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Photo of Pouliot’s Dealership w/ Jeeps

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Mike shared this photo that was floating around Facebook. It’s possible that this was a Minnesota dealership, as a few research nibbles seemed to send me there, but I couldn’t confirm anything. I imagine this was taken between 1963-1965, given he models shown.

The photo seems to have been first posted on Facebook here.


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1950 Photo of Roy Fisher’s Willys “Jeep” Dealership

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This 1950 photo from the Gateway to Oklahoma History archives shows Roy Fisher’s jeep dealership. His dealership was active between 1946 and 1950 in Oklahoma City, OK. It was sold about the time this May 1950 photo was taken. Note the CJ-2A Fire Jeep in the second story window. The vintage Willys sign with the drop “J” logo is cool as well.

Here are a few ads from the Roy Fisher Willys ‘Jeep’ dealer era.



January 05, 1950, Daily Oklahoman.

Here is the sale announcement from the May 25, 1950, issue of the Miami News-Record out of Miami, Oklahoma:


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1957 Park ‘Jeep’ Dealership St. Louis Park, MN

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UPDATE: As JoeB points out (and I missed), the van is an Economy 2WD Deliver Chassis with a Montpelier body conversion (vs. the Boyer version).


Several folks shared this photo with me. It was published by Paul Swanson on Facebook. HIs family used to own the dealership. The fourth vehicle in the row looks to be an unusual model of the economy/package/delivery van. You’ll note it lacks front hubs, suggesting it was 2WD. Some were 2WD and some 4WD vans:

Paul dates the photo to 1957, but to me the FC-150 on the left and the first FC-150 in the row of jeeps look like they are not narrow tracks, which would put the photo later than 1957. Moreover, I cannot find any ads for Park Jeep earlier than the summer of 1958.

Paul indicated that he will post better images of the van.



From the February 02, 1960, issue of the Minneapolis Star. Strangely, I could not locate any ads earlier than the summer of 1958. So, it’s unclear to me when the dealership opened. You’ll note this ad mentions an Economy van; maybe the one in the pic above never sold.

Clipping from The Minneapolis Star -

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November 1946 Carl’s Motor Co. Dealer Ad

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This looks like it may have been a full-page ad for Carl’s Motor company, despite the news stories sprinkled within. Note the photo of Bob Hope in a CJ-2A that seems to be promoting Carl’s Motors (I wonder if Bob Hope knew it).

1946-11-22-wilmington-daily-press-journal-carls-jeep-dealer1-lores 1946-11-22-wilmington-daily-press-journal-carls-jeep-dealer2-lores

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1953 Post Kaiser-Willys Merger Ads

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These three Kaiser-Willys ads demonstrate a national campaign ad offering to dealers who wanted to share the news that Kaiser and Willys vehicles were being sold under the same brand. Though the purchase was announced in the spring of 1953, the ad campaign was introduced until the fall of 1953 after the sale was completed (See the June 1953 ad at bottom that introduces a new dealer, but doesn’t mention Kaiser).

The imagery and order of the blocks is interesting. Though Kaiser purchased Willys-Overland’s assets, for the extensive network of Willys dealers the experience was the opposite; they were adding Kaiser products to their Willys sales portfolios. I expect this explains why the Kaiser block is pictured being added to the Willys block rather than the other way around.


This ad was published on November 05, 1953, in The Times out of Shreveport, Louisiana, by Dixie Kaiser-Willys.


This ad was published on October 08, 1953, in the Birmingham News, out of Birmingham, Alabama, by the Roy Bridges & Co., Inc.


This ad was published on November 15, 1953, in the Great Falls Tribune, out of Montana, by Robinson Motor Co.

A June 5, 1953, full-page ad out of California introduced Haley Motors, a new “Willys” dealer. Though the merger had been announced, it wasn’t finalized until the fall of 1953; this likely explains why there was no mention of Kaiser in this ad.



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1969 Vagabond Adventures #1 on eBay

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UPDATE: A new seller has over 10 issues of Vagabond: Adventures in 4-Wheel Drive issue #1 for sale. I purchased a copy and will post once I receive it. I’ve only documented two issues of this magazine; Here’s issue #2.

View all the information eBay

This is issue #1 Volume 1. Note the great article on the rare CJ-5 camper.

“Original factory magazine , 5.5 x 8.5 , 32 pages . Includes interesting articles showing Jeep Gladiator Camper , CJ5 Universal Camper , Wagoneer in Redwood National Park , many other interesting articles . This magazine was printed by Jeep and sent to the dealers and customers .”



