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Bravo Zulu House Looking for WW2 Jeep For Wall Art

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UPDATE: Tim is still looking for a WW2 body.

The Executive Director of the soon-to-open Bravo Zulu House & Trinity Sober Homes in Minnesota hopes to mount half a WW2 jeep on a wall as an art-piece. If you have a junk jeep you think might interest them, contact Tim Murray and 507 400 1973 or 612 251 6150 or
Tim @ (remove spaces from around the @).

“We are building an all-military sober in Minnesota that will be 1st in the country to help Veterans suffering from PTSD and substance abuse. See …. Looking to mount on the wall of great room a “cut down the middle” side view of a ww2 jeep (no engine, axels and gas tank removed, etc.) to lighten the “art”. I have volunteers to help with cutting and then painting the vehicle. We have a trucking company that will take care shipping. So basically looking for a WW2 Willys that nobody else (maybe?) would want (junk, no engine, etc.)”



2 Comments on “Bravo Zulu House Looking for WW2 Jeep For Wall Art

  1. Lawdy Murphy

    Best of luck to this endeavor, but they should be aware that it’s
    ‘Bravo Sierra’ to call any ‘Jeep’ “junk”

  2. JohnfromSC

    I should think for a dispkay like they are planning, a CJ2 in olive drab and stencils would work find as would an M38.

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