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Kelly Manufacturing Self Locking Hubs

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UPDATE:  This post has been updated with more pics. Also, there is currently a Kelly Hub brochure on eBay.

In May of 1957, DA Ruben L. Beck filed a patent for a new hub design. Beck was a dreamer and like many dreamers, some saw him a genius while others thought him just plain crazy. Beck’s goal was to create a simple, but effective, four-wheel-drive hub.

kelly-hubs-da-ruben-beck-patent2 kelly-hubs-da-ruben-beck-patent1

Beck had already made an early impact in the jeep world, when he founded D.L. Beck Manfucaturing in Middleport, Ohio, a company that made hardtops (see Beck hardtop history here).

1954-beck-all-steel-cab-brochure1Beck sold his hardtop company to Hubert A. Kelly, in the 1950s but Beck and Kelly remained in contact. The date of the sale, thought once to be 1951, is less clear after this document hit eBay in 2014. It indicates Beck was still selling hardtops in 1954.


No matter when the sale occurred, Hubert took control. It wasn’t long after the patent filing that Mike Kelly, Hubert Kelly’s descendent, remembered seeing the hubs for the first time. He thought that was about 1958. I asked that he review the patent and Mike sent me the following notes:

“The Kelly Self Locking Hub I knew a was little different than the one pictured in the patent drawing. The housing was larger in diameter and had reliefs milled along the outside to allow clearance for the mounting bolts. The internal parts looked very similar to what I remember. I’m pretty sure the final Kelly product was a Beck design. I don’t recall anyone else working on it.

The hubs were manufactured in Charleston West Virginia. We already had an large machine shop there on Broad St. So moving production from Ohio to West Virgina was only logical. I know the assembling the hubs could be “interesting” if you weren’t watching what you were doing. Putting the internal workings together with the ball bearings being under spring pressure woke up more than one man who wasn’t paying attention.”
Photos Photos

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1955 Warn Hubs Manual **SOLD**

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This early Warn manual No. WD-255 sold on eBay for $36.20. My last bid was $35.20, so someone out there outbid me.

1955-02-warn-hubs-manual2 1955-02-warn-hubs-manual3 1955-02-warn-hubs-manual4 1955-02-warn-hubs-manual5

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Set of Kelly Hubs $200


There’s a very nice set of Kelly 10-spline hubs for sale over at the Old Willys Forum.

“Nice pair of vintage Kelly hubs . Very unique!
These are 10 spline Hubs are smooth to turn and in very nice condition.”


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Cutlas Selective Drive Hubs Viroqua, MN $100


These 10-spline hubs were called the Cutlas Selective Drive Hubs. Some has the indent through the middle like this set, others did not.


“For sale is a set of vintage Cutlas 10 spline locking hubs for Willys Jeeps. These were removed from a 1951 M38 with 20,000 original miles. The hubs were added after its Military duty so they are very low mile and in fantastic condition inside and out. Photos were taken as they came off the M38, clean as can be inside. Only reason im parting with them is because I returned the hubs to Milspec/factory configuration.

Should fit DANA 25/27 Willys MB/GPW, CJ2A, CJ3A, M38, CJ3B as well as some Willys wagons.”

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Sears Selectro 19 Spline Hubs on eBay

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These appear in good shape. You can learn more about the Selectro history here.

View all the information on ebay

“I don’t know if Selectro made these for Sears? But the Selectro ones look like these. You don’t see many with the Sears name, I believe they are 19 spline. 3″ across bottom gear. Need cleaned up and greased.”


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Allstate Locking Hub Rebuild

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Here’s a nicely detailed look at the rebuilding of the Allstate Locking Hubs/aka Husky Hubs.


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Selectro / Husky / Dualmatic Hub Overview

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Once again, this is more a working post than a polished one. And, it’s a long one. It kept growing and growing as I learned more (and became more confused).Of course, I am left with more answers than questions.