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Homebuilt Willys Showroom Wingdale, NY $150

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Not sure about the price, but a fun idea.

“1950’s Willys Showroom. 1/43 “O” scale. Homebuilt as shown. 2 vehicles included. Removeable roof to reveal detailed interior. Nice display piece OR use on your layout.Total footprint of model 17 1/2x 13″ $150. will consider delivery,local–no shipping. P.M. for cell and details”

willys-showroom-model-ny1 willys-showroom-model-ny2 willys-showroom-model-ny3 willys-showroom-model-ny4

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Joe Donham Willys Dealership near Oakland, Ca

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UPDATE: Blaine spotted a post that provides more background on the Joe Donham and a pic of how it looked as of 2006.


According to the website post,

Joseph B. Donham (1895–1982), who followed Warren at this location, was general sales manager for the Val Strough organization in the 1930s before striking out on his own. After running a used car dealership in Oakland, he opened an authorized Willys dealership at 2747 San Pablo Avenue, being the first tenant to lease the new showroom. Donham’s Willys dealership operated here from 1953 through 1956. After the car maker ceased production, Donham switched to selling used cars at this location and ran the Dalton & Norton Chrysler dealership in San Leandro. According to his son, Joseph Donham, Jr., Donham owned several East Bay used car dealerships while working as general manager of S&C Ford in San Francisco.


Originally published in Feb of 2012:  This image shows a Willys Dealership in the East Bay area near Oakland, Ca.  Donham’s Willys dealership operated from 1953 through 1956.

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Moriarty Brothers Key Ring Pembroke, MA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $25.

This Moriarty Brothers (Manchester, CT) Willys Jeep Key Ring a neat little piece. Some history behind that dealership.

“estate sale find : vintage 1960’s Willys Jeep Keys I was told and leather clip key chain. Back side says Willy’s- Jeep , and front side says : Moriarty Brothers inc. Manchester Connecticut. Lincoln-mercury, Meteor-comet . Phone mitchel 3-5135.”

moriarty-brothers-key-chain1 moriarty-brothers-key-chain2

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Vintage Dealer Photo from Galax, Virginia

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Chris spotted this Jeep dealer photo taken in Galax, Virginia, on a Carroll County Facebook page. If you look carefully, you’ll see the round ‘Service’ Jeep sign (painted?) on the building with an extra large “P”.

There’s still a Mink Motor Sales company that sells used cars. I can’t tell if this venture is the same location as shown in in the pic below.


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1947 Beaverhead Willys Motors Ad

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This ad was featured in the Dillon Daily Tribune on May 06,1947.


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Willys Jeep Sign Lawrenceville, IL eBay

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Maury spotted this cool sign. Price is $2500, but seller is accepting offers. Looks like ti was for the Bobe’s K-W Motors dealership.

View all the information on eBay

“VINTAGE Willys Jeep Double Sided Sign . Condition is Used. One of a kind RARE keeper!!!”

willys-jeep-vincennes-sign1 willys-jeep-vincennes-sign2

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1955 Jeep Sales Success Stories

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The December 1955 issue of Willys News shared their dealer success stories (you’ll have to click on the ‘continue’ button below to read them).



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Business Card for Bean’s Garage in Pennsylvania

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David Silberman forwarded this vintage jeep business card. He writes, “Here is a scan of a business card from a Willys dealer in the area. They (brothers Ike and Joe) were an associate dealer and were very good with parts and repair. They also had a Koenig backhoe on a Jeep truck, which they used to dig graves, among other uses.

We bought a 1953 Aero Ace from them in 1955, and in 1958 bought a 1947 CJ2A. The Aero cost $1,000 and we got 200,000 miles out of it. The CJ was $300. We kept it until we traded it for a new CJ5 in 1960. They went out of the Jeep business in the early 60’s. I attended the auction of the place about 8 years ago. Joe was still alive at that time.


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Vintage Jeep Sign on eBay

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Here’s another Jeep Parts Sign for sale. The pic is from a different, but similar sign. Check eBay for the actual sign.

“This is an original panel from a lighted Jeep® sign assembly. I only have the one side panel of the assembly. Measurements on this panel are: 24″ wide X 18″ high. It is used and shows signs of handling and storage from over the years.

Looking at the sign from the front side, there is a crack measuring approximately 4″ in length, emanating from the screw hole (shown in picture #3). There appears to be some glue residue or possibly material from the weatherstripping when the sign was in an assembled unit along the edges. There are some scuff marks, and the paint shows small places where it has chipped, but overall (aside from the crack), the sign is in pretty decent shape for it’s age. Pretty cool !!!!

