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1942 GPW Gravesend, England £9750

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Not sure how this landed on my Facebook Marketplace feed, but here’s a GPW out of England.

“1942 ford gpw script. Dates March 1942. Been in the dry in Australia. Had some extension work carried out to the rear tub. But no big deal to put back to normal. Has ww2 engine fitted”

1942-gpw-gravesend-england01 1942-gpw-gravesend-england0 1942-gpw-gravesend-england1 1942-gpw-gravesend-england2 1942-gpw-gravesend-england3 1942-gpw-gravesend-england4


2 Comments on “1942 GPW Gravesend, England £9750

  1. Ted Jordan

    Very cool, I’d leave it just as is and show it off next to all the restored Jeeps. Love the faded writing on the extension and patina. I’ve always thought normal is in the eye of the beholder

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