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Brazilian Rural Wagon Video

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This Brazilian tutorial about the Willys Rural Wagon and Truck was spotted by Carl. Portuguese speakers might find it interesting.

I hadn’t noticed it before, but some of the Rural wagons and Jeepsters have a “Parkette”-looking fiberglass stripe along the sides. Maybe that’s where Paul Parker got the idea?


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Parkette Racing Body/Chassis Maryville, TN

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Tim posted this chassis with a Parkette racing body on it. Price Unknown. Has anyone run across a Parkette racing shell like this in the PNW (with the solid back on top and a dash that rolls down, then curves with the sides? I bet this one came out of Georgia when Paul Parker moved back there, but that’s just a guess.

“On hwy 411 just south of Maryville Tn.. appears to be one piece fiberglass.”

parkette-bodied-race-body1 parkette-bodied-race-body2 parkette-bodied-race-body3

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Fred Weis and the Bobcat History

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Yesterday morning, SteveK asked to know more about the Bobcat products. Were they race products or something else? The terminology is so second hand, that I thought everyone knew it by now. I decided to send him a link to an article I thought I had published about Fred Weis and the Bobcat body from the February 1970 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine. It turns out I never published that article!

So, I’d like to publish (perhaps I am republishing it) to better explain the Bobcat body and products. At the post’s bottom I’ve included a number of additional examples and information about the Bobcat. Then, on the next post, I discuss the Bobcat & Parkette fiberglass body histories.


Note the Cascade 4×4 club sticker on the hood.



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The Parkette and The Bobcat Body

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My beautiful picture

Paul Parker, maker of the Parkette bodies, racing up a hill climb in Calgary in the summer of 1970. Photo courtesy of Ed Bray.

This is a companion article for the Fred Weis and Bobcat Body post. Much of this history is built from conversations, emails and comments on eWillys. I welcome corrections and additions.

In the late 1960s Fred Weis, who I understand ran a fiberglass products company, experimented with a fiberglass jeep design until he found one he liked. At the time he had been jeeping and jeep racing for a decade as part of the Cascade 4×4 Jeep Club. His first complete body was completed in 1969. By 1970, he was ready to produce them for resale. Fred’s bodies were built to be rugged, using fiberglass and wood.

The body was not intended to be an exact replica of the original body; instead, it met the needs outlined by Fred, who styled them (i would guess) to make them a little cooler. For example, the side steps reached the length of the body bend. The rim around the body edge was wider. The dash came with no holes. At some point, the body could be purchased with or without a tailgate and with or without a floor.

Fred also came up with two custom fiberglass raised hoods that provided more room in the engine compartment. One was a teardrop design (few were made) and the other was highly recognizable.

Long time jeeper Paul Parker decided to get into the fiberglass body business about the same time as Fred, so according to Ed Bray, Paul joked about buying Fred’s bodies, adding a side stripe, and calling them Parkettes. Another source told me that Paul did indeed do this, which led to a falling out to some degree between Fred and Paul.

Paul, who had been in the jeep parts business with his brother in Georgia before moving to the Tacoma area, began to build his own Parkette fiberglass tubs out of molds he built. They were very similar to Fred’s body. The biggest difference was that Paul’s jeep included a side stripe, similar to a hockey stick, that was designed to make the body side more rigid and set it apart from Fred’s body. Besides the side stripe, the body of the Parkette was better designed to fit the curve of the CJ-3A windshield. Fred’s body did not support the windshield well at all (I know this from personal experience with my Bobcat body).

You can see the Parkette stripe “hockey stick” on the side of the body. This was likely just a racing shell, given the lack of a tailgate. 

A family friend ran into the windshield issue as well.  Jim Carter bought a Bobcat body in the early 70s. The body arrived rough. The Carter’s sanded and primered the body, but when it came time to mount the windshield, Jim discovered it didn’t fit. He was angry. Many phone calls ensued. Next, Jim turned to Paul Parker, eventually buying a Parkette body. Jim, Pattie, and their two boys raced, trailed and streeted the jeep for years.


