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VW Brasilian JEG Berlin, Germany Auction

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TJ shared this rare offload VW-based Brazil vehicle with 4WD that’s up for auction. It’s located in Brazil, but shipping is available to Europe. There are ton of pics of the Jeg that’s up for auction along with pics of related brochures. (or read this Samba ad)

VW-JEG0008 VW-JEG0009 VW-JEG0015
“In the 70s, VW Brasil tried to join the Brazilian army with the VW VEMP. Two prototypes were created (one 4X4 and one 4X2), the car was created entirely in straight and simple lines for easier maintenance.

The engine would be 1600 already used by cars of other VW models. After the project was rejected for political reasons (cars with a rear engine would no longer be accepted by the army) the two prototypes ended up being used internally by the factory.

VW-JEG0019 VW-JEG0026

JEG emerged when VW presented and asked for help for the vehicle transport truck company Dacunha in Brasil. With the project’s cancellation, they took over and created the civilian Jeep.

The vehicle was introduced to the public in 1976, and launched in 1977. The vehicle was made in a Kombi chassis with a 40 cm smaller wheelbase, galvanized sheet metal body, boxer engine, Kombi suspension and brakes and a 55-liter tank plus 20 liter gallon.”


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