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Fiberglass Body and Grille

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Here's a few pictures of the Body and Grille I grabbed while down in Springfield, Oregon a couple of days ago. I need to get a few better pics of it.  I've got it listed for $450 on Craigslist.  

The outside of the body is in excellent shape and would make a great racing shell for PNW4WDA racing. The interior of the body is well designed and strong and could make a good jeeping/street body, however the plywood attached to the bottom is bad in spots, but could be fixed pretty easily.  Also, the firewall has an extra large opening that needs to be closed.  Otherwise, the body looks straight and is pretty light.


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  1. mmdeilers Post author

    The seller couldn’t remember who made it (I asked). It was made 15+ years ago. I’ve seen a few of these on some racing jeeps. Maybe it was AJ’s?

    There are three unusual features about this body:
    1. The rim around top of the boy is at least 2″ wide. My jeep’s fiberglass body is maybe 1 1/2″ as are the parkette bodies. A stock steel and some fiberglass (like my first jeep) have a rim less than 1″.

    2. This body has more of a rear wheel well (which I photographed). This likely improves the strength of the rear end which allows additional strength for the tailgate.

    3. A fiberglass jeep body generally consists of two pieces that are created on separate molds: (1) The floor panel including rear wheel wells and (2) the outside of the body & cowl area. These two pieces are then fiberglassed/glued together. With this particular body a 3″ or 4″ tab rims the front of the floor, helping to secure the floor board to the external section of the body and strengthens the entire structure.

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