this CJ-2A Life Guard Jeep used by the city of Los Angeles (see others here).  Though the caption accompanying the jeep suggests this was war surplus, it’s clear this is a civilian rig. The rear extension is interesting, though doesn’t look neatly done.