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Set of Warn WL-2 Locking Hubs Commack, NY $150


Original box, too!

“Selling (2) two Willy’s Jeep WL-2 Locking Hubs–Warn Mfg. Co.
In original box; asking $150 for the pair.”


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1951 CJ-3A Blanca, CO $6800


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6800.

(08/24/2018) This might have a rare set of Thor hubs.

“1951 Willys CJ3A. original Willys Go Devil flathead 4 cylinder engine, T-90 3 speed, D-18 2 speed transfer case. Runs like new, All original except, Aluminum radiator, 12 volt electrical system, Electronic ignition distributor, 15 inch wheels with Federal Couragia M/T LT 235/75R15 Tires. Has a New (1 year old) Bestop soft top. It is kept in my garage. 66,xxx original miles.
$14,500 Firm!”

1951-cj3a-thor-hub-blanca-co 1951-cj3a-blanca-co6 1951-cj3a-blanca-co7 1951-cj3a-blanca-co8 1951-cj3a-blanca-co9

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1979 EasyLok Hub Brochure

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A big thanks to Jim for finding this brochure in old box of files, then sending it my way gratis. It shows the EasyLok Hub, manufactured by the Mechanex Corp, a devision of Tenneco, out of Englewood, Colorado.  You can learn a little more about the EasyLok hub’ s history in this post.

Mechanex Corp patented another hub in 1978, but I don’t recognize the hub.

1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-1 1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-2 1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-3 1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-4



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1945 GPW Dana Point, CA $6500


UPDATE: Has Watson Hubs.

(11/02/2016) Runs.

“Runs well but not drivable, will need some restoration. Clear title with original black California license plates.”

1945-gpw-orangecounty-cay 1945-gpw-orangecounty-ca8 1945-gpw-orangecounty-ca-9


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1949 CJ-3A Windsor, CO $2550


UPDATE: Price dropped to $2550.

(11/05/2018) This 3A appear to have an early set of Dualmatic hubs.

“This is for a 1949 Willys cj3a jeep with a running 6 cylinder Ford engine but no title, good ranch or hunting rig for only $2995.00 cash.”

early-dualmatic-hubs 1949-cj3a-windsor-c1 1949-cj3a-windsor-co2

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1958 Cutlas Power-Lock Brochure on eBay

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This Power-Lock was the first hub patented, copyrighted, and sold under the Cutlas brand. As I mention in my Free-Lock article, for reasons unknown, the president of Free-Lock became the president of Cutlas. Even more curious, the last two model of Free-Lock hubs were WL-57 and WL-58.

And, what was the Initial model of the first Cutlas hub you ask? That would be WL-6, shown below:

View all the information on eBay

cutlas-powerlock-hub-brochure1 cutlas-powerlock-hub-brochure2


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Just a Couple Posts Today

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I spend the last couple days driving to, then back from Seattle. Dad’s been saying a few odd things, so I wanted to see how he was doing at his new Rehab facility. He may have the start of some dementia … on the joys of aging.

Because of my drive over on Sunday, I lost out on the chance to get this Dualmatic Sales Demo hub. But, I did score some cool wagon/truck/jeepster brochures fairly inexpensively. So, I’ll be sharing those at some point.

Here’s the demo hub. There’s not a good pic of it, but there’s plastic around the edge so viewers can watch how the levers engage/disengage the hubs.

dualmatic-demo-hub1 dualmatic-demo-hub2


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2 12 Spline EasyLok Hubs Parkersburg, WV on eBay


Here’s a set of EasyLocks, but they appear to be 12 spline? They may be designed for a Land Cruiser (’71 axles are 12 spline).

View all the information on eBay

“From an early model Willys Jeep truck, may fit other four wheel drives.
BestLok or EasyLok?
6 Bolt (bolts included)
12 Spline
Lock or Free settings, turns freely”


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Warn Summer Hubs Longview, WA $184.99


The seller is looking for other early vintage hubs to purchase.

