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In 1957-58 4 Italians Drove to Toledo the Long Way

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UPDATE: This was first posted in August of 2016.

This September 13, 1958, article from the Toledo Blade told the story of four italians who drove what appears to be a WWII jeep a distance of 80,000 miles from Italy to Toledo. The men, all newspapermen, planned to drive another 15,000 miles back to Italy. What a trip! I wonder if their counterparts in 2013 knew of their countrymen’s adventure?

1958-09-13-toledo-blade-italians-world-adventure1 1958-09-13-toledo-blade-italians-world-adventure2


6 Comments on “In 1957-58 4 Italians Drove to Toledo the Long Way

  1. frankthecrank58

    18 year old jeep in 58?? Article from Sept 58. Bantam hadn’t even delivered their jeep to Holabird yet! Hmmm?

  2. Alaska Paul

    Eighty thousand miles driven in 15 months averages out to 5,333 miles per month. I rode 41,000 miles on my motorcycle in 13 months (3,153 miles per month) from Alaska to America and back to Alaska (1983/84) on paved roads and my body was beat. My motorcycle was faster, dryer and required less maintenance than a WWII Jeep so I find this claim rather doubtful.

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