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October 1950 Salesbuilder

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Sadly, I lost this auction, mostly because I was busy with Ann’s newest raised bed garden (almost finished). Anyway, it appears a bidding war boosted this rare issue to $40 and change. Thankfully, the seller published  photos of all the pages.

This issue contains a little mini brochure in the middle titled “Used Car Salesbuilder, a Common Sense Review”, which might have been related to the 1950 ongoing “Willys Makes Sense” ad campaign.

Note the ad for what looks-to-be an Al-toy wagon on the last page.

1950-10-salesbuilder5-1 1950-10-salesbuilder5-2 1950-10-salesbuilder5-3 1950-10-salesbuilder5-4

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September 1947 WO Sales News

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Thanks to Matt for sharing this document. This 16-page September 1947 issue of WO Sales News begins by announcing the addition of the “step” on CJ-2As. In an older comment by Bill Norris, “According to the 49 parts manual they [the steps] were available on 2As after serial number 129806”. This seems in relative accordance with the timing of the article.

The next story introduces the Laurel C. Worman hardtops, followed by another introduction, the Jeep-A-Trench.

On page six is an interesting story about a caravan of wagons that brought television to smaller towns across the country. To that point, television was only available to areas within a fifty mile radius of a large tower. When the jeep caravan arrived in towns, it offered twice-daily shows via a portable studio setup.

On page eight is a discussion of how to arrange and display jeeps. There are many car museums that could benefit from these insights! I’m not much of a fan of “parking lot” style museums.

The remainder of the pages discuss dealer info, marketing, testimonials, and other highlights.l

1947-09-WO-Sales-News-01 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-02 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-03 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-04 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-05 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-06 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-07 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-08 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-09 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-10 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-11 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-12 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-13 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-14 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-15 1947-09-WO-Sales-News-16

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Early Jeep News, WO Sales News, and Salesbuilder

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UPDATE: Matt provides some insightful comments in posted comment at the bottom. Per his comment, I added a small blurb that (I hope) clarifies that the Jeep News issues discussed below were more consumer-oriented, similar to The Willys War News, rather than dealer-oriented periodicals like the WO Sales News and Salesbuilder. Still, it would be interesting to get more WO Sales News issues and compare the content to the Jeep News issues to see if there is any reuse of content, which would suggest some kind of coordination between those two periodicals. That the Jeep News seems to have stopped about the same time the Salesbuilder launched is also curious, but perhaps just a coincidence?


L to R News Periodical Covers –>1945 The Willys War News, 1945 The Willys News, 1946 Fergason’s Jeep News, 1947 WO Sales News, 1947 Milt. Henry’s Jeep News, 1947 Russ Borg’s Jeep News, 1948 WO Sales News, 1948 Salesbuilder, 1948 Cristie’s Jeep News

I sent Barry Thomas the following information the other day. He found it very interesting, so I thought I would republish (and fix the errors, ugh) the info here. If anyone can add to this or correct it, I’d appreciate it!

Here’s a history I’ve assembled about the transition from The Willys War News to Willys-Overland’s Salesbuilder.

July 1945: During WW2 Willys-Overland launched The Willys War News (probably in 1942). The last issue appears to have been July 1945:

Sept. 1945: As far as I can tell, the next issue was also labeled The Willys War News, but with WAR X’d out in red. It is marked Volume 1, No. 1, suggesting it was the beginning of something else. (It’s unclear to me how many additional issues of The Willys War News were published.

1946: My best guess is that W-O launched WO Sales News in 1946 as a dealer marketing periodical. I don’t have any 1946 issues, but a 1947 issue (below) claims to be Volume II, which likely makes Volume I published in 1946, though how many issues were produced I don’t know.

1946: A magazine, more consumer facing than the WO Sales News, was launched in 1946 called Ferguson’s Jeep News Volume 1 No. 1, but there’s no information (that I have spotted) in the first issue indicating who was producing the magazine: Given the proper use of apostrophes around the name ‘Jeep’ , there could have been some influence by Willys-Overland behind it, but I can’t say for certain.