View all the information on eBay

“Warn Vintage Summer Free Locking Hubs
Wanted: new old stock locking hubs in small or large quantities”



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Dualmatic Hubs Butte, MT $400


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/14/2018) Kris has this set of rebuilt Dualmatic Hubs. Email him at

dualmatic-hubs--1 dualmatic-hubs--2 dualmatic-hubs--3 dualmatic-hubs--4

“These are a set of Dualmatic Lock-Out Hubs. 10 spline. They were taken off a mid-50’s Willy’s Truck. These are the “short model”. With the cap they’re about 2″ tall. This set has been fully restored. They have been thoroughly cleaned, wire wheeled, sand blasted then powder coated. Not Painted!! New Dualmatic sticker on the center of the cap. These will even come with the correct stainless steel dual-tab lock washers that have seemed to all but disappeared. The stainless steel mounting bolts are not included, however the cleaned originals will be. Continue reading

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10 Spline “Summer Hubs” Napa, CA eBay


UPDATE: These are back on eBay. Starting bid was $85.

(10/12/2018) I’ve not seen these elsewhere. Anyone recognize them?

View all the information on eBay

“You are buying a set of “summer” hubs for your Willys or scout. These hubs are for a 10 spline Dana 25 front axel. They are designed to not lock. They will need a cleaning and grease job. Please look at the photos and ask any questions that you may have.”

summer-hub-10-spline1 summer-hub-10-spline2 summer-hub-10-spline3 summer-hub-10-spline4

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Thor? Hubs Petal, MS eBay

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Richard’s selling these hubs. They appear to be Thor Automatic Hubs. The screw on the side may be a way to engage them manually. Anyone else know more about these?

View all the information on eBay

“this is a good used set of 10 spline – 6- bolt lockout hubs for willys jeeps – the screwdriver slot is how you lock them in and out -”

thor-hubs-richard1 thor-hubs-richard2

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Cutlas Hubs Phoenix, Az $100


I think they are the Cutlas Selective Drive hubs.

“These are rare . Stronger than any hubs out there. Dont take my word for it, look them up and see what folks say. These will fit early CJs , willys .”


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The “K” Style Flanges from The King of Jeeps

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I purchased a 1957 Berg’s Truck and Parts Co (Aka the King of Jeeps) Catalog off of eBay. It included this flyer for a set of hubs I’ve never seen. Anyone ever run across these? (You can compare them to other flanges/summer hubs here:

1957-jeep-king-berg-parts-catalog-cover k-flange-freewheeling-hub-jeepking

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BestLok and EasyLok Hubs

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Maury and I have been trying to determine how BestLok and EasyLok hubs are connected and how they are connected to Warn, Husky, and Dualmatic. The short answer is that we don’t quite know yet. But, below is what we do know. (Note, while Husky and Dualmatic are mentioned, it’s not a full history of either hub, histories I do need to address at some point).

In January of 1972, Richard Williams filed a patent, assigned to Warn-Belleview, for a new type of hub. Below is the image of that hub.


What’s curious is that there’s no documentation that Warn ever sold these hubs.

Even more curious, by July of 1972 this exact hub was produced and sold under the brand EasyLok, as advertised here, in the July issue of Four Wheeler Magazine:


Why these hubs weren’t sold nor branded under any traditional seller of the time is a mystery to us.

Earlier this year, Maury spotted a set of hubs with the Warn patented design that were manufactured in 1982. Maury managed to get ahold of photos that show the hubs were manufactured and warranteed by BestopDualmatic (a joined company formed when Wynn industries combined the companies around 1974).


Continue reading

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Dave’s 1948 Dually CJ-2A

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Dave just scored a Dually adapter kit off of eBay. He’s also got a set of fenders. I really like those Free-Lock hubs, too.





dave-cj2a-dually3 dave-cj2a-dually7

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Free-Lock Hubs and a Tool

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Two different eBay ads here, one for a set of Free-Lock hubs and another for the sale of a reproduction Free-Lock hub tool.

