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Wonderful World of Willys Wagons

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I was doing a search for Wagon axles when I found this Wagon-based website:  Wonderful World of Willys Wagons.  It’s got some interesting, funny, silly stuff, including a description of a sprung front wagon clip.  There’s a section of trains and jeeps titled Geeps & Jeeps.  This site could easily  be called the goofy world of wagons.

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Clifford Performance — a header for your L or F Head


We had a discussion a while back about ways to improve the performance of your L or F Head.  Clifford Performance specializes in improving the performance of in-line engines — even their slogan 6=8 signifies that you can get the horsepower of a V8 out of inline 6s with some modifications.

If you have an inline 6 cylinder or 4 cylinder engine this site is worth checking out. Here’s an example of the F or L-head header.

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Aqualu Industries and Aluminum Bodies

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I knew there were aluminum bodies for flatties, but I discovered today that Aqualu manufactures a wide range of aluminum bodies, including a flattie, CJ-5, CJ-6 and more.  Check out all the different bodies at their website.

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Website: 4×4 History


Here’s a website with an extensive history of four wheel drive.  Based on a credit at the bottom of the page, I believe this was originally created/published by Four

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In 2009 Brendan launched  His goal is to capture old jeeps pics, stories or both so that they don’t get lost.  He was spurred on by a post on G503.  In the post someone mentioned what a shame it was that a lot of photo albums were being torn apart and the photos were then separated, identities lost and a piece of history was erased.

Brendan decided he wanted to change that.  He decided to start placing photos he would purchase on ebay online. He feels it is a small drop in the ocean, but if he can gather enough, he’d like to think that he could put together some of th0se histories.

He’s still organizing and gathering information, so stop by and check out what he’s doing.

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The 1st Annual Rawhide Rumble Car Show & Swap Meet

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In December of 2009, the ‘town’ of Rawhide held its 1st annual Car Show & Swap Meet.  Now, I’d never heard of Rawhide, so, after a few quick searches, I found and took a look at their website.  It turns out it is a tourist town full of events, eateries and things to do for kids and adults.

I learned about this event from a blog entry by Mr Greenwrench, about whom I know nothing except that he takes good pics and lots of them!  So, thank Mr. Greenwrench for the 3 Jeep images below — all three outstanding Jeeps!

Here is a photo of Jesse Ybarra’s M-667.  You can learn more about it at the FC-Connection website.

According to Dennis, this FC-150 belongs to Bill Thomson.

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Jeep/Willys Brochures from Norway

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Gerald sent me a link to Hans Tore Tangerud’s website.  Living in Kristiansand, Norway, Hans is definitely a car lover, building a pretty sizeable site. He’s got a variety of old brochures and images, including a few Willys & Jeep Brochures.

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Willys Trucks and Wagons over at Jalopy Journal

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Jalopy Journal has a short thread with a variety of pics.  The wagon that caught my eye is shown below, a creatively constructed ‘party wagon’.  I love it!  There’s a few more pics of this at the website.

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Reason #63 for a trip to Italy

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Some of the folks over at the website had a discussion regarding the Museo Storico Piana delle Orme – Latina (Italy).    The museum describes itself as a “historical theme park designed to accommodate one of the largest and most diverse collections in the world: planes, tanks, locomotives, wagons, radio, weapons and hundreds of military vehicles, agricultural tractors, threshers, trams and coaches, tools and thousands of objects of all types and sizes. Dedicated to the twentieth century, the Museum is a journey through 50 years of Italian history. 14 themed to tell the traditions and culture of the peasant, the great works of improvement, the Second World War but also to show the vehicles and means at the dawn of industrialization and great toys with which children entertained themselves.

For the purposes of ewillys, the highlight of the trip might just be the opportunity to check out these two modified flatties a little closer (ok, hopefully we could find many more highlights as well!)

In the foreground, we have a MB that has been converted into a tow truck.  Behind, and to the left, is a jeep with a water tank(?) on the back of it.  Maybe a water transporter?  This photo was taken by “Captain Bill”.

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Man Made rebuilds an offroad car (well, technically it’s a car/boat)

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Simon forwarded me a link to a show called Man Made. I haven’t seen an episode yet, but the video introduction below looks intriguing.

Simon reports, “I’ve only seen two episodes but its about a guy who locates barn finds and restores them for selling at auction. So far its covered an amphicar and Camero (no jeeps!) but its a great program to watch and see how a professional goes about restoring classic cars. He’s not been so successful on the profit front mind you – the amphicar didn’t sell and he lost money on the Camero”

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Rusting Jeeps in Okinawa, Japan, and Puson, Korea

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UPDATE: I added this post in January of last year with just the single image (the first one below).  Today, David pointed me to the website that has a few more images, which follow the first image.  You can learn more about these pics at that site.

