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Jeep Clubs in Pakistan

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Right in the middle of drafting a post about DJ-3As vs Galas vs Surreys, the internet managed, once again, to derail my efforts.  In the middle of doing a picture search,  I stumbled upon the Islamabad Jeep Club.  Hmm .. that’s in Pakistan … could that really be a jeep club?   Not only is it a jeep club, it is one of the three clubs from Pakistan on the internet with sites published entirely in English.

I admit, this is something I didn’t expect.  I admit, despite my attempts not to preconceive, my entire conception of Pakistan is desert, Camels and a mirror of Afghanistan — a montage of movies and news footage.  That was my view of Pakistan.

Here’s a video from 2008:

Now I’ve learned there’s more. So, for your educational pleasure, below are snapshots from each of the three websites I found in Pakistan and a pic of the wide range of 4wd vehicles that attend the Islamabad Jeep Club events.  You’ll see a wide mix of old flatties, new 4wd vehicles, and everything in between. Finally, while checking out the Offroad Pakistan websites, I ran across a wonderful post about the rebuilding of a Ford F1 from California, which I cover in the post below this one.

Lahore 4wd Jeep Club


4×4 Offroaders Club Karachi


Islamabad Jeep Club:


And, from the Islamabad Jeep Club, comes this photo that shows the wide range of vehicles that are in their club and/or attend their events.  You can view more photos here.



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  1. Steve

    When I was in Mongolia, I tried to find info on american jeeps but it seemed none of the WWII jeeps made it that far. They did have the Russian jeeps there. Wonder how the jeeps made it to Pakistan? Probably via India?

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