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Hot Rod Shift Knobs

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hotrodshiftknobsUPDATE: The site is temporarily offline due to a move. It should return shortly.

Are you looking for a Hot Rod Shift Knob? There are some unusual ones at

From the website, Welcome to Hot Rod Shift Knobs, where shifters go to find their perfect knob. I started this biz as a kustom car, hot rod and classic car lover, and opened my first store House O’ Speed. I thought there oughta be place where people with rat rods, traditional hot rods and just about anything in between could find unique shift knobs for their rides. Ceramic shift knobs, antique glass door knob shift knobs, pewter sand-cast shift knobs, glitter shift knobs, marbleized knobs, nostalgia knobs, vintage grenade shift knobs, skull knobs, shrunken head knobs, custom one-of-a-kind shifts knobs that are hand-painted using candies, metallics and high-end automotive finishes. You won’t find the run of the mill stuff here, folks….

Below are examples of their Frankenstein Knob options.


You can also see some really strange ones at Pirate 4×4’s Cool Shift Knobs thread.


5 Comments on “Hot Rod Shift Knobs

  1. Debbie

    Thanks so much for the promotion. We aim to please. If there is a certain gear shift knob that you are looking for, chances are we can find it, or suggest one for you. Thanks again! We’ll be sending you some decals.

  2. Larry

    I’m looking for the Willys “W” logo shift knob I have a 1960 willys Truck
    It is a W inside a large O and the W and O are Silver with a red center on a black knob, comes up but the website is down are you closed up?

  3. Rodney Marich

    Hi I am looking for a skull gear shift knob and high stem to suit a C4 Ford Transmission about 3-400 high. Can you give me any leads or do you make them.?

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