Importantly, Matt notes in the comments below that he has a Volume 1 No. Jeep News issue with the name C. Denigers, so there was some kind of marketing program likely used to assigned names to the top of these issues. But, who was overseeing such a program isn’t your et clear.

Jan 1947: Willys Overland publishes WO Sales News Volume II No. I. Printed on the cover of the bottom page is “January 1947”, which suggests to me the intent to publish this as a monthly periodical:

1947: Jeep News Volume 1 No. 3 was published, but this time it was Milt. Henry’s name at the top, replacing Ferguson: I explain in the post link why I thought this was published in 1947.

1947: The next issue of Jeep News Volume 1 No. 4 has Russ Borg’s name headlining the issue:

Jan 1948: The next issue of WO Sales News that I have is WO Sales News Volume III No.1, published January 1948:

July 1948: The first issue of Salesbuilder appears in July of 1947 as Volume 1 No. 1. I don’t yet have this full issue:

Why the name change from WO Sales News to Salesbuilder? There was a short blurb on google announcing this change published in the 1948 Volume 22 of “Tide”, a marketing and advertising publication, but I can’t find much more info than the screen shot I grabbed (to get to this link, google “salesbuilder jeep news”, then click on the “books” search tab:


Also, about this time, Willys Overland was undergoing a marketing shift, pushing out the “Willys” brand in favor of “Jeep”, a discussion I have documented on eWillys. The company would reverse this trend in 1951 with the introduction of the Willys car and the Willys Makes Sense marketing campaign, also documented on that link above. Both issues are also discussed as part of the Willys Makes Sense Ad Campaign Post.

1948: The last issue of Jeep News (that i know of) shows Cristie’s as the headliner of Volume 1 No. 6. I believe it appeared in 1948 based on pics of two “Lefty” CJ-2As photos in the issue.

Salesbuilder would run throughout 1953, when Kaiser Purchased Willys-Overland’s Assets. To the best of my knowledge, the name was switched to Kaiser Willys News (Unless there was something else between Salesbuilder and KW News that I haven’t seen). .


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1966 Jeep News Volume 12 Number 3

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The eight-page issue of the 1966 Jeep News Volume 12 Number 3 began with the 1966 Caravan of Jeeps organized by Kaiser Jeep to introduce the jeeps to Eastern European countries (See the next post about a story in the September 1966 issue of Four Wheeler Magazine at the surprise awaiting the caravan in Czechoslovakia).

Page two shows a photo that went viral, in today’s slang, of a Harvey Schaible in a V-8 powered jeep that flew into the air at the top of a hill climb that was part of a Play Day weekend with multiple local clubs attending the event. Page three contains various stories, including a good photo of a TWA-branded airport jeep. Pages four and five continue the story of the Eastern European Caravan.

Page six has fascinating story about the use of 2WD DJ-3As and DJ-5s RHD vehicles (the DJ-5 having been launched in 1966), some converted to automatic transmissions, for use as spay vehicles.

Page seven reports on the use of jeeps to travel a portion of the Oregon Trail between Vale and Farewell Bend, Oregon. Some of this area would be passable by I-84 in 1975, but even today some of the original trail traveled in 1966 is still evident (see this map, which shows a partial area between Vale and Farewell Bend).

Page eight has multiple stories, including a photo and short report on Mr. Diamant and his family, who were traveling in a Gladiator Camper. There’s a longer story and a map of their travels here.

1966-jeep-news-vol12-no3-1 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no3-2 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no3-3 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no3-4 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no3-5

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1966 Jeep News Volume 12 Number 1

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The eight-page Jeep News Volume 12 Number 1 kicked off 1966 with the news that sales increased 23% and, surprising to me, special equipment sales jumped almost 42%. Given the increase in Wagoneers and Gladiator sales, I would think the special equipment numbers would be falling, as I thought a shift was happening away from the notion of utility vehicles in favor of “fun” and family vehicles. I’d be curious to know what was driving those equipment sales.

