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CJ-2A Al-Toy Elletsville, IN $85

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UPDATE: Price has dropped to $85.

Thanks to Tom for spotting this. Asking price is $150, but it lacks a steering wheel and is a little rough. This is the tow-seat version. It has a casting number of 8.

“Very rare antique 1946 metal toy Willys CJ 2A Jeep. All wheels move freely when rolled and have no cracks, color is light tan, hood opens, windshield folds down, IS missing the steering wheel. Have found the exact same one on a antique toy website for $275 (pics 7-10). My asking price is very fair, so please no lowball offers. Reasonable offers considered.”

cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in4 cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in3 cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in2 cj2a-altoy-ellettsville-in


5 Comments on “CJ-2A Al-Toy Elletsville, IN $85

  1. colin peabody

    The photos appear to be of two separate Al-Toy Jeeps. One shows only one seat, yet the other photo shows two seats. Steering wheel is missing in one photo and is there in the second photo. Beware, contact seller before you drop any money on this item. Make sure you know what you are getting exactly.

  2. muley

    Guys, the seller states that pics 7-10 are of another one he found on a antique toy website, using those pics to justify his high asking price.

  3. morgan price

    I just happened upon one of these on FB marketplace for $50. I don’t buy em, but it may be worth a search. I think it was just labeled ‘old toy jeep’ or something, in Los Angeles maybe. Good luck to anyone who’s interested.

  4. Gerald Huber

    Definitely pics of two different Al-Toy Jeeps. Both are cool but make sure what you are buying. These restore nicely.

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