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1959 Custom Wagon Biala Podlaska, Poland $23,000

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Mike spotted this interesting rebuild of a 1959 wagon. It’s located in Eastern Poland. The work looks great. Note the pic of the frame area and how clean that looks.

Rebuilt Station Wagon 1959. Original frame, Go Devil engine, T90 gearbox, 4×4 reducer. Rear body made of new sheets. All spare parts new or refurbished. After the renovation, he traveled 4km / 2.5 miles/. I have photo documentation of the renovation.
More information via e-mail: kamaje @ (remove spaces around the @).
Shipping to the USA to be arranged.








One comment on “1959 Custom Wagon Biala Podlaska, Poland $23,000

  1. Mike

    To me, this Willys rebuild is a perfect example of highly skilled European craftsmanship, far superior to what I’ve seen here in America. The creativity alone speaks volumes, but to actually have built this vehicle I find amazing. Yes, I am somewhat particle because of my Slavic heritage, taking that into consideration, I still hold this Willys rebuild in higher esteem then the high priced versions I see crossing the action block here in America.

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