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Summer 1974 “Life with Putt-Putt” Article

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This article, and the short two page article that follows it, appeared in the Summer 1974 issue of The Milestone Car periodical. I’d never heard of this publication nor the associated “Milestone Car Society”.

1974-summer-milestone-car-magazine1 1974-summer-milestone-car-magazine2 1974-summer-milestone-car-magazine3 1974-summer-milestone-car-magazine4 1974-summer-milestone-car-magazine5

1974-summer-milestone-car-magazine6 1974-summer-milestone-car-magazine7 1974-summer-milestone-car-magazine8

Second Jeepster-related article:

1974-summer-milestone-car-magazine9 1974-summer-milestone-car-magazine10


2 Comments on “Summer 1974 “Life with Putt-Putt” Article

  1. colin peabody

    So they are a little quirky! So are kids, wives and other items with their own personalities! Had ours for 47 years, you get used to its quirkyness!! Some of those things can be overcome by Mustang II front ends with rack and pinion steering and disc brakes, Buick V6 engines, later model transmissions, either manual or automatic, higher geared Ford rear ends, extra safety measures to hold the hood in place, 12 volt electrical systems. For those who love the originality of 1948-51 Jeepsters, larger battery cables to make the starter spin faster, taking back roads to avoid freeway speeds, learning how to actually know and use the Borg Warner overdrive and driving the car in fairer weather. However, the sound of the exhaust coming from a 4 cylinder Jeepster going through the gears is like an orchestra and more than makes up for all the quirks these cars have.

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    I’ll do some Monday morning quaterbacking now and say he should have trailered that vehicle home.

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