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Germany’s Salzgitter’s Line of Jeeps

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UPDATE II: Here’s another 1950 Salgittzer brochure from Germany, but it is only four pages. Thanks to Jan for sharing it! This makes three different 1950 brochures.

1950-salgitter-brochure-4page-1 1950-salgitter-brochure-4page-2 1950-salgitter-brochure-4page-3 1950-salgitter-brochure-4page-4


July 12th UPDATE: I received both of the Salzgitter brochures I purchased out of Germany. The 1950 brochure is a version lacks several of the pages shown in the brochure at the very bottom. The 1949 brochure is a tiny (1/4 sheet-size) one-page brochure.


Here is the different in brochure sizes (left is a standard sheet of paper, middle is the 1950 brochure (1/2 size of standard sheet) and on the right is the 1949 brochure (1/4 size of standard sheet).


Here is my version of the 1950 8-page brochure (shorter than the 12-page brochure at the bottom of this post):

1950-salzgitter-jeep-brochure-v2-5 1950-salzgitter-jeep-brochure-v2-41950-salzgitter-jeep-brochure-v2-3




Originally published June 25, 2023


PHOTO CREDIT: Johannes-Nepomuk Freiherr-von-Mistwitz. posted to Flickr: . This image shows Autoworker Salzgitter Station-Wagon-like-jeep.

Thanks to Bill for pointing me to a Hemmings’ article about the Autoworker Salzgitter, a post-WWII German company that both refurbed WWII jeeps and expanded into brand new jeep-like products.

Here’s the article from Hemmings: … Daniel Strohl covers some great history on the formation of Salzgitter.

Some of the images shown in the article come from a 1950 brochure posted to Flickr by Johannes-Nepomuk Freiherr-Von-Mistwitz, who has posted a large selection of vintage vehicle ads, photos and brochures. So, a big thanks to him for sharing this information (some of which is shown below).

This ad was posted to the Flickr account:


PHOTO CREDIT: Johannes-Nepomuk Freiherr-von-Mistwitz. posted to Flickr: . This image shows Autoworker Salzgitter delivery-sedan-like-jeep.

Thanks to, we have several examples of the Salzgitter vehicles appearing in movies. This example below appeared as a background vehicle in the 1948 movie Fanfaren Der Liege.


Finally, here is the 12-page version of the 1950 Salzgitter brochure. Credit for these images goes to ohannes-Nepomuk Freiherr-von-Mistwitz. Each pic is linked to its Flickr image. The opening page’s bottom line translates as follows (thanks Joe-in-Mesa):

“A jeep for everyone – A jeep for all – A jeep for YOU!”

1950-salzgitter-brochure-pg1 1950-salzgitter-brochure-pg2 1950-salzgitter-brochure-pg3

1950-salzgitter-brochure-pg4 1950-salzgitter-brochure-pg5

1950-salzgitter-brochure-pg6 1950-salzgitter-brochure-pg7

1950-salzgitter-brochure-pg8 1950-salzgitter-brochure-pg9

1950-salzgitter-brochure-pg10 1950-salzgitter-brochure-pg11




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