Page two is mostly dealer news, while page three continues a page-one discussion of the anti-skid, safely and traction capabilities of the Wagoneer and Gladiator jeeps. Page four highlights the use of larger magazine images.

Page five goes international and includes an article about Mrs. Welthy H. Fisher, an 85-year-old literacy advocate, who raised funds for a Wagoneer-turned-traveling-library, which she used to deliver books to folks in India as part of a function of Literacy Village, a program she launched at age 73. From her photo, I’d never guess she was 85.

Page six features Sinclair Oil’s Wagoneer, which traveled with a touring exhibit featuring a flatbed trailer with nine large animatronic dinosaurs. I wonder whatever happened to those dinosaurs. Here is a pic of them floating down the Hudson River circa 1964:


Page seven reported on the unexpected 4WD display at a Florida Airstream gathering of almost 1500 trailers. Mud had forced many of the trailers to be towed into the site via tractor, but the fact that Florida Outdoorsman John Wilhelm had a Wagoneer capable of puling his trailer into the site without issue seems to have spurred interest in his jeep. Page eight highlights the use of jeeps in Detroit Mine, something covered by Jeep News previously and other sources.

1966-jeep-news-vol12-no1-1 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no1-2 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no1-3 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no1-4 1966-jeep-news-vol12-no1-5

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1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 6

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This eight-page holiday  issue is the final issue of 1965 (only 6 issues produced). Page one introduces the first luxury Wagoneer, the Jeep Super Wagoneer. Page two highlights the growing demand for contract plowing. Page three continues the luxury wagon discussion, while also noting that parts can make an “attractive store display”; so, when you start hanging parts in the living room, just show your partner this article and how it can be actually attractive (good luck with that, lol).

Pages four and five share more on Gladiator and Wagoneer vehicles. Page six shows off an unusual display in Peru, while the new Kaiser Argentina Model 101 four-door jeep is depicted. Page seven shares news on the Afton Canyon excursion in Southern California, which is the first I’ve heard of this annual trip. It drew 398 vehicles in 1965.

Page eight includes a story on a New Jersey M-38 fire jeep. Also on the page is a photo of Col. Dave Harbour, an outdoor writer who drove his wagon 100,000 miles, being presented with a model jeep, but I can’t tell what kind of model it is.

1965-jeep-news-vol11-no6-1 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no6-2 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no6-3 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no6-4 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no6-5

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1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 4

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This eight-page issue of the 1965 Jeep News volume 11 Number 4 begins with the Vigilante engine billboards, along with a strange story of a hardware merchant using pennies and dollars to buy a jeep only for the jeep dealer to return the favor and buy a washer and dryer from said merchant using pennies, but this time ones bathed in syrup and oil!

Page two contains various pics, while page three includes the story of a Jeepster that looked like new despite having been driven 332,800 miles! His rigorous attention to maintenance was key to his Jeepster’s great condition; it may not surprise you to learn that he worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. I wonder what happened to that Kentucky-based jeep.

Page four showcases some international stories, while page five contains another story about Kent Frost and his southern Utah tours out of Monticello, Utah. Page six includes an article about the use of f-head engines in Miller’s Trailblazer welders, while page seven highlights Allen and Phyllis Ellis, who travelled extensively in Mexico in their 1959 CJ-5 (which may have been nicknamed El Osito, which apparently translates to ‘the bear’).  Page eight highlights the use of Wagoneers at the 1964-1965 New York City World’s Fair.

1965-jeep-news-vol11-no4-1 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no4-2 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no4-3 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no4-4 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no4-5

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1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 2

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This eight-page 1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 2 begins by announcing the Vigilante V-8 engine. Unmentioned in the news article was the response by recent purchasers of the six cylinder models, which was a unanimous, “Wow, I coulda had a V8!” .. or am I confusing that with another product? Pages 2-7 continue with more V-8 info, along with marketing and dealer info.

