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Wildenberg Parts, Netherlands

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wildenberg-partsDavid Wildenberg from Wildenberg Parts emailed me. They will soon be celebrating their 60th birthday! They deal in Jeep (MB, GPW, M38, M38A1 and cj models up to the CJ5) Dodge WC series and M37, GMC 352 and 353. Spare parts and vehicles. If you are in the Netherlands, drop by their warehouse.

Learn more at their website or on facebook

Here’s a great photo from their early days. Look at all those jeeps!


Some History:
Wildenberg BV was founded in 1954 in Zeist, the Netherlands, by Wildenberg Sr. The son of Mr Wildenberg, Etienne Wildenberg, also worked in the company, and took over in 1988.

Recently David, Etienne’s son, also joined the company. He is the third generation involved with the company, which makes Wildenberg BV a real family-business.

How it went further:
Selling parts was a beginning but the sale of military vehicles also became a part of the business. The company grew steadily and soon outgrew the location in Zeist, and relocated to its current location in Rhenen. The inventory kept growing and eventually the warehouse had to be expanded. This created more space for the enormous number of parts and military vehicles.

The warehouse:

All these years of experience have resulted in a stock of over 2300 square meters! All parts are cataloged and displayed by type.

60th year anniversary:
In 2014 our company exists 60 year. And we are going to celebrate that! With as start the new years drink on January 18 from 2 am to 6 am. The rest of the year we got lot’s of discounts. Package deals and free merchandise. We are also planning a party weekend and a Army-verhicle tour.

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Christo’s Jeep Restoration Shop in Glyfada, Greece

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UPDATE: George cleared up the 10.000 km issue.

Christos’ operates a restoration shop in Glyfada, Greece. You can learn more at his site:


He’s currently selling this nice looking M-38. No Price indicated. I thought the price was 10,000 Km, but George got me straightened out on that..

“Μ38 Restoration works carried out on the vehicle.
BODY WORKS :Sandblasting-Antirust protection-Paint
ENGINE PARTS: Motor repair , gear-box and auxiliary.
Differentials front-back, breaks, suspension.

Electric installations, lights, instruments, fuses.
Brand new seats and roof
Full restoration with new authentic spare parts .
Original/Authentic 100%
Guarantee 10.000 Km”





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Canada Jeep Show this Weekend

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Brian just let me know that there is a Canada Jeep Show August 10th in Brantford, Ontario. Check out all the details here:


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JeepFabrikken in Norway

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John forwarded JeepFabrikken, a Norwegian based website.


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JP Magazine’s New Web Address

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There weren’t many jeeps for sale yesterday, so not many updates today. On another note, I received this JP Magazine update yesterday. The new website’s address is: After a quick review of the site, it’s easy to see the site has received a major facelift and the JP brand has been suppressed in favor of the Four Wheeler Network brand.

“The JP Magazine website has moved, and we’d also like to welcome you to what we feel is the ultimate site for off-road content on the Web — the Four Wheeler Network.

What is the Four Wheeler Network? A group of six publications, including: JP, FourWheeler, Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road, Off-Road, 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility, and Mud Life. While the network will carry the FourWheeler banner, JP Magazine and each publication will have its own unique landing page with the same great stories and personalities you’ve come to expect.”


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South African Jeep Site

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Marc spotted this website. It looks like it was just launched last year. It might interest others in South Africa.


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Willys Truck Warehouse in Rodeo, CA

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There have been several Craigslist Ads for this California parts dealer. Maybe they have something you need?


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Postal Jeep Parts Website

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Need DJ-5 or postal jeep parts? You might try this resource I just stumbled across.

postal-jeep-parts-website postal-jeep-parts-website-jeep

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CJ-2A Fire Jeep Walk Around Photos at Primeportal

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Marc forwarded a website called Primeportal. It offers photographic walk-arounds of all types of vehicles. Here’s one of a CJ-2A Fire Jeep (though it is listed as a CJ38 fire truck.


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Bruce’s Surrey/Gala Website

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Marc spotted Bruce’s Surrey website. It’s a great place for surfing and learning more about this rare jeep!

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Pedro’s Site from the Czech Republic

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Marc forwarded a link to Pedro’s website. Pedro has collected a variety of manuals in PDF form for download. They are in several languages, including English, French, Czech and Australian. Just kidding about the Australian language (but there is a driver’s manual).




