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WANTED: Looking for Jeep near West Point, CA

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This person is hoping to locate an M-38A1 his grandparents owned in the Gold Country area of California. It had black plates # MBG-426. No pics provided.

“My grandparents had an M38A1 Jeep on their land on Bald Mountain Road outside West Point and Bummerville. When they passed away, the Jeep was sold off at some point by a relative before the estate could be settled or the vehicle title found.

It’s a 1956 model (rounded front fenders), completely brown and white rusted paint, with an expired CA plate MBG-426.

The last I saw of this Jeep, it was on a neighbor’s tract of land also on Bald Mountain Road (east of where the road loses the centerline and fog stripes, but before Hunter Creek and where the asphalt ends).

While the Jeep was in rough, barely driveable shape at the time it was disposed of, I’ve been interested in finding it for a restoration project. It was the 4×4 my grandparents used to teach me how to drive, and has some sentimental value.

What I’d like is for anyone who knows about this Jeep, and can open a dialogue with the current possessor, to get in touch with me by email. If it makes financial sense to purchase the vehicle back given it’s condition and missing title, I’d be willing to offer a small finder’s fee.

If it’s not worth the trouble to buy back, I’d at least like to know it’s found a good home.”


One comment on “WANTED: Looking for Jeep near West Point, CA

  1. Dan B.

    Sounds like a nice person. I do wonder what time frame they are talking about? Last month? Last year? Last decade? In any case, I wish them luck in their search.

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