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SLAG is Now Available

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SLAG is now available! I want to thank everyone that helped make this book possible, from its inception through the research and writing, to the proofing. Many people aided me along the way. While I always hoped I could create something like this, I was unsure it would ever happen.

This final version differs from the version I published in limited form two months ago. The title has been altered slightly to (hopefully) position it more accurately. And, I have divided the book into two parts, to better reflect the shift from Anton Eilers and the competitive environment of mining and smelting to Karl Eilers, his years with the smelting trust and his eventual showdown with the Guggenheims.

One reader of the book pointed out that it was a complex read, but then noted that if a person wants to understand some of the real history behind America’s Industrial Revolution, this is a must read. I hope many others feel that way as well.


4 Comments on “SLAG is Now Available

  1. John Hartman

    Hi Dave, I’m still around. Don’t post much, just lurk.

    Long ago I told you I wanted your book when finished.

    E-mail me your address again.

    Good luck

  2. Joe in Mesa

    I really enjoyed your other books, so I’m looking forward to reading this one …and definitely need a signed copy :-). I’ll try to wait till your next trek through the Southwest brings you our way… and Jan promises not to spill a beer on this version 😉

  3. Bob

    I read it a few weeks ago and it’s a fine examination of the industrial revolution. Dave did an amazing job researching all of the info for this, and it shows.

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