This sign comes from the Willy’s Jeep® era (1960s’). It was in some leftover material from when the Jeep® dealer in Winter Park, FL. shut their doors in the late 1980s. Own a piece of Jeep® history today.”

View all the information on ebay


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1954 Photo of the Willys Winter Motor Co on eBay

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Neat photo.

“You buying one black & white high quality 12” by 18” picture. This is copy of a professionally taken picture from that era. The picture will be shipped in a 13’ piece of PVC tubing to prevent damage.”

View all the information on ebay


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Willys Overland Down Payment Program

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This sold on eBay already, but is interesting. It is a rare 1952 Willys Overland Jeep Employees New Car Down Payment Program Coupon. It looks like it could be used for any W/O vehicle.

willys-overland-employee-down-payment copy


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1969 Vagabond Adventures #2 **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is Volume 1, #2 of Vagabond: Adventures in 4-Wheel Drive.

“NOS Jeep Vol #1 Issue#2 “Vagabond” Adventures In 4WD, Factory Magazine sent to customers,  5 1/2 X 8 1/2, 30 pages of articles that would appeal to a broad band of potential “JEEP” customers and sprinkled with liberal doses of Jeep product ads and tie ins.”


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1951 Photos from Dealer Convention on eBay

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These two photos were taken at a 1951 dealers convention in Portland, OR.

“Black and white original photographs from a dealer convetion held in Portland Oregon 1951.
Pictures are ” X 10″ in size. Condition is fair/good. Wear around edges, creases at corners, small edge tear.

#1- Features a Jeep in a parade…license plate is 1951 dealer plate
#2- Features the dealer group in a meeting…note signage on the walls

Back of photo #2 is: Leo F. Simon Photographer Portland stamp”

View all the information on eBay

1951-dealer-convention-portland-or-photo1 1951-dealer-convention-portland-or-photo2

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Hickey Jeep Company Sign Mesa, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $125.

This is a cool sign. Unclear how large, but it looks like its pretty big.

“Large metal hickey jeep co. Sign”


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Salesbuilder Magazine from Willys Overland

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I spotted and purchased it on eBay today.  There were three other issues, but I got outbid with a few seconds to go on the rest.

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White Owl, NC, Willys Dealership

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After seeing the photo from Bob, Buz forwarded this photo.

Buz writes, “Here is a photo from White Owl Parts Co. which started out as a Willys Dealership after the war. It’s still there and if you look carefully over their shelves of parts you can still find NOS Willys parts. It’s located in Kinston, NC. They are the nicest people in the world, might be worth a visit if you ever get to this part of the country. The original photo is still on the wall in their office.”


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Bob’s Photo of the Valstrey Willys Dealership

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Bob bought this photo at an antique store a couple days ago. Visible in it are trailers, a wagon, and a couple flatties. The sign appears to read  “145 e. werrick rd, tel. Valley stream 3638”

After some googling, Bob and I determined there was a Valstrey Service Corporation at 145 E. Merrick in Freeport, NY, which is very close the town of Valley Stream, NY. Further research yielded a newspaper ad out of the Brooklyn Eagle (Jan. 22nd 1950, pg 15) showing the Valstrey Service Corp from the address above in a Willys Advertisement (see below).



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1948 Photo of Jeep Display in Florida

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UPDATE: Mark pointed out that the wagon at the far right of the photo looks like a shorty. After several agreements, I did some research and found the ad below.  The ‘wagon’ on the right is actually a ‘Station Sedan’ model while the one on the left is the ‘Station Wagon’ model.  The Station Sedan had the added benefit of being “more maneuverable and easier to park”.  The ad doesn’t make it look short, but the picture below sure does.  I have confirmed the wheelbases were the same (see comments).

The  State Archives of Florida at Florida Memory, has this great photo created by Spottswood Studio of the Family of Jeeps.


Here’s a 1949 brochure that discusses the differences between a Station Sedan and a Station Wagon.  Note how the styling on the right matches the styling on the ‘Sedan’ in the top of the ad. I found this for sale at the Jumping Frog site.


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1965 Showroom Gifts Promo Sheet on eBay

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We’ve seen a few of these promos sold on eBay.  This is a nice reference piece.

“original salesman’s non color folder , 8.5 x 11 folded , 17 x 11 unfolded , shows Jeep and Gladiator Promo Models , Jeep jewelry , pen , playing cards , key chain , ashtray , windshield scraper, etc. Also includes order price information . This was printed by the Jeep factory and sent to the dealers.”

View all the information on eBay



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