Page eight reports on the 1965 Chicago Auto Show. Jeep showcased eleven vehicles, all decked in a prairie gold color with black vinyl interior trim, which got me thinking … what did Willys Motors and Kaiser Jeep do over the years with their specially trimmed auto show vehicles? Looking back to the 1959 Chicago Auto show (Feb 1959 Jeep News), it was reported that all the vehicles at that show had been sold. Moreover, the display featured a full line of “Willys approved special equipment”, but by 1965 note the second largest word that appears on the display wall: “fun“… the word is written in what might be described as a playful font and style. Moreover, it’s hard to see a piece of special equipment (but the pic on page eight doesn’t show the best view; I tried to find some better pics). I’m beginning to wonder it the marketing firm hired in 1964 had something to do with the shift in perspective, from “useful” vehicles to “fun” vehicles. That could explain it.

1965-jeep-news-vol11-no2-1 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no2-2 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no2-3 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no2-4 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no2-5

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1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 1

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This eight-page 1965 Jeep News Volume 11 Number 1 kicked off 1965 with the announcement that 1964 had been the best sales year in history. The article specifically targets the Tux Park CJ-5s as an important driver of the success. Page two shares the news that the Kaiser-backed Willys Overland do Brasil had begun building a second plant in Brazil; also noteworthy is that the Brazilian company was the largest publicly held company in Brazil at that time.

Page three contains an article about Pope Paul IV conferring the order of St. Gregory upon the President of the Industrias Kaiser Argentina S.A., which, to me, seems a curious distinction given all the other people in the world doing important things and the fact that the Knights Commander seems a fairly rare award (I tried to find the total number of recipients, but had no luck). Lower on the page is a photo of a CJ-3B carrying the Pope in Bombay, which causes the cynic in me to wonder about the timing of these two events. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

Page four is dealer news. Page five covers the use of Tux Parks in former President Kennedy’s inauguration parade. We’ve seen a couple of these with the dash plaque pop up for sale since the start of eWillys. Page six tells the story of the John B. Calfee family, who traveled Europe driving a Wagoneer that pulled a travel trailer. Pages seven and eight have a few different mini-stories and photos.

1965-jeep-news-vol11-no1-1 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no1-2 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no1-3 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no1-4 1965-jeep-news-vol11-no1-5


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1964 Jeep News Volume 10 Number 7

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This end-of-year 1964 Jeep News Volume 10 Number 7 was expanded to twelve pages. The issue starts with some dealer news on page one. Page two reports on the success of Meyer hardtops and how demand forced an increase in production at Meyer Products, Inc. Dealers found them easier than most to install with less rattles while driving. On the lower left of page two, it’s noted that Jeep dealers often loaned jeeps to campaign committees of both parties. I didn’t know that happened.

Page three includes a story about Cold Spring, New York, ‘Jeep’ dealer William M. McAndrew and how his firm loaned 4WD vehicles to fire fighters during a hard-to-reach fire. On page three’s lower left is a rare XM-677 sighting, though much of it is blocked by Brazilian Army officers. Page four begins with a letter from Bruce Grantland, who wrote a review of the Wagoneer for Trailer Life Magazine (09/64). Page four also includes a pic from the “Kaiserama” exhibit, then located at the Kaiser center in Oakland, California. Page five has mostly dealer news, though a pic of some the 42 jeeps owned by the Nursery Company out of Azusa, California is included.

Pages six and seven share international news and pics. Page eight includes a photo of the Radio Patrol Club operated by the Keystone Automobile Club that traveled the Philadelphia metropolitan area helping folks in trouble. Page nine highlights some KJC military vehicle news. Pages ten and eleven shows a Gladiator Fire Truck, among other story snippets. Page twelve covers some Canadian jeep news.  It also includes a photo of an FC-150 pulling a big truck with a three-story-house as its cargo; the little jeep that could!


