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Questions About These Items

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Peter wrote from Poland, explaining that he’s rebuilt a variety of Willys Jeeps. However, he’s not had any luck learning about these two items below and is hoping someone has more information about them.

1. This filter has two necks. Anyone have more information about it?
2-inlet-air-cleane3 2-inlet-air-cleaner42-inlet-air-cleaner22. This USMC stamped Jerry can has a European neck, something he’s not seen. Anyone know more about it? (Note that the bottom is red)



11 Comments on “Questions About These Items

  1. Bingo

    Bookmark! Now I know where to go, (other than where most folks tell me) to find anythang I’ll ever need to know about get’n tanked.

  2. Peter

    Thank you for the info! The air filter probably comes from the generator. Is this Jerrycan designed for water or gas? Is it unique? Does anybody know how many of this kind were produced?
    By the way, I’m from Illinois, originally from Poland.
    Thank you,

  3. Craig/Vermont

    My PE-95 generator does not have that 2-snorkel air cleaner, and the mounting bracket is different from the normal Jeep….That one has the ‘Jeep-type’ bracket…Mine is PE-95 G, and there were several models of the PE-95, so maybe the air cleaner was different on other models…

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Harold, I didn’t think about it being a special generator filter. Manufacturers did add a few odd parts to non-jeep engines (carb heat shield being another). Thanks for that insight.

    Peter, here’s a manual for the PE maybe that will help? I looked for your model of air cleaner, but didn’t see it (but the pics aren’t very clear and are hardly exhaustive given the various models covered by the book:

    – Dave

  5. Harold West

    When I started work with the State Forestry in the late 80s, there was a small shed not far from the District Office and it had an early 50s PE 95 Generator set with 500 hours and a 55 gallon drum from which it pull its fuel. Long out of service then and other than covered in dust, the generator set looked like it did when the State screen it from surplus. The set up was a nod to the Civil Defense days. I looked it over good and it had the picture air cleaner, 6 volt waterproof distributor and a short cranking handle on the front bottom of the radiator. When they removed it and torn down the shed, the crew showed no mercy and beat the perfect sheet medal up when they rip it out. I got the distributor and crank handle before they hauled it off for scrap.

  6. Craig/Vermont

    ‘D’ and ‘E’ are not shown on the cover page of my manual or the ones mentioned above…

  7. mbullism

    I had a pe95g, no dice… but the air cleaner on my pe95k was spot on for that… RMC M38 engine, korea

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