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WANTED: Pics of the 25V 60amp M-38A1 Alternator Conversion

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David wants to convert his 1952 M-38A1 from a generator to a 25v 60 amp alternator. He can be contacted at ddelamar35 @ (remove the spaces around the @ before emailing).

He writes,  “I am trying to convert the generator system on my ’52 M38A1 to a 25v 60amp alternator. I have the alternator and the conversion wiring harness, but I would appreciate seeing pictures of such a conversion and/or speaking to someone who has done it. I know that the m38a1’s manufactured by Ford in Canada had this feature”

He’s already done his research and is familiar with this post on the topic from the forum here, here,  and the G503 forum, but is hoping to find more pics or even discuss it with someone who has made the conversion.


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