1964-jeep-news-vol10-no7-3 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no7-4 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no7-5 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no7-6

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1964 Jeep News Volume 10 Number 6

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Te eight-page 1964 Jeep News Volume 10 Number 6 begins with a record retail sales announcement. These revenue numbers were primarily driven by the three models shown at the bottom of page one, including the Tux Park CJ-5, the Wagonneer, and the Gladiator. Increasing numbers of dealers also helped. Page two mentioned how the golf partnership was already providing beneficial, with inquiries numbering in the hundreds arriving at dealers. Page three shows three of the new KJC-approved “ad mats” available for dealers to place in local newspapers.

Page four highlights a dealer in Ohio that tries to sell a Meyer plow with every jeep sale, claiming it isn’t that hard to do. Page five provides the results of a dealer contest. Page six shares the news of the National Search and Rescue group and their recent election. Page eight turns international, with pics and captions from around the world. On page eight you’ll find the results of Boulder, Colorado’s, 4th annual Jeep-O-Rama. The winner of a brand new CJ-5 was Donnie Beyer, whose father owned a jeep dealership. Pretty good for a 17-year-old kid! Lower on the page is a DJ-3A with an unusual door and top setup. Finally, on the lower right, is a fairly well-know pic of Barb Eden (right) and Shelley Fabares with a DJ-3A Surrey from the movie “Ride the Wild Surf” (see trailer at bottom).

1964-jeep-news-vol10-no6-1 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no6-2 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no6-3 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no6-4 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no6-5

(yes, a Surrey makes a quick appearance in this trailer):

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1964 Jeep News Volume 10 Number 5

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UPDATE: I’ve added a few Good Humor truck pics from Mike at the bottom of the post.

This eight-page issue of Jeep news Volume 10 Number 5begins on page one with KJC announcing it would be co-sponsoring the World Series of Golf, which was the first sports tie-in of which I’m aware. In addition, TB commercials for KJC would begin appearing on CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. I wonder if this rise in visibility was the result of the ad agency KJC brought on board? Pages two and three continue the sponsorship and commercials threads.

Page four shares the news that 16-year-old Howard Bartoo, Jr., won the 1964 ‘Jeep’ Derby held at Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. Also on page four is a photo of Good Humor’s new jeep trucks, with specially made insulated bodies by the Hackney Brothers body Company, from Wilson, North Carolina. Just below the Good Humor trucks is a photo of a Deibler Trackless Train, produced by the company of the same name out of Manhattan, Kansas. The train’s “Engine” is a jeep chassis with a special body atop it.

Much of page five covers the three CJ-6s jeeps used for tourists at Chimney Rock Park in North Carolina. You can find more pics of the jeeps here. Page six takes readers around the world for a few stories.

Page seven introduces the Meyer Products Jeep Cabs to dealers, though not mentioned was their previous history as Orrville cabs. Page eight contains a variety of photos.

1964-jeep-news-vol10-no5-1 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no5-2 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no5-3 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no5-4 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no5-5

These Good Humor trucks have seen better days! Thanks to Mike for sharing them. He notes, “These were from about 15 years ago, the ones in the driveway was in Pa, he was going to restore, and never got around to it.”

mike-good-humor-truck1 mike-good-humor-truck2 mike-good-humor-truck3

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October 1958 Jeep News

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This eight-page October 1958 issue of Jeep News got buried in my files, but better late than never.

Page one share some dealer news about the Maverick tie-in, along with some thoughts on the surge in third quarter sales. Page two has a full page article about the FC-170 and its advantages. Page three describes how James Garner day in Oklahoma was cleverly co-opted by a savvy jeep dealer president Mead Norton, who made sure Garner, visiting broadcast reps, and the press were ferried from the airport and along the parade route with jeeps.