Early 70s photo of the Carter family’s “Otis” not long after the new Parkette body was installed.

At some point, Fred passed the business and molds on to someone else. The Bobcat molds were divided into at least two groups. I have some of the molds. I hope some day to make my own Parkette body.


A Parkette racing shell mold sits in the middle. A CJ-3B shell is at the far side. A floor is shown in the foreground (I believe that’s a 3B floor).

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Saturday @ The Races

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Jeff Miller’s newly built race jeep.

Saturday morning in Ethel started with a driver’s meeting at 8:30am. This has been standard practice for decades, the intent being to let driver’s know of any changes to the schedule, heats, classes, and courses. Some folks always have a skip in their step, others, like me, not born as morning folks, view it as the crack of dawn. Eventually my caffeine kicked in and things began to make sense.

After the driver’s meeting is a parade of jeeps, something that I never remember doing. Most of the racers line up and slowly drive the obstacle course. Not only do you get to see the course first hand, but it seems like a great group activity.


The line was pretty long. If you look near the top of the photo you can see the beginning of the parade of jeeps.


The jeeps returning from their loop on the track.

Here’s a short video:

Once the parade was finished it was time to race. About that time, the drizzle began to fall, adding some extra water to the already muddy track. The kids lined up to race first. During that time Jeff Miller introduced himself to me. We’d exchanged emails not long after I started eWillys. At that time he shared his Jewel’s Stainless Jeep with readers. Jeff has been a regular reader of eWillys since.

For much of the 1990s Jeff raced a jeep, but then he put racing on hold. It wasn’t until this year that he finally assembled another racing so he could reenter the sport. Like me, he’s fond of the Bobcat and Parkette bodies, so it’s no surprise that his race uses a Parkette shell. The jeep is a little more old school, powered by a 331 Stroker connected to a Ford Toploader and Dana 20. Not much is jeep other than that Dana 20. The hood is a piece of aluminum that a shop rolled for him so the angles from the grille to the body would look correct. It’s a nifty, clean piece. Holding the hood to the fenders are some original, stamped, Jewels stainless latches. As you can imagine, my shirt was wet from my drool. It’s a beautiful rig and it’s obvious he’s proud of it.

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Parkette Body, Rollcage, More Maple Valley, WA **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $1900

(09/11/2013) The body/cage/windshield was previously listed for sale here.

“New fiberglass tubb, cj2a boxed frame with title. Custom roll age with seat mounts and rear tire mount. Custom exo rear bumper, rock sliders, and hand fabricated front fender frames. Original windshield frame and grill.”

parkette-fiberglass-body-rollcage-issaquah1 parkette-fiberglass-body-rollcage-issaquah2 parkette-fiberglass-body-rollcage-issaquah3

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1948 CJ-2A Pingree, ID $5000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $5000.

(05/22/2015) This jeep has a Parkette Body and Bobcat hood.

“This is a running gear from a 1948 CJ2A. The body is completely fiberglass; with a Chevy stock 350cid. Brand new tires, rims, and paint job. Been in storage for 5 years. It’s a awesome old jeep and very light for the sand! It come this the tires next to it.”

1948-cj2a-pinagree-id1 1948-cj2a-pinagree-id2 1948-cj2a-pinagree-id3 1948-cj2a-pinagree-id4


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Molds, Jeeps, Jeepers, and More Jeeps!

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Sunday was a fun, but long day!


Al and Rob checking out the Stafford family race jeep.

For me it started with a four hour drive from Pasco to Spanaway, where I met up with Rob Stafford and Al Schaper. Al and I planned to look over some fiberglass body molds that Rob had been storing for years. The molds were used to create fiberglass flat fender and CJ-5 body and front clip parts.

Of particular interest to me were the body molds. One of the body molds was used to create a Parkette racing body shell. The second body mold was used to create a Bobcat racing shell or in conjunction with a floor mold to create a complete body. While I have owned an Acme (I think) light racing fiberglass body and a Bobcat body (Biscuit’s body), I’ve always wanted a Parkette body. So, I was checking out that mold particularly closely.