  1. Free Lock Hubs Roseville, CA $50 on eBay
    “Willie’s free lock hubs one is missing internal gear one is complete both spin free”
  2. Free-Lock Reproduction Hub Tool $35 on eBay:
    “This auction is for 1 each exact reproduction of the very rare Free Lock Wrench that came with Denver brand Free Lock locking hubs as used on various 4 wheel drive vehicles of the late 50’s and 60’s. Denver Free Lock hubs were high end locking hubs that were available as aftermarket accessories to fit many 4X4 trucks including Dodge Power Wagons. I had these wrenches cast for me many years ago using one of the only original wrenches I have ever seen as a pattern. This is an exact copy of the original cast in zinc as the original. It is approx. 7″ long and has the nubs to turn and lock or unlock the hubs. You may never see another one of these and I won’t be making a second run.” free-lock-tool-remake
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Husky Hubs 19 Spline Longview, WA eBay

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UPDATE: Still Available.

(04/07/2018) “NOS Locking Hubs Husky Warn 9072 Chevy Dodge Ford Jeep International 19 Spline”

View all the information on eBay


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CJ-2A Axles & Husky Hubs Inyokern, CA $200


UPDATE: I thought these might me a normal Allstate hub (as they are branded Allstate), but these might more likely be some Allstate branded variant of a Husky hub.

I wonder which Willys Equipment piece was loaded on the back of this CJ-2A?

“Selling axles from a Jeep cj2a. Price is each. If you know anything about these, feel free to contact me as I don’t know anything about these. Located in Inyokern”

cj2a-axles-allstate-hubs1 cj2a-axles-allstate-hubs2 cj2a-axles-allstate-hubs3

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Warn Hub Thread

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Maury has assembled a useful Warn Hub thread. I’ve been meaning to write a Warn article, but have yet to get to it. The warn hubs can be confusing, as the Warn Locking Hub, Lock-O-matic Hub, and Automatic hub all look similar.


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Kelly Hubs Cicero, NY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Were $185 on eBay

Gary’s selling these hard-to-find-hubs.

“Up for bid is a nice pair of rare Kelly Locking Hubs [Ten spline]. The Hubs have been disassembled, cleaned, and repacked lightly with grease. They have been primered and painted black. These Hubs lock in and out easily and work as they should, and are all ready to be mounted on your Willys Jeep!”


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1955 CJ-3B Meridian, ID $6500

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UPDATE Still Available.

(04/21/2018) May have some rust along the driver’s side. Could have Allstate Hubs.

“Rare barn find! My wife’s grandfather’s 1955 Willys CJ-3B Jeep he bought from the Forest Service in the 1950s. 4 cyl., towbar, runs good, new battery and some wiring work. Clean title. Serious inquiries, in-person cash transaction only.”


1955-cj3b-meridian-id1 1955-cj3b-meridian-id2 1955-cj3b-meridian-id3 1955-cj3b-meridian-id4

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Hub Setup From Facebook

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This hub cover hubhu was posted to Facebook. It looks familiar, but I can’t place it. Anyone recognize it?


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Dualmatic and Warn Summer Hubs Central Point, OR **SOLD**


Bill shared these.

  1. Willys Summer Hubs, early waffle version. **SOLD** 
    “These are very old Warn hub covers. Mostly they are antiques or novelties now I think. They would be used if one wanted to tow their jeep or operate it in 2WD for extended periods of time without pushing all the front axle, drivelive, ect. They are designed to let the front wheels turn freely without allowing grease out or dirt in. Very nicely made with Torrington bearings. I’ve never seen these before, maybe another Jeep nut has and knows more than I do about them.”
  2. Dualmatic Hubs **SOLD** Was $100.
    “WILLYS JEEP HUBS to fit on DANA 25 front axle with 10 spline shaft. These Do not require the axle nut be cut off like some of the new hubs do. There are 4 hubs here, 3 are made by Dualmatic and the 4th is of a kind I have not seen before, it just says “Denver”.”
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Warn “Summer” Hubs Gig Harbor, WA $120


These are the later “dimple” model of hubs.

“Willys jeep aftermarket front hubs
They are nicely used,
but are in nice condition
They still have all of the needle bearings on comes with the original box
The box is damaged on one side but has the original directions
$120 cash obo”