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Bantam T3C Trailer Bedford, IN **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

Mark shared this trailer for sale.

1946-bantam-t3c-trailer-bedford-in1 1946-bantam-t3c-trailer-bedford-in2 1946-bantam-t3c-trailer-bedford-in3

“1946 Bantam T3C Jeep trailer. Has the title, working 4 pin lights, new NDT tires on 16″ rims. Very original, recently repainted, new reproduction data tag. Landing leg was extended to make it lean backwards-so water drains out instead of pooling at front. Could easily be cut off if you’re a purist for original. This is a classic jeep trailer, great for utility. Floor measure 3’x6′, top flares out to 4’x6′. Perfect for hauling gravel, furniture, etc, without owning a truck (I pull one like this behind my hatchback all the time). Tows behind a car or jeep just fine at highway speeds with 1/2 ton+ hauling capacity. Ground clearance makes it perfect to camp or haul things into remote areas. Still works hard at 75+ years old, and just as easily looks great in a parade behind a jeep! If you want a quick kit from a box store, go ahead and do so. If you want an awesome vintage piece of American steel, this is what you’re looking for.”


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