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1957 Park ‘Jeep’ Dealership St. Louis Park, MN

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UPDATE: As JoeB points out (and I missed), the van is an Economy 2WD Deliver Chassis with a Montpelier body conversion (vs. the Boyer version).


Several folks shared this photo with me. It was published by Paul Swanson on Facebook. HIs family used to own the dealership. The fourth vehicle in the row looks to be an unusual model of the economy/package/delivery van. You’ll note it lacks front hubs, suggesting it was 2WD. Some were 2WD and some 4WD vans:

Paul dates the photo to 1957, but to me the FC-150 on the left and the first FC-150 in the row of jeeps look like they are not narrow tracks, which would put the photo later than 1957. Moreover, I cannot find any ads for Park Jeep earlier than the summer of 1958.

Paul indicated that he will post better images of the van.



From the February 02, 1960, issue of the Minneapolis Star. Strangely, I could not locate any ads earlier than the summer of 1958. So, it’s unclear to me when the dealership opened. You’ll note this ad mentions an Economy van; maybe the one in the pic above never sold.

Clipping from The Minneapolis Star -


5 Comments on “1957 Park ‘Jeep’ Dealership St. Louis Park, MN


    i’ll take one of each , i saw one of those economy delivery vans parked on a side street here , painted camo , very odd ..

  2. Blaine

    The first FC (possibly a 170) in the lineup has the larger cooling tunnel. The second one is a narrow track. The FC at the curb I’m gonna say it is a NT because of the perspective of the front wheel location in the fender.

  3. Mike

    If you click on the above link Dave posted, you will see an original picture of a Boyertown Willys van and the story behind it.

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