Essentially, I’m trying to figure out when Selectro hubs popped onto the 4WD scene, who controlled them, and how they evolved. That led to looking at Husky, Dualmatic, Watson and FreeLock hubs. I don’t have all the answers just yet … here we go …


Map of companies related to Jeep products in the 1950s-1970s. You can learn more about Thor and White Automotive here.and Free-Lock here.


1959/1960?: The Husky Company launches it’s line of Husky Hubs out of Aurora, Colorado. This hub one of two pieces of evidence of the Husky Company’s existence in Aurora; it has the Husky Company name and location on it:


A second piece of evidence was uncovered on a document found by Maury; the Husky Company was located originally in Aurora, Colorado.

Based on the information on the hub, the Husky company already had a patent awarded (not just filed, but awarded). So, which patent was that? My best guess at the moment is that this 1958 patent awarded to Clark Peterson has the most elements in common with the Husky Hub.

Given there were a couple intervening years between the patent (awarded in 1958) and Husky Hub (unclear when it was brought to market, but I’m guessing 1959/1960), it seems possible that the company altered the design before manufacturing it, which could explain the differences between the patent and the finished hub. The biggest reason I think the two are related is that both the patent and the Husky Hub have a narrow bolt down the center, a unique design not seen in another other hubs.

1961: In 1961 a new name was associated with the Husky Hub: Trade Winds, Inc, out of Boulder, Colorado. My best guess is that the Husky Hub company lacked capital, so it turned to Trade Winds (perhaps which bought a controlling stake in the Husky Company?) to re-introduce the Husky Hubs.

The company’s name is shown as “TRADE WINDS” on the hubs, but as “Tradewinds” in various trade journal ads, which is where it focused its advertising (such as Roads and Streets, American Beef Producer, and Pacific Chemical and Metallurgical Industries). It appears the hub ads only appeared during 1961 (and possibly 1962). I can find no evidence that text ads were placed later than that. Here’s an example ad:


This snippet appeared in a 1962 book, suggesting the Husky hubs may have been launched in 1961. Two other sources also indicate that Tradewinds had launched the Husky Hub in 1961

This detail image of a brochure for the Husky Hub is undated, but clearly shows the Trade Winds name.


This is a detail shot of a Husky Hub brochure from the 1960s.

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Various Hubs Sacramento, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $100 a pair.

Some hubs for sale.

“10 spline 6 bolt, $100 a pair”

Watson Hubs (originally patented by Dualmatic):


Selectro Hubs Made by Dualmatic/Husky:


4 Wheel Drive hubs private labeled, but manufactured by Dualmatic/Husky:


Allstate Hubs private labeled by and manufactured by Dualmatic/Husky:


Warn Hubs:warn-hubs-sacramento-ca

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1949 CJ-3A Windsor, CO $2500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/05/2018) This 3A appear to have an early set of Dualmatic hubs.

“This is for a 1949 Willys cj3a jeep with a running 6 cylinder Ford engine but no title, good ranch or hunting rig for only $2995.00 cash.”

early-dualmatic-hubs 1949-cj3a-windsor-c1 1949-cj3a-windsor-co2

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Dualmatic Selective Drive Brochure

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I’m way behind on my document scans. I thought I’d catch up today, but between our search for a new bed (Ann’s back is giving her issues) and the fact that Ann accidentally left the plastic bbq brush (why???) in the bbq, which melted into an ugly mess when I turned on the bbq, forcing me to clean the whole thing, all meant that I didn’t have time once again for scans.

Anyhow, here’s the promised Dualmatic brochure. The brochure is directly and has some stains, so they aren’t the best scans. But, they’ll do for now.

dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores1 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores2 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores3 dualmatic-hub-brochure-lores4

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1953 M-38A1 Penryn, CA $2777

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This early M-38A1 has some rare Dana HubLok hubs. It also has a Warn/Saturn overdrive and a Meyer hardtop.

