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Boomer Needs Snow Plow Info

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Our good friend Boomer plans to do some snow plowing to help out his Minnesota neighbors. Rather than plow driveways (too much shit to hit, he says) he will open up all his neighbor’s curb cuts.

He’s snagged a Western plow blade attachment, but he still needs the blade. Does anyone have suggestions what blade length he should seek? 6′ or 7′ or 8′ or something else?


1961 Western Snow Plow Brochure:




6 Comments on “Boomer Needs Snow Plow Info

  1. Mike

    I will put my 2 cent comments here, depending on the Willys Vehicle, standard blade size for a CJ was 6′ foot blade, for a wagon or pickup. 7’foot. One point to take into consideration is the fact that Western plows, were always heavier than Meyer, and came in two different models, a standard and a higher, (height wise) heavier duty model. If you don’t have the 10 leaf springs on the front of your CJ. that heavier Western plow will weigh you down and make driving difficult. Having said that, still looking for a plow myself, 6′ foot.

  2. Mike

    Two more cents, now 4 cents, just for reference in plow sizing, I had a 6 1/2′ foot plow, Western blade on my 66 CJ5 that came off of a early 70’s Bronco, worked just fine for decades, but too heavy for the front end. That half foot made a difference in maneuvering a CJ in tight spaces.

  3. Dave Case

    I have a Western 6-1/2′ blade on my M38A1. When I first put it on, the front end sagged badly. I replaced the front springs with 10 leaf from Kaiser Willy’s part #999528. They were $145. each-a little spendy, but the Jeep now rides level. I feel like the 6-1/2′ blade is the perfect width. Any wider would be pretty heavy. Any narrower the blade is likely to be narrower than the tread width of the jeep at full angle-depending on wheels and tires of course.

  4. Boomer in MN

    Thanks, Guys! I have a ’61 Jeep pickup; scored a full frame locally, just need blade & springs. 7′ is probly right.

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