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Demo or Counter Display Hubs For Dealers

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UPDATE: This post originally highlighted Paul’s Warn hub counter display model. Now, this post will highlight several different demo or display hubs with sections removed for dealers. Anyone seen images of other examples?

1. Cutlas Selective Hub: You can see a brochure for this early Cutlas hub here.  This was on eBay (last priced around $450), but sold away from eBay. See more pics of this here:
cutlas-selective-drive-display-model6 cutlas-selective-drive-display-model7 cutlas-selective-drive-display-model8 cutlas-selective-drive-display-model9

2. Dualmatic 2-lever Watson-style Display Hub: This hub has a Dualmatic sticker, but is the type sold under the Watson brand (Watson-branded hubs & Dualmatic hub lever variations). This display hub was also on eBay, though I don’t remember the price. It probably sold off ebay as a package with the Cutlas hub above. See more pics here:


dualmatic-2-lever-display-hub-6 dualmatic-2-lever-display-hub-8

3. Warn 3-ring Lockomatic Display Hub: This hub differs slightly in design from the “Locking Hub” shown as “4” below. The pic is from this long thread on Warn hubs assembled by Maury on the early CJ-5 website.


4. Cutlas Power-Lock Hub: This hub was auctioned at some point on eBay (see brochures here). The pics are now shared through WorthPoint. Note the rare key.

cutlass-power-lock-hub-display-cutaway1 cutlass-power-lock-hub-display-cutaway2 cutlass-power-lock-hub-display-cutaway3 cutlass-power-lock-hub-display-cutaway4


Originally posted Feb 3, 2017:

5. Warn 3-Ring Locking Hub: Paul picked these up from the old Pioneer Garage in Peabody, Massachusetts. He’s got them safe and secure in a little display case. When he saw the brochure yesterday, he thought you all would enjoy seeing these. Thanks for sharing!



One comment on “Demo or Counter Display Hubs For Dealers

  1. Colin Peabody

    How interesting! My DJ3A Surrey came from the Pioneer Jeep Garage in Peabody, MA. in Dec. 2009, after the garage had closed its doors. Mr. Chmiel had sold it to a friend in May 2009and I bought it from the friend a few months later. Did Paul pick anything else up from Pioneer Garage? Like maybe a photo of Annette Funicello sitting on the hood of my Surrey?? I was able to visit with Mr. Chmiel on the phone several times before my purchase so I knew what I was getting. Mr. Chmiel passed on about 18 months or so ago.

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