(01/31/09) Robert pointed me to a collection of Life Magazine photos of old jeeps hosted at Google.  Click on the photo and then click on it again to see all kinds of details.


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Builds: Jim’s brother’s Weekend Build

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Sometimes you have the luxury of 25 years to work on your M-38.  Other times, you only have the weekend.  Jim and his brothers show how much work can be done in only a weekend — and what a difference another body can make.

You can read all about this weekend adventure on Jim’s brother’s blog: By the Numbers.  It’s a funny bit of writing, including the addition of aliases to protect the innocent from thesungoddess perhaps? :-).  You can also catch Jim on his blog, Bus-Plunge (he’s got a cool bus & hat).  Finally, you can see all three brothers at the bottom of this list of Jeeps, courtesy of the jeepjunkie himself.

Here’s the before — a very cheaply purchased, rolling pile of rust:


And an after shot — all the body parts changed in another low budget purchase of parts … all except for the driver’s side fender.  I’d say that’s a 1000 percent improvement. Not bad for a weekend.


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Website: 1950 Bantam Trailer Idea Factory


As mentioned in the post above, I found Mike’s website related to the sale of his CJ-6 and trailer.  He documented both the updates he made to his jeep and updates done to the trailer.  He’s implemented a number of creative ideas to support the modern family’s use of a trailer.  I highly recommend browsing the website for ideas.

Link to Mike’s Bantam Site


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Builds: Mac and Jason’s CJ-2A Project

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Titled, the “CJ-2A 1948 Willys Overland Jeep Restoration Project“, this blog follows the rebuilding of a 1948 Willys by Mac and Jason in Houston, Tx.  It’s clear they don’t know a great deal about jeeps (neither did I when I started on my jeep many years ago), but are jumping in with both feet none-the-less.  Kudos to them; it looks like they are learning already.


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Jeep Clubs in Pakistan

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Right in the middle of drafting a post about DJ-3As vs Galas vs Surreys, the internet managed, once again, to derail my efforts.  In the middle of doing a picture search,  I stumbled upon the Islamabad Jeep Club.  Hmm .. that’s in Pakistan … could that really be a jeep club?   Not only is it a jeep club, it is one of the three clubs from Pakistan on the internet with sites published entirely in English.

I admit, this is something I didn’t expect.  I admit, despite my attempts not to preconceive, my entire conception of Pakistan is desert, Camels and a mirror of Afghanistan — a montage of movies and news footage.  That was my view of Pakistan.

Here’s a video from 2008:

Now I’ve learned there’s more. So, for your educational pleasure, below are snapshots from each of the three websites I found in Pakistan and a pic of the wide range of 4wd vehicles that attend the Islamabad Jeep Club events.  You’ll see a wide mix of old flatties, new 4wd vehicles, and everything in between. Finally, while checking out the Offroad Pakistan websites, I ran across a wonderful post about the rebuilding of a Ford F1 from California, which I cover in the post below this one.

Lahore 4wd Jeep Club


4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi


Islamabad Jeep Club:


And, from the Islamabad Jeep Club, comes this photo that shows the wide range of vehicles that are in their club and/or attend their events.  You can view more photos here.


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L-head and F-head performance

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I found this article on, though it’s really an article from JP Magazine.  The article highlights improving performance on a variety of Jeep engines.  Here’s two excerpts and a great pic.

Dual carburetor manifolds in the ’50s were available for just about any engine you could imagine and an old-time company, Burns, made a log-type manifold that utilized two Stromberg Ford V-8 carburetors for the Jeep four-cylinder. I’m sure these helped the four-cylinder flathead’s performance, but, still, the long-stroke 134.2ci engine needed a lot more than this…”

And a little on the F-head

The next step was to swap in a later model F-head engine. It wasn’t technically an engine swap because it was a direct bolt in. Still the same basic engine, but a new cylinder head design with the intake valves upstairs in the head instead of the block. Depending on the compression ratio, which ranged from 6.9 to 7.8 (depending on year and usage), it was rated at 72 to 75 horsepower at around 4,000 rpm and torque was up to 114lb-ft. This one got a balance job, some performance pistons from Speed-O-Motive, and a Holley carb from a Falcon six. My new performance motor maybe made 100 horsepower on a good, damp day.

Harry Buschert, who owned a farm implement repair shop in Hemet, California, was a real innovator in design. He built up a very-modified, four-cylinder F-head that even had a Paxton Blower that he had salvaged off a Packard….”


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Gavin Walker’s Willys MA Website

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I’ve had the Willys MA Website as a “Link Worthy” Link for much of the year.  I thought I had done a post on it (I’m still sure I have), but after searching for it to add it to the “Early Jeep” Section, I couldn’t find a post about it.  Gavin has got a variety of MA & GPA Images and more.