1953-m38a1-perynn-ca0 1953-m38a1-perynn-ca1 1953-m38a1-perynn-ca2 1953-m38a1-perynn-ca4 1953-m38a1-hublok-hubs-perynn-ca

“1953 Jeep Willys M38A1 (Maybe) definately Army Style! Clean Title, Registered on non-op currently, F-head 4-Cylinder Engine, 3-Speed Manual- IO Range/Overdrive – Power Steering, Manual Locking hubs, Recent Valve job. Runs good. Please e-mail with a name and phone number and I will call back.”


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Cutlas Hubs Juliustown, NJ $99


Maury spotted these early Cutlas hubs on eBay. The seller owns “New Jersey’s largest Jeep parts depot”.

View all the information on eBay


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NOS Chrome Dualmatic Hubs **SOLD**


UPDATE **SOLD** Was on eBay.

Starting bid is $300.


“Up for auction is a pair of NOS Dualmatic locking hubs. They are Chrome and in excellent condition. Comes with instructions and original decal, bolts, and locking clips. Unfortunately I do NOT have the parts catalog so I can NOT ID these by make and model. But I can give you dimensions: 4.375 overall diameter, 3.125 long, 10 internal spline, 3.750 bolt hole pattern center to center. The dualmatic # 80. I am selling these as is as described. Please be sure they are what you’re looking for before bidding. Please email with any questions. High bidder pays$16.50 for S&H.”

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Dualmatic Hubs Brochure

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I won this rare Dualmatic brochure on eBay. I’ll follow up with more detailed pics once I receive the document.

dualmatic-hub-brochure1 dualmatic-hub-brochure2 dualmatic-hub-brochure3 dualmatic-hub-brochure4


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Perfect Circle Company Hubs $180

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Blaine found a set of NOS Perfect Circle hubs, which look to be private-labeled versions of the Selectro hub manufactured by Dualmatic. Unfamilar with Perfect Circle, I wondered why the company would private label a set of hubs.

It turns out that Perfect Circle had been a leader in the development of piston rings for several decades. In 1963, the company was purchased by the Dana Corporation. It’s possible that relationship led to the private labeling of the hubs. (Read the whole Perfect Circle history here)

These particular hubs should fit the Dana 27 axles, as that was the standard axle on early Scouts (but I’m not expert on the Scouts).

We’ve seen the above hubs branded under multiple names, including Dualmatic, Selectro, Perfect Circle, Free-Lock, and others. But, where did the hubs originate?

Unfortunately, as this point I only have theories rather than actual answers. One theory is that they were developed by Free-Lock, but not patented, prior to Free-Lock’s demise. Somehow, Dualamatic/Husky ended up with the hubs (probably purchased Free-Lock’s assets) and then Dualmatic manufacturing them under the Free-Lock brand, then other brands.

My second theory is that the hub is based on this hub patent from Clark Peterson in 1955.


It has the spring system and It appears the entire top of the hub twists. But, there are some differences. The central bolt does not exist to hold the hub in place, instead side bolds secure the top. Maybe someone who has a set of these hubs can compare it to the hub design above? Below is a schematic of a Dualmatic hub for comparison.



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Set of Warn WL-2 Locking Hubs Commack, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $150.

Original box, too!

“Selling (2) two Willy’s Jeep WL-2 Locking Hubs–Warn Mfg. Co.
In original box; asking $150 for the pair.”


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1951 CJ-3A Blanca, CO $6800


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6800.

(08/24/2018) This might have a rare set of Thor hubs.

“1951 Willys CJ3A. original Willys Go Devil flathead 4 cylinder engine, T-90 3 speed, D-18 2 speed transfer case. Runs like new, All original except, Aluminum radiator, 12 volt electrical system, Electronic ignition distributor, 15 inch wheels with Federal Couragia M/T LT 235/75R15 Tires. Has a New (1 year old) Bestop soft top. It is kept in my garage. 66,xxx original miles.
$14,500 Firm!”

