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Italy to Toledo in 2013 — Now the Turin Museum in 2015

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UPDATE: You might remember the 2013 adventure of a pair of Italians who bravely drove their MB from Italy to Toledo. Ann and I nearly met them along their trip to the east coast, but our timing was a little off. Well, the pair received a post-trip honor. I’ll let Gregory explain:

A couple of years ago you were kind enough to publicize a trip undertaken by two half-witted Italians to drive back to Toledo an original Willys to MB so that it could celebrate its 70th birthday in its hometown.

Some in the Ewillys community might like to know that the adventure has found a degree of official recognition by being included in the “Modus Vivendi” (Way of Life”) exhibition which runs until 27 September at the Turin Auto Museum, in company of vehicles which have raced the Panamericana, re-enacted the Beijing-Paris race or crossed Africa from Algiers to Cape Town. Our New York to Toledo drive was among the shortest, but also the one performed by the oldest car and the only one by enthusiasts with no sponsorship.

I am attaching a couple of pictures of the display and a description of the exhibition. Sadly the Museum website is rather thin on details, but more information about the trip, car and crew can be found on our “A Jeep Comes Home” blog and the similarly-titled Facebook page.

Thanks for your excellent website and the services it provides to the Jeep community worldwide.  –Gregory Alegi

As you can see in the photo, the jeep shows pretty well against the backdrop of some fancier vehicles (Note to Ann — Honey, if this isn’t a good reason to go to Italy, I can’t think of another ….)

IMG_1323 Mostra 1

Original Post May 2013: Bo spotted this neat find about a Italian journalists who plan to drive a jeep from Italy to Toledo.



3 Comments on “Italy to Toledo in 2013 — Now the Turin Museum in 2015

  1. Gregory Alegi

    We made it! Our Willys MB drove from Newark, NJ to Toledo, OH in seven days, including a two-day stop in the Cleveland area to return the dogtags lost in Italy in 1944 by Richard Radigan and then to sort out an electrical issue. We arrived in Toledo on May 28 and the Jeep is kindly hosted under cover by the Jeep dealership Yark. The Jeep will return to the factory on June 3 and then go back to Italy. Thanks to all who made this happen. Read the details in our blog, on Facebook and on Twitter. The keyword/hashtag is always ajeepcomeshome (one word).

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Wonderful news Gregory! Are you planning on driving back or flying back?

  3. Gregory Alegi

    Driving it back was an option, but it is becoming less likely. I am flying back to Italy on Saturday and I am not sure Vittorio wants to drive her back alone without a support vehicle etc. The situation changes daily. I would like to post a couple of pictures if I knew how!

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