CJ-3B floor mold on the left, Parkette racing shell body in the middle, CJ-3B body mold on the right.


Grille and fender molds. There are also some CJ-5 fender molds. Missing is a Bobcat and/or Parkette tailgate mold.


From front to back, CJ-3B mold, low hood Bobcat mold, low hood standard mold, CJ-5 mold.

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Just a Few Updates For Monday

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I had a long, but tun and productive Sunday! I’ll file a report on Tuesday morning. In the meantime, some of you might be interested in these fiberglass jeep body molds I’ve co-acquired (3B / 3A bodies, fenders, hoods grilles).  More on all that tomorrow.


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Jewels Roll Cage Kenmore, WA **SOLD**

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Steve’s selling his Parkette racing body and jewels roll bar. The Parkette body is rare, but the jewels stainless steel roll bar might be rarer.

1) **SOLD** Was $750 Vintage 1950 Jeep CJ 3A Best Jewels Stainless Steel roll cage. One of a kind, you’ll not find another one like this.

jewels-stainless-rollbar1 jewels-stainless-rollbar2

2) Was $600. **SOLD** Parkette Racing Body – In good shape. Bobcat Hood, Fenders & Uncut Grille. Great for racer, rat rad, crawler.

parkette-fiberglass-racing-shell1 parkette-fiberglass-racing-shell2

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Parkette Flattie Wrecked Hugo, MN **SOLD**

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This former PNW jeep was still in good shape last March. Unfortunately, someone crashed this into a tree.  Looks like there’s value in tires, rims and the Parkette body.

“Parting or Repair 1954 Willys jeep that had a 450hp small block Chev till it hit a tree. I bought it this way to make into a 2wd street rod but have 2 many projects now and want to sell it whole or part it out. what you see is what you get. have small block headers that go with it if it sells whole.”

1954-flattie-parkette-crash0 1954-flattie-parkette-crash1 1954-flattie-parkette-crash2 1954-flattie-parkette-crash3 1954-flattie-parkette-crash4


What it looked like prior to being wrecked.

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1949 CJ-3A Parkette Lewiston, ID **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $8500.

This CJ-3A has a stretched Parkette fiberglass body and a bobcat fiberglass hood.

“1949 Fiberglass flat fender Willy’s Jeep
Stretched 8″ for leg room
Bikini Top & Half Doors
4.3 Vortec with a 4L60E computerized
Automatic transmission
Spicer 20 with twin stick, Novak adapter
Dana 44’s with detroit lockers front and rear
5 new toyo 37×14.5×15 Siped Tires
Aluminum Radiator
Onboard Air
Power steering, power disc brakes
Full cage
High Life jack, CB, and Seat Heaters included”

1949-parkette-cj3a-lewiston-id1 1949-parkette-cj3a-lewiston-id2 1949-parkette-cj3a-lewiston-id3 1949-parkette-cj3a-lewiston-id4

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1948 CJ-3B Body Ashland, OR **SOLD**

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UPDATE: Was $400. Status Unknown. Pics now available of the very rare Parkette 3B shell and a Bobcat 3B hood. 

(10/16/2013) I tried to get some pics of the 3B body, but didn’t have any luck. That sounds like the most interesting part.

“Rolling frame, running gear and roll cage included. No motor or transmission. Comes with Willies high hood full fiber glass wraparound body. $400”


parkette-3b-shell-ashland2 parkette-3b-shell-ashland3 parkette-3b-shell-ashland4

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1957 Flattie Akron, OH $1000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $1000.

(04/09/2013) There can’t be too many Parkette bodied jeeps with a Bobcat hood in Ohio. The cage appears to go down to the frame. It looks identical to the roll cage in the first picture in this post.