1951-cj3a-thor-hub-blanca-co 1951-cj3a-blanca-co6 1951-cj3a-blanca-co7 1951-cj3a-blanca-co8 1951-cj3a-blanca-co9

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1979 EasyLok Hub Brochure

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A big thanks to Jim for finding this brochure in old box of files, then sending it my way gratis. It shows the EasyLok Hub, manufactured by the Mechanex Corp, a devision of Tenneco, out of Englewood, Colorado.  You can learn a little more about the EasyLok hub’ s history in this post.

Mechanex Corp patented another hub in 1978, but I don’t recognize the hub.

1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-1 1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-2 1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-3 1979-04-easylok-hub-brochure-650px-4



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1945 GPW Dana Point, CA **SOLD**


UPDATE: UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $6500. Has Watson Hubs.

(11/02/2016) Runs.

“Runs well but not drivable, will need some restoration. Clear title with original black California license plates.”

1945-gpw-orangecounty-cay 1945-gpw-orangecounty-ca8 1945-gpw-orangecounty-ca-9


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1958 Cutlas Power-Lock Brochure on eBay

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This Power-Lock was the first hub patented, copyrighted, and sold under the Cutlas brand. As I mention in my Free-Lock article, for reasons unknown, the president of Free-Lock became the president of Cutlas. Even more curious, the last two model of Free-Lock hubs were WL-57 and WL-58.

And, what was the Initial model of the first Cutlas hub you ask? That would be WL-6, shown below:

View all the information on eBay

cutlas-powerlock-hub-brochure1 cutlas-powerlock-hub-brochure2


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Just a Couple Posts Today

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I spend the last couple days driving to, then back from Seattle. Dad’s been saying a few odd things, so I wanted to see how he was doing at his new Rehab facility. He may have the start of some dementia … on the joys of aging.

Because of my drive over on Sunday, I lost out on the chance to get this Dualmatic Sales Demo hub. But, I did score some cool wagon/truck/jeepster brochures fairly inexpensively. So, I’ll be sharing those at some point.

Here’s the demo hub. There’s not a good pic of it, but there’s plastic around the edge so viewers can watch how the levers engage/disengage the hubs.

dualmatic-demo-hub1 dualmatic-demo-hub2


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2 12 Spline EasyLok Hubs Parkersburg, WV on eBay


Here’s a set of EasyLocks, but they appear to be 12 spline? They may be designed for a Land Cruiser (’71 axles are 12 spline).

View all the information on eBay

“From an early model Willys Jeep truck, may fit other four wheel drives.
BestLok or EasyLok?
6 Bolt (bolts included)
12 Spline
Lock or Free settings, turns freely”


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Warn Summer Hubs Longview, WA $184.99


The seller is looking for other early vintage hubs to purchase.

View all the information on eBay

“Warn Vintage Summer Free Locking Hubs
Wanted: new old stock locking hubs in small or large quantities”



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Dualmatic Hubs Butte, MT $400


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/14/2018) Kris has this set of rebuilt Dualmatic Hubs. Email him at

dualmatic-hubs--1 dualmatic-hubs--2 dualmatic-hubs--3 dualmatic-hubs--4

“These are a set of Dualmatic Lock-Out Hubs. 10 spline. They were taken off a mid-50’s Willy’s Truck. These are the “short model”. With the cap they’re about 2″ tall. This set has been fully restored. They have been thoroughly cleaned, wire wheeled, sand blasted then powder coated. Not Painted!! New Dualmatic sticker on the center of the cap. These will even come with the correct stainless steel dual-tab lock washers that have seemed to all but disappeared. The stainless steel mounting bolts are not included, however the cleaned originals will be. Continue reading

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10 Spline “Summer Hubs” Napa, CA eBay


UPDATE: These are back on eBay. Starting bid was $85.

(10/12/2018) I’ve not seen these elsewhere. Anyone recognize them?

View all the information on eBay

“You are buying a set of “summer” hubs for your Willys or scout. These hubs are for a 10 spline Dana 25 front axel. They are designed to not lock. They will need a cleaning and grease job. Please look at the photos and ask any questions that you may have.”

summer-hub-10-spline1 summer-hub-10-spline2 summer-hub-10-spline3 summer-hub-10-spline4