The Economy Delivery Van makes a surprise, huge showing on pages four and five with articles and photos. That’s possibly the most visibility that model ever received. Page six gives a shout-out to Clark County Sheriff’s Jeep Posse out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Page seven is all Maverick Bros. Page eight describes the 1958 dress rehearsal jeep caravan, used to test the roads and generate thoughts on the best routes for the 1959 Colorado Centennial event, which was expected to attract more than 1000 entrants. The routes were documented in this brochure.1958-10-jeep-news1 1958-10-jeep-news2 1958-10-jeep-news3 1958-10-jeep-news4 1958-10-jeep-news5

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1964 Jeep News Volume 10 Number 2

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This is the eight-page issue of Jeep News Volume 10 Number 2. Page one shows an image from the 1964 Chicago Auto Show and I’m surprised I don’t see any FCs or DJs, which suggests (to me) KJC was already planning to phase them out. This display strongly suggests that the future was the Gladiator and Wagoneer’s. Also on page one is the announcement of the purchase of Studebaker’s Defense Products Division, which I didn’t know Kaiser used to springboard into the large military vehicle contracts. Page two continues the Chicago Auto Show story.

There’s an interesting photo on page three showing a CJ-5 surrounded by Tonka toys at a Woolworth store. That sure looks like it was a cool display! Page four shows a pic of a custom hunting ‘”jeep” produced by Dick M. Campbell Motors ‘Jeep’ dealership out of Alice, Texas. I’d like to know more about these creations and how many they produced.

Page five highlights another Jeep movie promotion, this time with Rock Hudson and his movie “Man’s Favorite Sport?“. The movie naturally includes a Wagoneer. Pages six and seven include photos from across the US and a few from international locals. Page eight highlights Ken and Fran Jones, who love their Wagoneer and even used it on a ninety mile an hour chase after a stolen car, successfully capturing the thief.

1964-jeep-news-vol10-no2-1 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no2-2 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no2-3 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no2-4 1964-jeep-news-vol10-no2-5

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1963 Vol. 9 No. 6 Jeep News

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This eight-page issue of Jeep News, volume 9 number 6, begins on page one with a few plugs for The Greatest Show on Earth.

Page two plugs a completed Jeep race out of Michigan, hosted by the Michigan Four Wheelers Club of Dearborn. Page three highlights, once again, The Greatest Show on Earth.

Pages four and five share images of jeeps from around the world. It also includes a short note about the annual ‘Jeep’ Caravan to the Gila Cliff Dwellings. Page six includes a nod to the Sussex County Jeepster Club out of New Jersey, along with a story about the development of a mobile camera tied to a CJ-3B. The Jeeporama out of Boulder, Colorado, fills the entirety of page seven. The issue ends on page eight with two stories of jeeps in the Peace Corps.

1963-jeep-news-vol9-no6-1 1963-jeep-news-vol9-no6-2 1963-jeep-news-vol9-no6-3 1963-jeep-news-vol9-no6-5 1963-jeep-news-vol9-no6-6

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September-October 1959 Jeep News

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This “Extra” September-October Jeep News issue is twelve pages long. There’s a lot going on with this issue, so enjoy!

1959-09-10-jeep-news1 1959-09-10-jeep-news2 1959-09-10-jeep-news3 1959-09-10-jeep-news4 1959-09-10-jeep-news5 1959-09-10-jeep-news6 1959-09-10-jeep-news7

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July 1959 Jeep News

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I got this July 1959 issue of Jeep News for free, but it is an incomplete and damaged issue. On page one, the “Millions Will See ‘Jeep’ Vehicle Displays …” article continues on page four, but page four seems to be missing. So, this issue may be six or eight pages in length.

The last page of this edition might be the most interesting. On the lower left is an article showing an FC-170 modified to handle parking an maneuvering big trailers. One the lower right of the page is an article about Tootsie, a South Dakota coyote that became the official state animal, who got to ride in a jeep station wagon on some of her trips.