GOOD GLASS WINDSHIELD HAS BEEN REMOVED BUT IT GOES WITH IT. VALID OHIO TITLE IN HAND. SERIAL BEGINS WITH 453 ENDS IN 019…best guess is CJ3b . no instruments on dash, title does read 161,032.. not bad for 56 years old.needs steering gear fixed to drive has power steering.
email or text Roger three three zero 9 zero three 44-seventy four…
BRING YOUR FLAT BED AND OWN IT TODAY…. First $1000 takes it .I have had it listed for $1950 but found one to restore to military spec so this one has to go… call, text or email only if your ready to buy.. I’ve heard from enough tire kickers with no cash. You can be mudding next weekend”

1957-flattie-parkette-akron-oh2 1957-flattie-parkette-akron-oh3 1957-flattie-parkette-akron-oh4



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Vintage Racing Photos

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Ed Bray and his parents raced jeeps for years throughout the West. They built two Fiberglass Bobcat bodied race jeeps. In fact the family was friends with both Paul Parker (Parkette Fiberglass Body manufacturer) and Fred Weis (Bobcat Fiberglass body Manufacturer).

Their first jeep with a bobcat body was built on a military frame and powered by a 327 with 365 HP.  Below is Ed’s mother at the start of a race in Calgary where she won an obstacle race. A year ago Ed spotted this jeep, still powered by the same motor (he recognized the sound), driving in Spanaway, Washington.

My beautiful pictureThe next jeep the family built in 1976 started with a factory ordered CJ-7 frame. They stretched a Bobcat body 13″ and installed a Chevy 350/350 LT1 motor set back 8″ with a B&M Turbo 400 w/reverse manual shifter. They added a Wagoner 44 in the rear and a Scout 44 in the front. They raced the jeep in SCORE events, ran the Mint 400 four times, and tried the BAJA 500 in 1980, but DNF’d.  The first picture below is from Riverside and the second from the Mint 400.

riversite-flattie-ed-bray mint-400-flattie-ed-brayEd’s father Don died in 2001. Ed has been refurbishing the family CJ-3A that started it all.


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1964? Parkette Body and Parts Calhoun, GA **Status Unknown**


UPDATE:**Status Unknown** Was $500

Except for the dash, the body looks good.  This is the third Parkette body I’ve seen in Georgia.

“Its 1946 frame with a 1964 fiber glass body on it. It has been painted with truck bed liner I have a tranny and transfer case that is good. The body’s in good shape its has a few places where the fiberglass has spider webbing. It has a few parts that come with it. I got in on trade just putting it on here to see what else is out there trades are welcome.”


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Tim’s Hill Climb at the Monroe Adventure Park

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Steve forwarded this video of Tim’s jeep Priority running the  Hill Climb at the Adventure Park in Monroe, Washington.  I don’t know anything about the Park, but here’s a link to the website.  Here’s an article about the “Prison Break” event.   Here’s the Facebook page.

Priority is powered by an aluminum V-8 followed by a Ford Top-loader four speed that used to be in my father’s jeep.  It’s got a Parkette fiberglass body with a Bobcat hood.  He runs an independent suspension that has been updated since I last saw the jeep, so I’m looking forward to my next climb underneath it.

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Parkette Body plus front clip Lewiston, Id **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was priced at $200.

This is the first Parkette body I’ve seen unattached in 4 1/2 years of looking.  The price is great.  If I only had the space ….

“Willys Jeep CJ2/3 Fiberglass tub/hood/ fenders. The tub will need sanded down
then I would recommend patching every hole and then start from there.

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1949 CJ-3A Parkette Body Lawrenceville, GA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500. It turns out this was not the only Parkette body kit on the east coast. Paul Parker began making them in Georgia after returnig there. this has the “tear drop” Bobcat hood as well.

I wasn’t aware there was another parkette bodied complete jeep on the East Coast.  According to what I was told, this was the only parkette body kit on the East Coast.  It needs a different hood.  It also looks like it has two different headlights.

“1949 Jeep Willys off road
Great for 4X4 off road or a scenic ride
Parkette kit
Great tires almost new and with aluminum rims
Engine runs great and is a 350 V8 Chevy
Only thing the jeep needs is a radiator
For the engine and tires alone you would pay the same amount, so this is a great deal
Cash only.


