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NOS Free-Lock 27-spline Hubs

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Thanks to Chris for selling me these NOS Free-Lock 27-spline hubs he got from a friend. He also included copies of the original documents that were included with the hubs. Since I have a Dana 30 on Biscuit, these will got on it once I start working on it.

This doc is one I posted last week:


I’m guessing the warranty is no longer any good, lol?


As I mentioned last week, this doc is the first evidence I’ve seen that Free-Lock became a “division” (whether actual or virtual) within Dualmatic. It is my belief that Selectro was another division:


Here is one look at the hubs:


And, a second look:



One comment on “NOS Free-Lock 27-spline Hubs

  1. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    I guess it’s always great buying NOS items. It’s a miracle somebody didn’t look at them sometime in the past and consider just throwing them in the trash.

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