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The J3M VAMs out of Mexico

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The J3M VAM was manufactured by VAM in Mexico for the army. It looks like a combination of a CJ and a Gladiator Truck. Learn more here –> Below are some example pics of the vehicle.
1975-j10-cj5-mexican-roswell-ga5 1975-j10-cj5-mexican-roswell-ga6 1975-j10-cj5-mexican-roswell-ga7 1975-j10-cj5-mexican-roswell-ga9

Here’s another example of this vehicle found on Pinterest:


Here’s another example from the BigMackTrucks site:



7 Comments on “The J3M VAMs out of Mexico

  1. Dan B.

    Great article. Thanks for posting.

    FYI, in the Netflix series, “Narcos,” a viewer can see a variety of Jeeps. Not sure if some of them were created by Hollywood, or like these VAMs, just unfamiliar to us in the States.

  2. Fred Mix

    Please remove this information regarding the Jeep J3M in Roswell Ga. I purchased the J3M and in the process of refurbishment to sell.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Fred,

    I’ve removed any reference to price, location, and details of the jeep. I have kept the pics merely for information reference. Let me know if those changes are sufficient for your needs. Good luck on the refurbishment and sale.

    – Dave

  4. Todd

    Great research effort!
    I am looking for information on 1977 CJ5 built in Mexico by VAM. I have an opportunity to buy one in fair to good condition.
    Hoping to learn about any differences in motor, transmission, xfer case, axels/diffs, and just everything to understand if there will be challenges getting parts
    Thank you so very much all
    — Todd, The Stumbling Gringo

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Todd,

    From the looks of it, I would *guess* that *most* parts were off-the-shelf Jeep/AMC parts from the 1970s. Unfortunately, I do not know where to find any specific build information on these.

    – Dave

  6. JohnB

    Wow, never seen one!
    I rather like it.
    The open cab reminds me of a Dodge WC Command car.

    In Egypt I saw a few strange military Jeeps.
    A book or article on locally produced military Jeep variants would be really interesting.

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