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Ford GPA Seep Model Canby, OR $200

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Blaine spotted this cardboard-like model built to be a Ford GPA. The seller provides a variety notes related to it.

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“Vintage model, World War II Ford GPA amphibious jeep, aka “seep”, built in 1946

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How unique is this?
A surviving BUILT WWII-era model … and not an airplane or boat.
And this model is hand-dated on the bottom: “DM Aug 13-14, 1946”.

It does not appear to be a Leddy (tires are different, also shorter and narrower), Mod-AC (longer than 7 inches), or RedYCut (longer than 7 3/4 inches) model.

The model is a fair representation of the WWII Ford GPA amphibious jeep as used by the U.S. military … and copied by the Soviet Union as the GAZ 46.

– engine (however crude it may appear) ** ©nasa21 – do not copy **
– forward hatch covers – both open
– water rudder and propeller
– interior with seats, instrument panel decal, steering column (steering wheel is missing)
– clear windshield (cellophane?)
– reflectors, rear (4)
– forward mount for capstan winch
– 5 wheels and tires with “tread” (but not NDT) – all 4 road wheels rotate
– decal, winged seahorse, on both sides of body, forward
– decal, National Emblem (“star and bar”), as used on WWII U.S. military aircraft, one centered on each side of body, one on engine cover hatch

Construction material appears to be cardboard/paperboard and wood (seats, engine, etc.). The only metal parts on the model appear to be the axles, screens on either side of the forward passenger compartment, and a screen under the forward hatch.

12 inches long by 4 inches wide
5 1/2 inch wheelbase
Weight: just over 6 ounces

– windshield has been crushed down
– driver’s side “canvas” windshield side curtain is missing
– steering wheel is missing
– driver’s side (left) headlight is missing
– right side headlight light is separated from model (but is included)
– age spotting

An extra part is included – the instrument panel (decal) and upper cowl portion of a WWII jeep (MB/GPW) model. This part is wood and originally came with the GPA.

This is a unique piece of modeling history. The model appears as I received it many years ago.

NOT an “estate sale” or “garage sale” find, this model is from my personal collection.”

ford-gpa-model-cardboard-canby-or7 ford-gpa-model-cardboard-canby-or8 ford-gpa-model-cardboard-canby-or9


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