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Parkette Racing Body/Chassis Maryville, TN

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Tim posted this chassis with a Parkette racing body on it. Price Unknown. Has anyone run across a Parkette racing shell like this in the PNW (with the solid back on top and a dash that rolls down, then curves with the sides? I bet this one came out of Georgia when Paul Parker moved back there, but that’s just a guess.

“On hwy 411 just south of Maryville Tn.. appears to be one piece fiberglass.”

parkette-bodied-race-body1 parkette-bodied-race-body2 parkette-bodied-race-body3


2 Comments on “Parkette Racing Body/Chassis Maryville, TN

  1. David Eilers Post author

    I agree Ed, which is another reason I suspect it could be from Georgia. I can’t imagine Fred Weis would be happy if Paul was creating a single mold Parkette body with a Bobcat hood molded into it! At least, my guess is that this was all created at once (rather than the hood getting molded onto the body after the body was created).

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