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Two Dealer-Focused Ads from 1953 and 1956

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Here are tow ads directed at existing or potential dealers. The first is from Willys-Overland likely in early 1953 and can be found here on eBay. Note the lack of a CJ-3B within the jeep-family that is shown.


This second one (here on eBay) is reported to have been published in 1956, though it lacks the CJ-6 or DJ-3A, so maybe early 1956? What’s curious is that by this time, the new “Willys Motors” organization had refocused on the “Jeep” brand. So, to see the brochure specifically refer to “Willys”, especially as the car brand was abandoned, is especially odd. This kind of has a recycled feel, as if someone in a hurry re-used an early 1950s ad.



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