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1943 “Roosevelt in Malta” Video

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This three minute video offers a variety of clips featuring FDR riding in a jeep.

“President Franklin D. Roosevelt sits in army jeep to inspect British troops in Malta. M/S General Dwight Eisenhower accompanying British Naval officer.”

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Green Diamond Tire

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Gerald spotted these unusual tires. The theory behind these tires is similar to the “Sawdust tires” that were produced and sold a couple decades ago.  Sawdust tires were recapped tires with sawdust (sometimes walnut shells were used too) embedded within the rubber mold so that as the rubber wore, the sawdust was exposed.  These tires were only good for a year, but according to internet reports, worked quite well. Apparently, they were also much friendlier to the pavement than studded tires, though studded tires work better.  Here’s a brief thread about them.

According to their history, the Green Diamond Tire of North America arrived in 1999.  As of 2009, the company is under new management and seeking to build a manufacturing location in the Western US.  Probably one reason for the Western Location is that a large number of Big O Tire retail outlets are selling the tires in Colorado.  The company’s western headquarters is currently located in Denver.

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Gary’s New Bell Crank

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Do you have a problem with your Bell crank getting a little loose, affecting the steering on your old flattie?  But, you don’t want to go through the mods necessary or alter the originality of  the steering?

Gary’s friend Lawrence has developed a great solution.  Lawrence Elliot theorized that that the bell crank could be machined in a way to accept tapered roller bearings.  It is then fitted with a pin style adjustment.  As you can see in the pics below, the final product looks simple and slick.

If you are interested in having Lawrence build you one of these, you can contact him at 828-287-5275.  Thanks for sharing this great idea!

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Broken Down Heroes Calendar


Speaking of Bob, he has created a calendar he calls Broken Down Heroes.  You can see some of his images here and more here.  You can get the calendar from a variety of sources, including

The images span a range of vehicles likely trapped in their final resting place.  Of course, there are a few jeeps sprinkled about his photographs.


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Jim’s Half Doors **No Longer For Sale**

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UPDATE: Jim was selling these, but has discontinued the product. I’ll leave this post as an FYI.

“This is a brand new pair of soft canvas half doors (mud curtains) for Willys Jeep CJ2A CJ3A CJ3B M38 GPW MB. Built right here in Durango Colorado, constructed from very thick double layer of #8 Olive Drab Green Military Cotton Canvas which is milspec wax/oil treated for strength and water resistance. Sewn with heavy duty OD thread, a very tough military binding, black snaps, clean and simple. Includes 2 doors with all needed hardware, snaps etc. are included, installation time is maybe 30 minutes.”


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Willys Watches & Clocks from All-4-Corner


2watchesBrian suggested I launch a christmas section where people could find interesting jeep-related gifts. While I’m not ready to launch the page just yet, I’ll tag posts like this so I can find them later when I’m ready to do that.

This seller makes MB and M-38 watches and clocks, among a wide variety of other items available through his ebay store All-4-Corner.  I have not purchased any of these nor seen any in person, so I can’t attest to the quality, customer service, etc.

He writes on his blog, “I for some time have had some Willys MB Jeep items for sale on eBay, the MB being the army jeep of World War Two. I’ve sold a good number of clocks, some mouse pads and a few watches. Enough sales to prompt me to expand the army jeep line.

I’ve just finished designing new Willys M38 Jeep items to add to the eBay store. The M38 was the jeep in action during the Korean War and elsewhere in the early 1950s. If you’re not familiar with army jeeps you may not see the differences between the MB and the M38, but the true jeep fans can identify the two models with just a quick glance.

New at my eBay store, All-4-Corners, are the Willys M38 Jeep Wall clock, the Willys M38 Jeep Wristwatch, and the Willys M38 Jeep Mouse Pad.



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Lug Nuts

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A reader asked about finding chromed lug nuts that had right and left hand threaded types.

I responded with this information:

I got my lug nuts from my local schucks store.  They carry the Mr Lugnut brand.  I needed to get some special ones due to the thickness of my cast aluminum rims.  However, I only needed right handed threads and not lefty’s.

Here’s a page that might be helpful too It appears they have both right and left hand threaded chrome bolts that will cover the whole stud. Another thought (which doesn’t sound like much fun) is to knock out the left hand threaded studs and just go with right handed ones all around?”


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Fiberglass Flat Fender Racing bodies — Southern Ca $1200

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I’m not sure what the exact story is here (might be a vendor?), but these look brand new.

Flat Fender Style One piece fiberglass Jeep bodies. Call Matt for complete details. (909)239-8463