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1979 CJ-5 Crawler Andover, KS $13,000

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Still needs a little more work, but unclear why that is.

“1979 Jeep CJ-5 Rock Crawler New BluePoint Engineering high torque 383 SBC crate engine, EFI, Fox shocks (aired down in pics to fit in garage, 10″ taller when aired up), Warn winch, ARB air lockers, Dana 60’s, hydraulic power steering, power brakes, 4 speed, custom built frame, 4 link long arm suspension and cage. Street legal, currently tagged and titled in my name. Only a few hours of idle & cruise time on the build. Still needs a few odds and ends to finish it off.”

1979-cj5-crawler-andover-ks6 1979-cj5-crawler-andover-ks7 1979-cj5-crawler-andover-ks8 1979-cj5-crawler-andover-ks9

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Bountiful City Jeep Posse

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First published 09/02/2012: The February 1948 Issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine published this fascinating look at the Bountiful City Jeep Posse, an organization that worked as a volunteer Search and Rescue and Fire Fighting group out of Bountiful, Utah. Started in 1946, the organization is still in existence.

I found this article that provides additional history from the 2006 in the Deseret News.  Though they own fewer jeeps and have more trucks, they are still helping their community.   I’ve contacted the newspaper to see if I can communicate with the members to get some more information about them and, possibly, some additional jeep pictures.

The Images below all come from the Popular Mechanics Magazine article.  Note the jeep in the background of the bottom image on page 3 has a full cage, the earliest example of a full cage I’ve seen.

Following the article, I’ve included pics of two ads, too.

Page 1:

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Roll Cage Phoenix, AZ **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $300.

If you are looking for a solid cage, this price is cheaper than making one.

“This was taken out of a 1947 Jeep Willy that was a rock crawler project. That project never happened, so I’m selling the custom roll cage that was made for it. I believe it will fit many other Jeeps and years and can be easily modified for a Samurai or something similar. It is made from 2″ tubular metal pipe and is structurally in great shape. Could use a good cleaning and paint though. Here are some measurements that may help you determine if it is what you want.

Front to Back of cage measured from the base – 71″
Side to Side measured from front part of base – 50″
Side to Side measured from rear part of base – 54″
Height measured from middle of roll cage – 47″
Windshield opening Width – 21.5″
Windshield opening Height – 44.5″
Cab opening Width – 3′
Cab opening Height – 39″
Side plates on the back base Width – 10″
Side plates on the back base Length – 33”

flattie-race-cage-phoenix-az0 flattie-race-cage-phoenix-az1 flattie-race-cage-phoenix-az2

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Low Hood Flattie Roll Cage Olympia, Wa $350


Looks solid.

“Nice roll cage from a 1948 Jeep Willys. Pretty stout. Bolt in in and roll. $350.00 cash No number No response. Thanks”

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Rollcage Huron, OH **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $99.

This looks like a good price. I think this fits a CJ-5.

“This is a very nice heavy cage that was in my willys flat fender jeep”

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Roll Cage Raleigh, NC **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $400.

Stuart is selling this nice rollcage.

“custom fabricated 6 point roll cage for flat fender willys/ford jeeps that would include mb, gpw, m38, cj2, etc. perfect fit and includes 2 new racing bucket seats, full width rear view mirror, twin offroad lamps prewired through frame and a cooler/ cupholder/ armrest (not shown) that settles perfectly between console rails. weighs approx. 150-175 lbs, everything moves as one unit and can be installed or removed by 2 people”

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1950 M-38 Hot Rod Scottsale, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $16,500.

(10/04/2010) This is a 2WD, street legal jeep.

“1950 Jeep Willys. This is an original (Titled & Registered) 1950 steal body Willys. It has been professionally rebuilt. It is one of a kind, no expense spared, best parts money can buy.

Fresh (new) 600 Plus HP 355 SB Chevy (Nitrous Motor) built by Denunzio Race Engines. New powerglide transmission built by Remac. New Curry Ford 9 inch rear end. New driveline, steering, front end (2WD). New digital 6 plus MSD computer. New seats, yellow top optima battery. NEW EVERYTHING….MINT CONDITION.”

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Parkette Body and Bobcat Hood (& more) Yakima, Wa **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Last price was $1000. It sold.

The Parkette fiberglass body is an extreme rare, well made body.  One of the best things about this body is that a CJ-3A windshield will properly fit it, unlike the fiberglass Bobcat body.   During the 1970s, a friend of mine bought a Bobcat body, prepped it, and painted it.  When he stuck on the windshield he discovered the cowl was too flat to properly seat the windshield to the cowl.  To say he was angry was an understatement, because he felt he was mislead by the promises the manufacturer made.

