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1946? VEC CJ-2A Albany, OR $1500

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Looking for an odd VEC CJ-2A? Look no further. It also has some value just in the combat rims.

“Has been sitting in my garage the last few
years, and I now know I will never finish the project, The engine is froze It is an F head engine I remove the head, number four cylinder is froze the rest probably are stuck as well, It is still fixable, Overall condition seems to be really good, it has a three speed shifter on the steering column
Pop out front windshield works, it has a metal top with doors, and at some point somebody added about a foot to the back of the jeep box. Will sell for 1500 or trade”

1946-cj2a-extended-albany-ny402 1946-cj2a-extended-albany-ny401 1946-cj2a-extended-albany-ny40 1946-cj2a-extended-albany-ny41

1946-cj2a-extended-albany-ny42 1946-cj2a-extended-albany-ny43 1946-cj2a-extended-albany-ny44 1946-cj2a-extended-albany-ny45


8 Comments on “1946? VEC CJ-2A Albany, OR $1500

  1. Mike

    Interesting Willys especially with the column shift still in tact. The bed extension looks to be well done. must be an interesting history behind this Jeep. The paint color would make me think this was a local or state government vehicle.

  2. carl la fong

    its a damn shame my kids have to read the 4 letter words in here — heres one now — JEEP

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Mike: I’ve set up the site multiple times to allow folks to be able to edit their comments, but the auto updates keep knocking it out. Instead of that, I try to fix comments in a timely manner (most of the time that strategy works)

  4. John

    In addition to the combat rim, it looks like two of the other rims are the early solid type. Wish this were closer to me as there are a number of other parts I could use from this for my 1945 CJ2A project.

  5. Mark Eyestone

    Aug 27: is this Jeep still available? if so, I’ll take it, arrange for pick up.
    Sarge Mark 815-455-2179 (NOT a cell)
    can send a postal money order or how ever you want to get payed.

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