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August 1969 Cars & Parts Jeep History Article

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I ran across this August 1969 Cars & Parts magazine on ebay with the below history about jeep history. In it, the author references the use of “GP” or “General Purpose”, claiming that was how the military referred to the jeep. I still have yet to document any evidence that during WWII jeeps were labeled or referred to as “GP” or “General Purpose”. So, I wish the article’s author would have included a reference or example (and welcome any examples).

As I have argued before, the switch from Ford calling its prototype a Pygmy to the company calling it a GP happened without explanation, other than this excuse: G=government and P=80″ wheelbase. But, if that’s the case, why wasn’t the first one called a GP? And, where is the GL, GO, GQ, GR, GT, GV, VW models built by Ford? And what are the chances Ford’s initialism, when sounded out as an acronym, *just happened* to sound like the word “jeep”, a term that was making the rounds about the time the Pygmy was dropped off at Holabird (according to later court testimony).

Anyway, here’s the article:

1969-08-cars-and-parts-magazine-gp-to-jeep-1 1969-08-cars-and-parts-magazine-gp-to-jeep-2 1969-08-cars-and-parts-magazine-gp-to-jeep-3 1969-08-cars-and-parts-magazine-gp-to-jeep-4 1969-08-cars-and-parts-magazine-gp-to-jeep-5 1969-08-cars-and-parts-magazine-gp-to-jeep-cover


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