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Made it Home

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UPDATE: We began Wednesday in Dickinson, ND. We stopped in Montana to visit Dan and April’s new bison ranch, then planned to stop in Missoula for the night. However, our concern over degrading weather on Thursday between Spokane and Missoula convinced us to push through to home. We arrived at 3am, Thurs morning, pretty bushed! I will give a full trip update once I recover from our drive.

We had a good time talking with Dave in Minnesota when we picked up the race jeep. He showed us around his collection of jeeps, which was a surprise! We leave from Dickinson, ND, this morning and have about a day and half left of driving, so more to come, including our story of the TICK invasion!

2022-05-17-race-jeep-mn1 2022-05-17-race-jeep-mn2


3 Comments on “Made it Home


    WHAT KIND OF TRUCK ARE YOU DRIVING ?? — WE ALL HOPE THATS A ” JEEP ” TRUCK ?? … registered trademark

  2. David Eilers Post author


    It’s a GMC, not a Jeep Truck. It’s my wife’s truck and she can choose whatever she wants. In fact, she picked out he truck herself (a used truck) and did the deal herself. She’s a smart cookie.

    – Dave

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