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Summer 2023 Dispatcher Magazine

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The Summer 2023 issue of Dispatcher Magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday. That cover photo is beautiful (much better than my lousy scan would suggest). The issue includes an unknown-to-me story of how the Olympics helped sell the Jeep Comanche. 


6 Comments on “Summer 2023 Dispatcher Magazine

  1. Dennis in Astoria

    Also includes a write up of my Lesney-Matchbox Jeep Gladiator collection, so I was very excited to get this issue!

  2. Barney Goodwin

    That was a great article. Who would have known there were so many variations of that Matchbox Jeep Gladiator. Dispatcher magazine is a great magazine!

  3. JohnB

    I have thought about subscribing but I have never seen an issue so it’s a complete unknown.
    It’s fairy pricey, $10 an issue.

    It might help them get subscribers if they put an old issue on their website so potential subscribers could see what they do and what one would get for his money.
    I suggested that in a email a few months back.
    Never got a reply.
    Oh well.

  4. Keith

    It’s worth every bit of $10 per issue.
    Ten years from now it will be the only source of correct historic information about Vintage Jeeps.

  5. Bill Norris

    Thanks guys for the positive feedback.

    John B. I try to make it a point to personally respond to every e-mail we get. I apologize if I did not respond to yours. I don’t see any that are unread in my history, so maybe it didn’t go through?

    We did post a copy of one of our articles so potential subscribers could see a sample:

    I can assure you we are not in this for the money. $10 a copy might seem high, but we barely make a profit at that amount. Kevin and I do this pretty much for the enjoyment of it. We both have day jobs so we can produce the magazine and calendars on the side.

  6. Barney Goodwin

    Get hold of me at my business – see ad to the right and all the way down – and I will be glad to mail you an extra copy I have at n/c. It’s well worth it and much higher quality than most periodicals .

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