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Metamet: British Jeep Rebuilders

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UPDATE II: There’s another 1954 Metamet 12-page brochure for sale on eBay (see bottom of post for pics)

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UPDATE Posted July 04, 2019: This post has been updated to reflect some more information and images. It was originally posted in March of 2013.


Metamet was a British company that refurbished WWII jeeps and civilian jeeps, creating a slew of different models. According to the G503 Forum, “Metamet was run by an expat Pole, and latterly his son. It was a wonderful Aladdin’s caves of wartime Jeeps and Jeep bits and pieces located in a series of old mews stables in Daleham Mews. These places were commonly garage workshops in post-horse London, but nowdays are worth untold fortunes as residences.”

At one point in the early 1950s there were twelve different models of jeeps offered by Metamet, only one of which was the standard production model jeep. The rest were all customizations of one type or another. Seven models were 80″ wheel base, while the other five had 100″ wheel bases.  The models include, the Standard, De-luxe, Farmer, Five-in-one, Saloon, Shooting Brake, 10 CWT Truck, Metaplan, Station Wagon, 15 CWT Van, 20 CWT Lorry, and a 2 Ton Loadmaster.


Metamet’s early 1950s models. There were seven 80″ wheel base jeeps and five 100″ wheel base jeeps.


Here’s an example of Metamet’s advertising.

A 1952 Ad posted to Flicker by Johnathan confirms there were twelve models also:


Finally, here’s a 1954 12 page brochure that provides examples of different models that used to be linked to on the jeep farm website:














29 Comments on “Metamet: British Jeep Rebuilders


    Where do you find all this great info Dave? Outstanding!! It’s all these little odd things that make
    jeep history in so rewarding to read up on.


  2. mmdeilers Post author

    I agree . . . the jeep’s strange history adds to my fascination with it.

    Sometimes I find stuff and sometimes other jeep lovers send me stuff. Just when I think I can’t find any more information, other stuff pops out of nowhere.

    – Dave

  3. Terry Tullis

    bought my first Jeep from Metamet circa 1955, I’ve forgotten how much it cost but I loved that vehicle and had many adventures in it. Later, when I started climbing met my future wife Julie and the adventures continued until I sold it to get married. Julie later went on to become the first British woman to climb K2, sadly perishing on the descent. I went on to own three more GPWs then five Wranglers. At almost eighty Jeeps still stir my blood and I’d really like one as my hearse. Cheers, Terry.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Thanks for your comment Terry. I”m sorry to hear about your wife, but happy to hear about your jeep history.

    – Dave

  5. Richard Burdajewicz

    My Father, Feliks Burdajewicz worked at Metamet back in the sixties,and was allowed to drive different jeeps to, and from work. Also there were American Dodge truck and British DUKWs, l have actually been in the garages in Belsize Lane and seem all the Military Vehicles, Fantastic to find this site. Richard Burdajewicz.

  6. David Eilers

    Thanks for the note Richard. I haven’t done much research on Metamet since writing this short post. If you find any other information, I’d love to include it. I’ll revisit it at some point and see what else I can learn.


    – Dave

  7. Ray Garrood

    As a 14 year old teenager in 1970 I clearly remember visiting Metamet with an older friend who owened a 1941 script bodied MB. I can still smell the parts dept grease and paper. The parts and workshops were located in Daleham Mews in I believe three workshops. I recently obtained a good copy of there price list dated 1953.

  8. Ray Garrood

    Hello David.
    I’m afraid no photos with price list/booklet. But now framed and on my living room wall forming part of my passion for the Willys MB / GP

  9. Ray Garrood IMPS Member

    Hello David
    I have been meaning to get back to you with an update on my memories of the location in Daleham Mews of the workshop and stores for Metamet. If you Google street view at the junction of Belsiize Lane and Daleham Mews and then “drive up” the mews you will find luxury appartments now. But the the buildings directly in front of you and to the right, 3 houses were the parts dept via a shutter door and two further workshops to the right. I will allways remember a MB/GPW painted white with white leather seat cushions parked to the left probably waiting parts or service work, at the time we thought it quite smart. It was seventies!!

  10. Adam Wisniewski

    When my father who was a partner in Metamet up to 1953, left he took all the plans, brochures and photos with him. I got them in my Jeep collection, MB- Jeep Metaplane-M38A1- CJ7- Jeep Wagoneer, with my collection of toy Jeeps, books and original manuals.

  11. Anita Long

    Hello, I have excellent photos, information and a love story relating to Metamet in London as my Father Filip Rosz worked there post war. He and other employees were ex Anders’ Army in the British 8th.
    Your fathers may be in some of them Richard Burdajewicz and Adam Wisniewski!
    How do I go about posting/sending them?

  12. David Eilers

    Hi Anita,

    I’d love to get copies of those and I will publish them on eWillys for readers. I can also add your name or his name to the photos if you wish.