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Rudys CJ Shop in Findlay, Ohio

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Doug spotted this ad (, which led me to Rudy’s CJ Website:

Rudy’s is located in Findlay, Ohio, and specializes in 1976-1983 CJ-5s, CJ-7s and CJ-8s (scramblers). They sell both complete jeeps and parts.

According to the website, Rudy’s forte is “selling originally rot free, unpatched CJs for you to take to the next level or personalize or enjoy in it’s original glory as it sits.  Our philospophy is that all the mechanicals can be easily resolved but it is only original metal once.  We do not do any fiberglass Jeeps nor do we ever patch frames.”


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Hardtop History from This-Old-Jeep

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Check out Brendan’s “Hardtops and the Civlization of the Jeep, Part I“. It’s a great early synopsis of attempts at topping the early jeeps.

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I ran across an online auction site called  Smaller than eBay, it has some vintage jeep items for sale.  In some cases the prices are a little lower than ebay.  Part of the reason for the lower prices is that it is free to list items and to use their commerce system.  I purchased a brochure off the site and will report if I run into any issues.

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Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers History

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Here is the story of George Adler and the launching of Four Wheel Parts Wholesalers in 1961. Starting at the kitchen table making catalogs, the company grew into an off-road parts empire.

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Bram Van Buuren Jeeps in the Netherlands

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Mike forwarded a link to this jeep dealer.  The Van Buuren’s launched their shop just after World War II ended. It is still family owned.  The website has jeeps for sale, projects they’ve completed (including the restoration of a seep), and more.

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Paratroopers and Paratrooper Vehicles in Carentan, France

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Jeff was vacationing in France and Belgium when he ran across two businesses located in Carentan:  Paratrooper and Paratrooper Vehicles.  He thought I might have known about them, but nope I did not know about them.  Carentan is a small rural town near the north-eastern base of the French Cotentin Peninsula in Normandy.  If anyone else has been here (or can translate the website better than I), feel free to comment!

Jeff writes, “I was just in northern France and Belgium with the family on vacation and was in the Normandy area which incorporated a D-Day beach tour. Stayed in Carentan and came across Paratrooper. I am sure you may have known about them. I visited both businesses which are in different locations. I took some photos of the restoration location, Paratrooper Vehicles and thought you would like to see them.”

Thanks for taking these.  I will add this to my list of must visit places when we do our Great European Jeep Tour.  When are we doing this tour?  I’m hoping in time for the the 70th anniversary of DDay.

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Jeeper Vineyards and Champagne

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Gerald forwarded this story of the Jeeper Vineyards, the full text of which is on Autoblog.  The story is from spring 2011.

“To help commemorate the 60th anniversary of Jeep, vineyard Jeeper has teamed up with Delta 4×4, a company well-known in Europe for aftermarket wheels, tires and other offroad accessories, to produce a limited-edition champagne.”

Visit the Jeeper Champagne website here.

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Hanson Mechanical’s New Blog

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Merlin has launched a blog for people who’d like to follow Hanson Mechanical’s projects. Merlin has also moved the shop into a new garage, which looks nice.

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Lars’ Jeep Service in Sweden

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DC forwarded Lars’ website.   Lars runs “Willys Service” in Sweden and has been working with Willys for over fifty years.  He has some beautiful jeeps, too.

Willys Service Lars Svensson

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Custom Shift Knobs

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This arrived in my inbox today, so I thought I’d pass it along.

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American Car Brochures

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HOG forwarded this unique website.  There are a few Willys brochures in there, too.

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Willys Hubcap Thread

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HOG spotted a great Willys hubcap thread over at the International Full Size Jeep Association Forum.

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Jeepster Jim’s Website


I ran across Jeepster Jim’s Website.  If anyone has any experience with him, let us know.

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Shipping Via Grey Hound


I’ve heard that some people use Grey Hound Buses to ship parts, but Josh is the first to provide first hand experience.  Here’s what he had to say.

“As a tip and likely often overlooked when trying to ship something, Grey Hound offers an excellent shipping service (cheaper and faster than USPS in every experience I’ve had)  I recently had a full gpw windshield assembly with gun rack in a crate, a set of mb top bows, a skid plate, an air cleaner and a small pile of other parts all shipped in the same load by greyhound for less than $140. They are the way to go when it comes to these bulky parts. Also for a $2 fee they take C.O.D for shipping expense so no need for the seller to get back to you just pay for the part they drop it off packaged up at gray hound and you wait a couple of days for a phone call to come pick up your stuff! (sometimes they even help load 🙂 )”

You can learn more from the Grey Hound website