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Pete, from the Willys-Overland Jeepster Club,  emailed me a comment regarding Jeepsters the other day, teaching me something I didn’t know about Jeepsters (No Factory made 4wd models from ’48 – ’51).  He had a link to his website, so I checked it out.

I finally figured out what Santa rides in when there is no snow for his sleigh … he uses a bright red Jeepster!  Drop by and learn more about their organization.


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More Retreads – These tires are sold in the UK & Canada

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Here’s two offroad retreads we can’t get in the United States (to the best of my knowledge).  They are available from technopneu in Quebec (information courtesy of Felix at our new Quebec bureau!) & in the UK as shown below.

You can see the original post on retreads here.


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Hot Rod Shift Knobs

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hotrodshiftknobsUPDATE: The site is temporarily offline due to a move. It should return shortly.

Are you looking for a Hot Rod Shift Knob? There are some unusual ones at

From the website, Welcome to Hot Rod Shift Knobs, where shifters go to find their perfect knob. I started this biz as a kustom car, hot rod and classic car lover, and opened my first store House O’ Speed. I thought there oughta be place where people with rat rods, traditional hot rods and just about anything in between could find unique shift knobs for their rides. Ceramic shift knobs, antique glass door knob shift knobs, pewter sand-cast shift knobs, glitter shift knobs, marbleized knobs, nostalgia knobs, vintage grenade shift knobs, skull knobs, shrunken head knobs, custom one-of-a-kind shifts knobs that are hand-painted using candies, metallics and high-end automotive finishes. You won’t find the run of the mill stuff here, folks….

Below are examples of their Frankenstein Knob options.


You can also see some really strange ones at Pirate 4×4’s Cool Shift Knobs thread.

To Top — Lots about Lifts/Wheels and more

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jeep_us41_orgTravis:  Maybe this will answer any Lift questions you have 🙂

I’m not sure who operates the website (I couldn’t find his name, but saw his picture), but he has put together a long, well written webpage on Lifts.

Here’s an excerpt from the page: Whether or not you off-road in your Jeep, you will eventually catch the Jeep bug, and you will find yourself suffering from “Lift Envy.” Lift Envy is a disease that causes Jeep owners to lust after higher lifted vehicles with bigger and bigger tires underneath them every time a “superior” Jeep drives past. But what the heck is a lift, and what is involved in going bigger? This article explains it all.

Read the whole article here

To Top — One Family’s Jeep Collection

• CATEGORIES: GPA (SEEP), International, toys, Website is a great little website that features a French (?) family that is busy collecting jeeps (GPA, GP, Hotchkiss …) and more.  It appears to be a total family affair.  Their collection of jeep pedal vehicles is particularly interesting.  The collection of book titles is worth reviewing as well.

Below are a few of the pedal jeeps. Note the last pic where they are hanging in a garage above what appears to be the Seep covered in canvas.


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Tellico 4×4’s 3 Day Sale

• CATEGORIES: News, Website has a 3 day sale with up to 70% on clearance item and 10% off all purchases (don’t forget to use the Promo Code  TW-10P-9 when making purchases).  Sale valid Friday, October 16 – Sunday, October 18, 2009.


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MB & GPW Standard Nomenclature List from

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I have no idea if this is of any use to anyone, but I thought it was interesting.  Here’s a the link to download a 200+ government document that lists THE STANDARD NOMENCLATURE LIST of Spare Parts and Equipment as of January 1944 for GPW & MBs.  Sections of the document include: Maintenance Parts Procurement List (Section 2); Vehicular Spare Parts and Equipment List (Section 3); Organizational Spare Parts and Equipment List (Section 4); Ordnance Maintenance Unit Stockage List (Section 5); Depot Stockage List (Section 6); Geographical or Seasonal Maintenance Parts List (Section 7); and Indexes (Seciion 8).

Another document highlights the OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE OF GPWS & MBs from 1944.

I found this and some other documents related to GPWs, MBs,  M-38s and M-38A1s at, a website that stores all kinds of information as a digital library and public resource (the site has movies, images, books, and more).  To find this information, do a search on Willys (or just click this link)

Here’s a couple images from the NOMENCLATURE LIST:



To Top – It’s a Jeep Thing “only bigger”

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I’m attempting to find a website that discusses this Willys/Jeep Truck/Van thingy.  My guess, based on our reader from Israel, is that this is an international vehicle.

So far, I have had no luck finding information about it.  However, in the process of my search, I did stumble upon a great website about Trucks:  There are features, trucks and parts for sale, a comprehensive links page, and more.