    You can email me directly at If you have any questions, feel free to ask! If you want to send any hi resolution photos, best send them to


    – Dave

  13. Bob Le Marchant

    Good to find your site!

    My memories of Metamet go back a long way. I am 72 now, and started Jeeping at age 17. My crazy neighbour’s father (an ex-submarine captain) ran a yellow Ford Jeep. I dearly wanted one too, and ended up with a 1946 CJ2a. Metmet soon became my place for purchasing spares. I loved going up to London and finding Daleham Mews. Within years I was militarising mine as much as possible. But I found I could get things such as a Warn overdrive to fit my model. With the wartime fully floating back axles fitted, not only could I easily strip down the brakes, but 5 mph advance in speed. A capstan winch, ex-amphibious jeep, was bought for £35. Oh, those were the days!

    After graduating as a mining engineer (Ben Carlin was one too!) I shipped the Jeep out to South Africa to work. In the 70’s I drove it back to Blighty overland to do a job of blasting a tunnel for the Ffestiniog Railway in Wales. Politically I couldn’t get north of Kenya (previous owner had done the Sahara) so shipped to Bombay and came back via Kyber Pass and Istanbul. This Jeep has travelled!!

    Nearly an everyday vehicle all this time, it now has a Hotchkiss block and is a road worthy vehicle. Just love it!! Have a Metamet dash plate on the wall. Bob Le Marchant.

  14. David Eilers


    Thanks for sharing those wonderful stories!

    I know a little bit about mining engineers, as my we had several mining engineers in my family. I wrote about my family’s rise within the smelting field in a book I published three years ago called “SLAG & The Golden Age of Lead Silver Ore”

    The trip from Bombay sounds like a once-in-a-life-time adventure! Barring the crazy stuff going on right now, I was planning on going to Namibia in July for a 3 week trip in CJ-2As around that beautiful country. Then, I will be spending a week in South Africa, before flying back home. Hopefully, the world will settle down a bit by then!

    If you ever need anything or want to share pics/stories, feel free to email me at

    – Dave

  15. Ray Garrood

    Good morning Dave
    Hope you are well. Just sitting here reading some of the recent comments on Metamet. Did you manage to get hold of any pics of the original building at Belsize Lane ? If so I would love to see them.
    Stay safe

    Kind regards
    Ray Garrood

  16. David Eilers

    Hi Ray,

    Thanks, we are holding our own, attempting to stay healthy.

    I still have not seen any pics of the original building (or any other info not already posted here). I’ll have to lean on the expertise of UK readers to locate that information.

    Just now I found this link, which add s a few details to the story:

    The address listed by the link above, when compared to the map published in the brochure, indicate that this link shows the original location of Metamet. I’m sure the local historical society/library must have some pics of the area:,+Belsize+Park,+London+NW3+5BB,+UK/@51.5481355,-0.1731151,3a,75y,316.49h,96.99t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJYqppNGD1cyuooNyOZVp2Q!2e0!7i16384!8i8192!4m5!3m4!1s0x48761a8e4c727f79:0xa47ad57aa45aa79e!8m2!3d51.548192!4d-0.17331

    – Dave

  17. Ray Garrood

    Good morning Dave.
    I’ve now taken on the role of East Sussex area rep for the Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society. Couple of weeks ago we held our 1st local meeting. One chap who lives very close to us drives a 43 GPW. We got talking about and onto the Subject of Metamet. What he told me was a total surprise and the photos he has of Daleham Mews. Which in includes images of Jeeps.
    I will ask him if he could share these on here or let me have copies.
    All these years passed and Metamet continues to hold a great interest for me.
    Keep watching.
    Ray Garrood

  18. David Eilers


    What a wonderful surprise I bet that was! That would be great to see some more pics. I hope he allows it!

    – Dave

  19. Michał Semczyszyn

    Hi, I am Just restoring ex metamet jeep which has an Shooting Break body. Unfortunetly body was heavily rotten and it is gone. I am Wonder maybe there is somewhere an Documentation from Metamet where You can find History of jeeps they were made? I heard that documentation exist in the past.

  20. David Eilers

    Hi Michal,

    I haven’t run across any information like you describe. Maybe there is a reference on the G503 site? Or, maybe a local (to metamet) museum or historical repository has something?

    Best of luck on your search!

  21. Liz Pannett

    I have a 1954 Metamet Jeep brochure in very good condition, just like the one you have illustrated above, for sale on eBay from 25th March 2024. Do look.

  22. Liz Pannett

    I have a 1954 Metamet Jeep brochure in very good condition, just like the one you have illustrated above, for sale on eBay from 25th March 2024. Do look.

  23. Liz Pannett

    I have a 1954 Metamet brochure in very good condition, just like the one you have illustrated above, for sale on eBay from 25th March 2024. Do look and bid.

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