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Anyone Have the History Behind This Jeepster?

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UPDATE II: The current owner bought this Jeepster this summer. He was wondering if anyone knows any history on this former Shriner’s vehicle?


Originally Posted July 6, 2020:   **SOLD** Was $5000. This 1950 Jeepster was sold out of University Place, Washington.

This former Grays Harbor Shriner’s Jeepster has even converted to an automatic tranny (probably from a Pinto … looks like one anyway) with a Pinto engine. I love the history on this one. Looks like a great price.

“Rare 1950 Willys Jeepster. Updated with Pinto engine, 12 volt system. Always stored indoors. No rust. Former Shrine clown car. $5,000 Please call, no texting.”

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9 Comments on “Anyone Have the History Behind This Jeepster?

  1. Mike

    So cool, nothing fancy, just my style at a reasonable price, and with the Pinto engine and automatic trans,great cruiser. Always liked the Shriners when they appeared in parades, put on a good show. I wonder if a “Fez hat” is included?

  2. Galen

    What was the connnection with Shriners & Jeepsters? Was it simply predicated upon a handy convertible for parades, the Willys basis & veteran link, or what?

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Galen, that’s a good question. I did a google search, but it didn’t yield anything. I will try a newspaper search to see if I can learn anything that way.

    The Shriners have used a wide range of full size and mini-sized vehicles for parades, so it may be a situation where a few folks got Jeepsters and that began a trend.

    – Dave

  4. Brian

    I purchased this Jeepster and I’m just now getting to work on it. It will be a major body off restoration. I would love to know more about it now that I’m working on it. It has a late 70s Ford 4 cylinder and automatic. It runs good but the the 4:11 or so Willys rear makes it’s pretty slow. The clutch peddle was converted to a brake and the brake peddle was cut off so I have to concentrate on stopping. The tires are not worn but they are also original 1970s bias ply tires. There are a bunch of what look like air lines that maybe powered an air cannon? There is a fire house type bell in the back and the back seat was converted to a standing platform. The frame was cut up a bit in order to gum ball weld the engine and trans mounts. I imagine that it has been in storage for many years due to the original tires.
    Thanks in advance to any of you guys that may be able to dig up some history on the “Clown Car”.

  5. colin peabody

    Brian- If you have the original serial number on the car, I might have it listed in my limited database. The serial number probably started with 473VJ then 5 numbers that were the sequential production number. The original serial number plate was located under the windshield cowling and above the glove box., in between two of the windshield access bolt holes. You have to lie on your back to see it and it may have gotten painted over. It might have even been removed, if so there would be 4 small screw holes where it once was.

  6. Brian

    Yes Colin, the tag is still there. It was covered by gauges and heavy paint but I can read it. I did verify the vin matched the Washington State title when I purchased it. Vin is 473VJ13567. Thanks

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