1959-07-jeep-news1 1959-07-jeep-news2 1959-07-jeep-news3

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June 1959 Jeep News

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It seems I neglected to post three Jeep News issues from 1959. So, here’s the first one, an eight-page issue from June of 1959. One page one, apart from dealer info, an article shared the news that several gatherings of jeeps would tour the Colorado Rockies as part of the “Rush to the Rockies” Colorado Centennial celebration during the summer of 1959 (an event detailed here).

Page two includes a story of Roy Nickerson and his family’s trip from the tiny town of Smelterville, Idaho, to Toledo to  see how jeeps were made and to then drive six vehicles back to their Nickerson Brother’s Willys Dealership in Idaho. Page three tells how then Baltimore Colt’s fullback Alan “The Horse” Ameche participated in a Jeep television commercial (I couldn’t locate the commercial online).

Page four shows some images and stories from the 1959 Tulsa Oil Show Jeep Exhibit. Page five includes a reference to a new, easy-to-install Capstan winch from Ramsey. Page six highlights the large number of jeeps plying the Atlantic Coast-line, including at least two fire trucks. Page seven discusses the Etowah County ‘Jeep’ Club, which doubled as a civil defense unit. Page eight shares pics from the beaches of North Caroline, where jeeps proved popular for fishermen.

1959-06-jeep-news1 1959-06-jeep-news2 1959-06-jeep-news3 1959-06-jeep-news4 1959-06-jeep-news5

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1963 Jeep News Volume 9 No. 5

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The 1963 issue of Jeep News Volume 9 Number 5 was eight pages. The entire issue covers “The Greatest Show on Earth”, a short-lived series back by some Kaiser-Jeep advertising. A dealer contest was also held as a part of this event.

1963-jeep-news-vol9-no5-1 1963-jeep-news-vol9-no5-2 1963-jeep-news-vol9-no5-3 1963-jeep-news-vol9-no5-4 1963-jeep-news-vol9-no5-5

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1963 Jeep News Volume 9 No. 4

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The fourth installment of the 1963 Jeep News shifted back to eight pages with this issue. It’s clear from the front pages thus far in 1963 that the Wagoneer and Gladiators were popular additions to the jeep line up. Each month seemed to bring reports of new sales highs.

Also interesting on page one is the reference to Wide World of Sports (WWOS) filming the 1963 Jeeporama near Boulder, Colorado. Unfortunately, I had no luck finding any WWOS episodes related to that filming.

Page two brings us the story of Noble Trenham and Dean Fisher, a pair of adventurers who went around the world in a modified FC-170. Their story includes their interrogation by Colombian officials  who didn’t believe they were on a goodwill tour. The situation looked dire until they produced evidence of attending USC; it turned out their interrogators were familiar with two local boys who were also attending USC. You can read that story here:, which is part of a series titled A True TrailBlazer in Trailblazer magazine (series starts with this April issue).

The article also mentioned that a book was in the works. Well, the work took decades, because it wasn’t until 2018 that a book was finally published by Dean Fisher (if there’s an earlier book, I didn’t find it in my brief searches). I just bought a copy, so I’ll let you know what I think: .

Page three of this Jeep news shares one of the more interesting DJ-3A ice cream trucks I’ve ever seen. I wonder what ever happened to it? Also on page three, the page reported that the Sareea Al Jamel 4WD Club of Indio’s annual desert trip drew 322 vehicles and 978 people!

Pages four, five and six celebrate the 60th year of the company, starting with Overland. Page seven includes a variety of photos, including a CJ-3B, which is a surprise given those rigs had been ignored by the editors of Jeep News for years!

Page eight tells the story of the “Jeep mounted band”, while a photo farther down on the page shows another example of a Virgin Islands FC used as a tour jeep (here is a different example).

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1963 Jeep News Volume 9 No. 3

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The 1963 issue of Jeep News, Volume 9, Number 3, is only eight pages. I was surprised to learn on page one that the Kaiser-Jeep headquarters was established in Oakland; I didn’t know that had happened. Lower down on page one, it was interesting to see that despite the new name (Kaiser-Jeep), dealerships were to be listed under ‘Jeep’ in the “phone book”. For those too young to have used a “phone book”, ask you parents what that strange device was and how it was used (and, while at it, ask them about the Sears Christmas Wish Book, too).