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Highly modified CJ-3B with Parkette Body on Stacey David’s Video

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Roberto forwarded this.  I’m not sure how old the show is, but this build has been around a few years.  You can see many more pics of it here.

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1946 CJ-2A with Parkette Body Hayesville, Ga **SOLD**


Still Available. UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1200.

UPDATE 2: I received some images from the seller.  This looks like an exact duplicate of the western parkettes.  Call the seller if you want a rare fiberglass body.

UPDATE:  I’ve exchange some information with the seller.  Apparently, there were two Parker brothers.  One ran a garage that was known as Parker Jeep (he has passed away).  Apparently, the Parker that moved West, moved back to Georgia where the brothers created some additional bodies (he now lives in Gainesville).  As best as the seller knows, he has the only jeep that was actually assembled, though not complete, with an Eastern body.

“this a 1946 willys jeep frame drveline suspension etc the tub is hand laid fiberglass built by two local brothers as i was told by one of the original people that assembled them they were built onthe west coast for racing in the sand body is in excelante shape extra set of axles have a good trans transfer case drive shafts motor needs to be built this is the only one that i know still exists wasnt many to start with looking to trade for rat rod project s-10 what ever ramptruck needing work just about anything never know 1-828-557-3343 no stupid calls dont need any help just thought i would see what is out their have my phone on all day pretty late in the evening”

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Parkette Body and Bobcat Hood (& more) Yakima, Wa **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Last price was $1000. It sold.

The Parkette fiberglass body is an extreme rare, well made body.  One of the best things about this body is that a CJ-3A windshield will properly fit it, unlike the fiberglass Bobcat body.   During the 1970s, a friend of mine bought a Bobcat body, prepped it, and painted it.  When he stuck on the windshield he discovered the cowl was too flat to properly seat the windshield to the cowl.  To say he was angry was an understatement, because he felt he was mislead by the promises the manufacturer made.

So, after talking with the Parkette body manufacturer and getting assurances that the measurements were more accurate, he bought the body and has been happy about it ever since.

The body shownn below has had it’s rear wheel wells cut a bit.  It’s got a good looking rollcage that has been attached to the frame.  If this has been available when I was building biscuit, I would have started right here.

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1949 CJ-2A Parkette Body Buckley, Wa $1599


UPDATE:  Price dropped to $1599

(07/24/2011) This might be worth a look. It runs, too.  It appears a bit hacked up.  I’m very curious about the headlight bezels.  Those look unusual.  It has a bobcat hood.

“CJ5 frame
Parkeet fiberglass body
Buick 225 odd fire V6
Dana 44’s locked
racing seats
runs good
needs TLC
253-224-9450 no texting please”

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Parkette(?) Flat Fender Fiberglass Molds

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UPDATE:   Steve and I believe these are the Parkette Molds.  They appear to have sold.

You don’t see these appear for sale often. The CJ-3B Molds are especially unusual.

“Old set of molds to build Willys fiberglass bodies
One floor pan mold in good shappe.
One High hood body mold, needs to be reworked, wooden supports rotted and broken
One high hood grille mold
One low hood grille mold
One high hood hood mold
One low hood hood mold
One tailgate mold
Couple other misc. molds”

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Sand Flat Fender Jeep Tualatin, Or $3000

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UPDATE:  The price has dropped to $3000 (but only for this weekend — Nov 1st & 2nd 2008).

This CJ-2A sand jeep sports the very rare parkette fiberglass body.  Only a handful of these bodies were made (At one time I was told only about 10 of them).  It sounds like it has some good parts, but it will take some work to convert it to 4wd.

“1941 cj2a military jeep that has a a full fiberglass body so you dont have to worry about rust or dents on this 67 year old jeep! it has a stout good running 350 small block with a 700r transmission. the tread on the tires are very good and i would say have conservitivly 85% of their life left. i just put a brand new radiator on it with all new verrry expensive rad. hosing which is actually 150psi petroleum trasfer tubing so it will never break or pop from heat. 971-645-1635”