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Business Card for Bean’s Garage in Pennsylvania

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David Silberman forwarded this vintage jeep business card. He writes, “Here is a scan of a business card from a Willys dealer in the area. They (brothers Ike and Joe) were an associate dealer and were very good with parts and repair. They also had a Koenig backhoe on a Jeep truck, which they used to dig graves, among other uses.

We bought a 1953 Aero Ace from them in 1955, and in 1958 bought a 1947 CJ2A. The Aero cost $1,000 and we got 200,000 miles out of it. The CJ was $300. We kept it until we traded it for a new CJ5 in 1960. They went out of the Jeep business in the early 60’s. I attended the auction of the place about 8 years ago. Joe was still alive at that time.



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