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Driving a CJ-6 to Parsan, Pakistan

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Bill shared this fascinating video of a CJ-6 owner in Pakistan attempting to find a part to fix his jeep so he can ferry goods and passengers along a dangerous rode towards a land-locked village in the mountains of Pakistan.


2 Comments on “Driving a CJ-6 to Parsan, Pakistan

  1. Tom in Paris

    That was cool. Thanks for sharing that. Gives me some more appreciation for my easy 6 mile round trip to the hardware store.

  2. Bill O'Grady

    Think of it – this guy drove 22 miles in only ten hours. Only to do the same tomorrow? I think the first International JeepMeet should happen in that Pakistani village, to honor those who truly live ‘The Jeep Life’!

    Instead of Admission fees, we could bring parts.

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