So, after talking with the Parkette body manufacturer and getting assurances that the measurements were more accurate, he bought the body and has been happy about it ever since.

The body shownn below has had it’s rear wheel wells cut a bit.  It’s got a good looking rollcage that has been attached to the frame.  If this has been available when I was building biscuit, I would have started right here.

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Low Hood Roll Cage Portland, Or $150

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This looks like a good price, though the front loop has pretty tight corners.

“Fits a military MB OR GPW OR CJ2a, m38. 503-887-7628.”

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CJ-3B Roll Cage Gig Harbor, Wa $75


Here’s a great price on a CJ-3B roll cage.

“Roll cage out of a willys cj 3b flatfender. $75.00 253-851-5751 leave message.”

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Roll Cage Draper, Ut $300


It’s a good price for a cage.  That front seat part looks pretty far forward though.

“I have for sale a custom built full roll cage for a Willys Jeep. This will fit the CJ2A, CJ3A, or M38. It incorporates the seat mounts for optimum safety as well. This is a very nice cage for a fraction of what it costs to build. Please call with any questions. (801) 403-8511, and ask for Kurt.”


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My Build: Bending the Rollcage

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I spent much of the day doing the initial bending of my cage. I managed to complete the front loop and back loop. I was very pleased with the results and the bender. Thanks to Mitch for the front and back loop measurements. Those proved invaluable!

I will delay a discussion of my tube choice (size and type).  I spent A LOT of time researching various forums on the pros and cons of various sizes.  Then, there’s the whole DOM vs. HREW vs. CREW vs. Sched 40 vs. Chromoly … and more.  I’ve also been filing away various roll cage designs so that readers and builders can see all the different ideas.  In the end, my cage reflects the need to tie into my frame due to the fiberglass body, I also wanted it to look like my previous cage in my first jeep, and it includes a workaround for the mid loop attachment as I put the mid loop attachment closer to the seat then I wanted (oops). I also need to talk a little about the bender I built and the plans I used, but will save that for later too.


tube_cutterThe first thing I needed to do was calculate exactly how the bend of the tube changed the measurements and determine the inner and outer radius measurements so I could measure the loops correctly. I started by marking off a tube in 1 inch increments up to about 15″. Then I put the tube in the bender and bent the tube. I learned that my 2″ die created an outer radius of 7.5″ and the length of a 90 degree bend from start to finish was 10″.  You can see the inch markers and the tube cutter I was using in the pic to the right.

Another thing I learned was that I had to bend the tube about 3 degrees past the amount I wanted, as it would spring back 3 degrees when released from the bender (you can see it bent past 90 in the pic below).

Knowing that information, I measured and bent the front loop. The first two bends of 90 degrees went smoothly. Then, I cut down the bottom pieces so that, after I added the windshield contours, the front loop would measure 45″ from the loop to the floor boards. Next, I bent the loop with the windshield angle. My windshield sits at an angle of 15 degrees and the bend needed to start 20″ from the floor board. These also bent perfectly.



So far so good.

Next was the back loop. Based on Mitch’s measurements and the look I was after, I decided that 43″ from the loop to the back floor would be a perfect distance. I made the width the exact distance between the body sides, which is slightly narrow than a standard jeep due to the wider lip on the fiberglass body. Again, the 90 degree bends went perfectly. Then, I had to do 45 degree bends back towards the body. Unfortunately, after testing the loop on the jeep, 45 degrees wasn’t the angle I actually needed, so I had to bend both sides twice in order to increase the angles to the point where it would work correctly.



Here’s a poor quality shot from my camera phone of both loops in their respective places.


With the two toughest parts of the cage out of the way, the sun set and I moved inside. I also was getting a little tired, because when I attempted to bend the back supports, I managed to bend BOTH wrong — one was bent the wrong angle and one was bent in the wrong location. Fortunately, I can salvage the tube and use them in other places. At that point, I thought it best to head inside and cook dinner.

More pics tomorrow night.

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CJ-2A / 3A Roll Cage San Leandro, Ca $250

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roll_cage_cj2a_sanleandroI’m pretty sure the other stuff isn’t included.

“Came from CJ2a should fit 3a. Needs Sanding and a coat of paint”

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Flat fender roll cage Snohomish, WA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $100

This looks like a very nice roll cage.  You’d be hard pressed to make this cage for 3 times that price.

“6 point roll cage from willys flat fender jeep $100”