Page two begins with an overview of the Fourth Annual Arizona Jeep Jamboree, sponsored by the Phoenix, Arizona, Jeep Club. I don’t have a sense of how popular this became or when it was halted (I assume it was halted?). Page two also contains a look at some of the upcoming Jeep ads. Page three notes the expanded presence of Kaiser-Jeep at fairs across the country.

Page four highlights dealer issues. Page five reports on the industry recognition Kaiser-Jeep received for the new brochures. Lower down on page five is the story of a Wagoneer climbing Mt. Haleakala in Hawaii. Page eight contains a variety of jeep photos from auto shows around the world. There’s also a photo of an FC-170, truck, and Wagoneer with campers.

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1963 Volume 9 No. 2

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At some point in 1963, Jeep News stopped adding a month to the printings, so we must use volume and numbers to delineate the various Jeep News issues. This issues, volume 9, Number 2 in 1963 is eight pages.

Page one has a neat photo of an FC-170 with an extended rear and an extra axle. That looks pretty handy! Page two contains some upcoming ads, along with a nod to some Argentinian jeeps. Page three shares the news of more jeeps in more movies, including “The Nutty Professor”, The Ugly American”, “Donavan’s Reef”, and “My Six Loves”.

Pages four and five contain dealer news. Page six continues the coverage of the Hatari! movie, this time internationally. Page seven shows police and police-dogs lined up in front of DJ-3As purchased by the Philadelphia police. Page eight covers some international updates.

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March 1963 Jeep News

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This March 1963 issue of Jeep News is once again eight pages. Page one announced the name change, with the company shifting from Willys Motors to Kaiser Jeep, while the Willys Sales Corporation was changed to Kaiser Jeep Sales Corporation and Willys-Overland Export Corporation changed to Kaiser Jeep International Corporation.

Page two continues a story from page one about the Chicago show and it introduction of the 1963 Gladiator and Wagoneer. Page three includes a nod to Tom McCahill, who praised the new Wagoneer in a review of the new jeep.

Page four has more about the new models. Page five discusses the results of the Sun Carnival race in El Paso, Texas. Page six shows the continuing efforts to market Hatari!. Page seven contains several FC-related images. Page eight tells the story of using jeeps on a 27,000 acre ranch in Nebraska.

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December 1962 Jeep News

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The December 1962 issue of Jeep News was eight pages. Page one shares the news that sales jumped 56 percent, thanks in part to the new jeep models. Meanwhile in El Paso, Texas, organizers of the Sun Bowl planned to host a Jeep Derby as part of the Sun Bowl festivities. Page two shares some photos from a 300-person jeep caravan to Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument (created in 1907).

Page three contains a variety of miscellaneous stories. Page four includes a great example of the Jeep Herders logo. The club was located in Sheridan, Wyoming. Page five shared the story of Frank Kuboski and his San Juan Scenic Tour Jeep business operating out of Ouray, Colorado (editor’s note, Ouray is pronounced “Your-ay”, as my son likes to remind me .. I always mess it up!).

A highlight from page six was the announcement that Oakland, NJ, Police Chief purchased a wagon with a matching boat and trailer for rescue work. An unusual article on page seven explored Hollywood’s Lloyd Bridges’ views on raising kids, while lower on the page the Jeepster Club of America celebrated their fourteenth anniversary. Finally, on page eight, came the report of a radio newsman delivery his show from the bed of a CJ-5.

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October 1962 “Extra” Jeep News

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This eight-page October 1962 issue of Jeep News introduces the Gladiator and Wagonneer. So, it may not be too surprising that this entire issue covers these new jeeps.

1962-10-jeep-news1 1962-10-jeep-news2 1962-10-jeep-news3 1962-10-jeep-news4 1962-10-jeep-news5